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How to download stories on whatsapp | 2018

In 2017 WhatsApp rolled out with a new feature which is like the snapchat-story feature. We can now share our experiences in the form of stories with our friends and family through WhatsApp too. We can update status or story … Read more »

WorkFlows and Document Management | 2018

As related to documents, workflow means moving documents through a sequence of actions that help complete business processes. This typically involves moving the document from person to person, with each person being responsible for completing certain actions, such as: Reviewing … Read more »

All About Integrated Document Management | 2018

Perhaps the best way to explain Integrated Document Management or IDM is to review the various features of today’s document management practices. A total picture of a technology empowered modern document management system should then emerge. Modern Data Capture Methods When computers … Read more »

Important Document Management Policies | 2018

You need policies to guide actions. Without the guidance of clearly spelt out policies, each member of staff can do things in his or her own way, leading to absolute chaos. It is clear policies, and detailed procedures to implement … Read more »

How To Quickly Backup VMware (Virtual Machine) | 2018

Many corporations use VMware as their virtualization platform. Using virtual PCs increases work place production, and allows companies to use the money saved in other areas. Yet, trying to implement a backup strategy can be a challenge. Companies large and … Read more »

4 Tools Your Digital Marketing Agency Needs | 2018

Running a successful digital marketing agency is difficult enough on its own. But, it’s even more difficult if you’re not equipped with the right tools. Technology has provided digital marketers with tools that can make their jobs a lot easier. … Read more »

Top 10 Business Writing Tools You Need in 2018

The efficiency of your business communication skills is the most important thing you need to be thinking about. Consider how much writing you complete every single day. You may be writing emails to your boss, instant messages to your colleagues, … Read more »

Understanding Security and Compliance | 2018

How are security and compliance related in the modern business world? At first glance, it may seem difficult to relate the two; but a close look shows that they are inextricably intertwined. As a business, your most important goal is … Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Select Cloud Hosted ERP | 2018

Today, Cloud based ERP systems are changing the face of manufacturing sector at a lightning speed. There is a big fight of thoughts in the minds of managers and decision makers, before selecting an ERP system for any organization. Manufacturers … Read more »

The Payroll Management Guide | 2018

What is a payroll management guide? The payroll management guide assists you to resolve daily payroll problems and guides you in the successful payroll planning. This reporter teaches you the way to apply proactive, competent payroll procedures at the same … Read more »

5 Reasons to Update Your Payroll Software Now! | 2018

Payroll software is the magical solution to all your human resource problems – it is a great way for any organization to accrue major benefits such as cost-reduction and work-efficiency. Managers often wonder about the best payroll software for their … Read more »

Top 10 Essentials Android Apps | 2018

If you own an Android device you must definitely need to know about some essential Android apps. Here is a list of top most popular highest ranked android apps that everyone needs. Some of these apps come built-in with Android … Read more »

Top 5 Automotive Technology Trends in 2018

As the technology is evolving day by day, latest technology trends are affecting almost every industry. Automotive is one of the best examples since it has been adopting many digital transformation trends from past few years. Each upcoming year brings … Read more »

Is The Cloud Safe for Small Businesses?

The cloud is a roadmap to success for those businesses which look for  economical, reliable and adaptable solutions for their success and future security. It’s a holy grail which nobody can afford to lose on the grounds of optimization as … Read more »

Why Business Needs Mobile Application Management Solution?

Mobile Application Management provides employees with a safe and simple means to access business apps on their own devices. Often security problems originate with users downloading malware-laden third-party apps. When employees install third-party applications, they can introduce risks that IT … Read more »

5 Merits and Demerits of Cloud-Based ERP Solution | 2018

In order to increase their profitability, majority of companies across industries are adopting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The reasons they have for the implementation may vary. For example, some may cite streamlining the business processes as a reason … Read more »

Top 5 Most Overlooked Business Risks | 2018

Whether you’re in the process of starting a new business or building upon an existing one, you are going to face risks. When it comes to dealing with employees, customers, clients, government regulators, and the world, there are simply too … Read more »

6 Important Elements of a Digital Workplace | 2018

The business world is moving at an unprecedented rate by adopting the latest set of technology and enterprise grade tools. The internet has completely changed the way we work. As the number of satellite offices and remote employees grow, organizations … Read more »

What Makes an Ideal Office 365 Intranet?

Office 365 has benefitted a huge number of businesses by offering top-of-the-line productivity tools and applications that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. For enterprises who are currently on an Office 365 subscription plan offered by Microsoft, utilizing the comprehensive range … Read more »

7 Must-Have Apps For College Students | 2018

The introduction and wide spread of smartphones has indeed made a student’s life a lot easier. If back in the days we would have to spend a fortune on tools and supplies already in August, before the school year starts, … Read more »