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3 Unique Business Opportunities Worth Watching Out For

There are ample business opportunities everywhere you look. Going for the unique ideas would allow you to stand out more. You want this since the more you stand out, the more attention you’re going to grab. This would then result in more customers.

Take the idea of float platforms using plastic floating docks, for example. It will allow you to build sturdy structures that will float on water, which you can sell or rent out. Then there are online bartering platforms: here, users can exchange items with other items instead of using money. Here are some profitable businesses to consider:

Selling Custom Floating Platforms

People love spending time in the water. Be it lakes, rivers, beaches, or the open seas. With that in mind, why not capitalize on this by selling floating platforms?

Does that sound too limited? Don’t worry.

Floating platforms are composed of modular floating docks that can be combined to build any form. This allows for a level of customization that gives you a lot of freedom to make anything you want. This includes floating houses, artificial islands, true water gardens, and more!

Can you imagine having a picnic in the middle of a lake, complete with a grill? You can bet that a lot of people would like that. Of those people, some would even be willing to pay for such a privilege.

With so many affluent folks looking to impress one another, floating platforms are absolute godsends. Through them, some of the most impressive and luxurious water structures can be made.

Barter Exchange System

Before money, people would exchange goods and services for things of equal value. Food for clothes. Work for materials. Livestock for healing. Stuff like that.

This system has since gone out of fashion when the idea of currency was introduced. However, it has since been making a comeback due to the lockdowns occurring all over the world. People would actually exchange things like plants or old furniture. In return, they can get goods like food and school supplies.

It’s a classic example of a solution that comes from necessity. The current epidemic has caused massive job losses. A lot of businesses have closed down. Many people lost their main sources of income.

For those who had a lot of stuff squirreled away at home, though, all is not lost. Through a barter system, they can still sustain their family’s daily necessities. They can do this through a platform where users with different needs can get in touch with one another.

As for how you could make money from such a system, there are a few options. The simplest is to have a small membership fee to participate in bartering. Depending on the growth of the community, you could make a killing.

Another option would be to go with ads or sponsorship deals. Meanwhile, you create a premium membership offer where more valuable goods become available for bartering.

The final method is to participate in bartering until you come across something valuable you can sell. It’s a more roundabout way of doing things, but this would make you like a treasure hunter.

Safe Rage Room

Finally, there is the rage room idea. It’s like an escape room but provides an outlet for all of a person’s anger and frustration. The idea is simple.

Customers pay to use a soundproofed room for a few minutes. Inside, there are any number of items that can be broken, beaten, or battered. The customer would then take this chance to smash as many things as they want. They can also scream and go as crazy as they feel.

Why would this be necessary? Because a lot of folks have a ton of pent up anger and stress that they can’t normally let out. When the dam breaks, disaster follows.

A rage room is a perfect place for them to just go Hulk. No judgments. No one to call them out. No one to say “Calm down,” which would only make them angrier.

What’s more, they are able to get a visceral satisfaction out of their violent actions. Screaming in anger or breaking stuff is cathartic. It gives people a sense of relief and many would absolutely pay for that opportunity.

Before going further, though, there are a few key details that need pointing out. First, the room must be outfitted with safety features. Stray debris, rusty nails, or bouncing objects can cause harm to the customer.

The room should also be soundproofed. Not only will this prevent disturbing others, but it also makes customers less anxious.

Naturally, the room needs to follow city building codes. You do not want to get in legal trouble because you skipped installing a fire system.


There are so many business ideas for you to choose from. The more ordinary the idea is, the less likely you are to stand out. Unique ventures gain the most attention and when done right, can even change the business landscape.

You can choose the ordinary and boring opportunities if you want. If you would like something more special, though consider the ideas discussed above!

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