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Best Garden Center Software | 2019

Best Garden Center Software | 2019
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Best Garden Center Software, often known as landscape design software, helps gardeners plan and lay out their gardens.

Most garden design software can be used to plan anything from a small flower bed or a raised vegetable garden to a full landscape design.

Best Garden Center Software:


Windward Business Management Software, POS, inventory control, ERP system for small, mid-sized, and enterprise. Windward System Five is a full business management software package to run your SMB or Enterprise company. With POS, inventory control, accounting, CRM and other sales features, you’ll have the visibility for smoother operations and growth.




Lawn Care Software by Adkad. GroundsKeeper Pro is specialized Lawn Care Software, Lawn Maintenance Software, Landscape Business Software, Lawn Care Business Software, Landscaping Business Software, Lawn Business Software, Landscape Pro Software, and Landscape Estimating Software.




Plant Nursery Software, Inventory Management, Invoice System. Plant nursery software to help you manage your nursery business. Manage your customers, sales, invoices & website with our all in one solution.

Our software can help you manage your nursery whether you are a plant nursery or wholesale grower. Our software was built from the ground up with direct input from multiple plant nurseries and wholesale growers. Look at some of our features below to learn what our system has to offer then sign up today for a free account.




NCR: World Leader In Consumer Transaction Technologies. Omni-channel solution receives prestigious awards for innovative ATM designs.



Top Garden Center Software:

ARGOSOFTWARE.COM – Business Software for Growers & 3PL, logistics. Since 1979, Argos Software has been developing powerful business software for wholesale nursery, growers & 3PL, logistics providers: warehouse Truck Freight.

UDSGIS.COM – UDS Green Industry Software. A serious business needs serious software to run it. UDS has supplied green industry software since 1980. We produce high-level green industry accounting software that mimics the processes found in successful green industry companies. The software is highly adaptable to your way of doing business yet it is easy to use. The knowledge of the work flow processes found in your company is what makes ActiveApplications work for you. You can learn to bend the software to your business purposes quickly and easily.

AMSRETAIL.COM – Counterpoint POS Software from AMS Retail Solutions. AMS Retail Solutions featuring NCR CounterPoint Software – An innovative POS and Retail Management System that helps retailers Increase Sales and Improve Profitability – Serving clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic States.

EXEOGEN.COM – Exeogen Software Solutions Inc. Integrated ERP, EDI and MRP. 

Exeogen Software Solutions has been delivering a competitive advantage to our clients as a pillar of our success since we began developing in 2002. We have always been dedicated to increasing the profits of the great companies we partner with. We do this by providing them with the powerful ERP, EDI and MRP solutions that allow them to compete and succeed at a higher level than their competitors. We build world class software solutions that create efficiencies in their work processes and allow them to trade with their partners efficiently and effectively. Our systems also provide our clients with the information to make informed mission critical decisions in Real-Time.

PCAMERICA.COM – Pos Software, Retail Software, Restaurant Software, Retail Pos Systems, Restaurant Pos System. 

COMPUPLANTS.COM – CompuPlants Nursery Software for Growers, Wholesalers, Brokers. 

Since 1988, CompuPlants has provided nursery growers, brokers, and wholesalers with a high-quality, flexible software program. With a full range of business management tools, nursery-specific features, and our dedication to customer service, our program will streamline your everyday procedures and drive up your profits.

FUSIONRMS.COM – Fusion Retail Management System & Point of Sale Solutions | FusionRMS. Fusion Retail Management System is the only infinitely scalable, fully integrated retail platform i.e. Point of Sale, Inventory / Warehouse Management, eCommerce and Accounting, which can be deployed in the cloud or locally using either a SAAS or perpetual license model. One store or one hundred stores, monthly subscription or outright purchase, FusionRMS allows you to focus on your business not your technology.

GANINIMOBILE.COM – Mobile Data Collection App For Agriculture & Field Services. GaniniMobile develops and markets mobile business data collection solutions.

PRACTICALSOFTWARESOLUTIONS.COM – Practical Software Solutions | Sage Authorized Partner. Practical Software Solutions, a Sage Authorized Partner, offers accounting, manufacturing, distribution, service management and professional services expertise.

GREENFIELDSOFTWARE.CO.UK – Greenfield | Greenfield | The experts on horticultural labels and software.

INFOSERVICES.CO.NZ – InfoServices of Lincoln. InfoServices of Lincoln are developers of software solutions for the Production Nursery and Garden Centre industries.

NURSERYMANAGEMENT.COM.AU – Nursery Management System. Nursery Management System (NMS) is an Australian Software package which has been developed, with the assistance of nursery owners and managers, specifically for the Wholesale Nursery Industry.

WILLAMETTEPCSERVICES.COM – Willamette Personal Computer Services – Software Applications for your business.

STARCOMSOFT.COM – Starcom Computer Corp. – Software for Growing Industry. In our 30 plus years of delivering and implementing specialty software solutions for the growing industry, we have helped hundreds of growers like you.

KANGAROOSOFTWARE.COM – Kangaroo Software – Orlando eCommerce Software. Kangaroo Software’s eCommerce platform allows businesses, developers, and designers to create powerful retail and wholesale websites. Kangaroo Commerce Server contains more features for the money and will grow to support any size business.

PLANTX.NET – PlantX Nursery Software. With PlantX we offer software as service. No more sticker shock or confusing installations with the other guys, all you need is an internet connection to get started! Our software is different than others in that everything you need to do, you can do it right from the same window. Email, tags, reports, inventory, orders, you get the picture.

RAPIDGARDENPOS.COM – Rapid Garden POS – Garden Center Point of Sale Systems. Rapid Garden POS provides garden center pos systems designed for Garden Centers & Nurseries. Our system lowers cost, increased sales and happy customers.

ARMSUSA.COM – ARMS USA | Business & Technology Solutions. ARMS is the most powerful, practical and easy-to-use jewelry-specific system available. By combining cutting edge technology with innovation and expertise, ARMS.

SBIGROWER.COM – Business Management Software for Greenhouse Growers, Box Store Suppliers, Commercial Nurseries.

HOTTIMESOFTWARE.COM – Timer software to control sprinklers, water, hydroponics and lights. Timing software to control devices using solenoids and relays. 30 day free trial software.