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10 Must-Know Dropshipping Tips for New Entrepreneurs

If you are an online store owner, especially if you just started and are looking to make waves in eCommerce, then the best business model that you can adopt for success in dropshipping. Although it might take a while and might require some effort from you, dropshipping still your best bet for success. Since you’re new to the game and you don’t know about dropshipping, we will introduce this business model to you with 10 tips you absolutely must know.

1. Choose a niche

You increase your chance of being successful as an online business when you have a niche and you are specifically known to something. It is not a coincidence that dropshipping business that does well the most are always specific to a niche. Since you are just starting, it is even more important that you are specific. It enables you to attract customers and leads much faster with the quality of your product. As you continue to grow, you can then choose to diversify if you want.

2. Get a good supplier

In order to build the trust of your customers and make them confidently come back again or even refer others to you, you have to ensure you are not selling substandard and low-quality products to them. This is largely dependent on your supplier. Before you choose a supplier, you must have ascertained for sure that your suppliers deal with credible and reliable.

3. Have a great website

If you want to be successful in dropshipping, you must ensure that your website is top-notch and not crappy. If there is something about your business that gives your prospects the first impression, then it is your website. It is so important that it can determine whether or not you are able to retain the customer or if you will be scaring them away. Your website speed is especially important for dropshipping.

4. Master the use of SEO marketing strategy

There is no point in expending all your time and energy in paper writing websites if, at the end of the day, there is no traffic on your site. You need to put your site out and strategically position it a place where it is easy for people to see it. People have to know that you are selling something before they can buy from you. SEO and marketing are your best bet.

5. Never underprice your product

This is one common mistake people make, especially new businesses because they want to complete a sales process as soon as possible. This is counterproductive and something you all must avoid if you want to be successful in dropshipping. You must put to consideration your business expenses such as fix price and when pricing your product.

6. Always add value

There is more to dropshipping than just owning an online store and selling your products to people. There is already a lot of help that is into the act of selling products to people. So you can take it a step further by adding value to your audience. This includes sharing useful tips and insight to solve problems confronting your audience. This increases your audience.

7. Employ business automation

To enable you to compete with other dropshippers, it is absolutely important that you automate your business and your HR system as much as you can. There are a great number of the automation tools that you can use to make sure that you run your online store smoothly and effortlessly.

8. Check up your competition regularly

There is always competition in every niche irrespective of what you are selling. As you start to emerge as worthy competition for other brands, they start to watch you closely. You should do the same too. You can learn a lot from your competition about other dropshipping strategies that you can use to enhance your business and it can keep you one step ahead of them.

9. Your customer service must be excellent

Any business will only thrive as much as their customers are happy. That is the key to growing your business. Make sure that you excel at your customer service so that they are happy with you. This makes it harder for your competition to poach them and easier for you to get more customers.

10. Be active always

Running an online store and dropshipping actually requires that you are always active especially if you are just starting out. You should always be there to build your brand every day and it might require you to spend one hour every day for your business to grow.


Dropshipping is important for every online store, especially for the newbies, if you want to grow. It’s important that you keep in mind these tips and apply them to your dropshipping business and watch it grow in no time.

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