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7 Benefits of Quality Assurance Testing

Software is a pivotal part in your business. As we know, the ready-to-operate software in the marketplace is available for various platforms. And we seldom meet the problems when using those software.

But before the mature version of the software that we are using, the very first version of it was not far away from the errors and other mishaps. Erbis stated the importance of the quality assurance testing process before dispatching the specific software or apps to public or end-users. According to Erbis the QA is the integral part of big data and cloud migration and you cannot overlook its importance.

For instance, a web app could take around 15 seconds to load. End-users will get annoyed when they need to wait for a long time. Sometimes the problem happens in the means of communication. Sometimes, it is the security problem that takes place. The end-users do not have time and won’t take those privileges. They just want to use the working apps to the latter.

Here is where quality assurance in software testing comes to help you.

Quality assurance is an integral part of the software project. If your company is turning to the software projects, the QA will be the bridge between the front and end users. Here is where everything is tested to make sure that your software is ready before used on daily premises.

Some companies have great resources and a set of software to operate. But many of them were failing. Statistics have shown that 20% business failures are because of the lack of software testing and quality assurance.

You might have no reason to add this to your business equation. But here are 7 benefits of quality assuring testing that you can take from a great software company like Erbis.

Save resources and money

Did you know that the appropriate quality assurance and testing can save a significant amount of resources and money?

But let’s wonder the answer for a more important question. Did you know how much you must spend when your software project is at fault? Well, it does not only cost your money, but also your clients and users. If you skip QA testing, the bugs or errors will be enjoyed by thousands to million people in the future. And not all of them are as tolerable as you think. Some users even uninstall their apps the same day they downloaded it. And the possibility that they go back to install the same app again is not likely going to happen. Keep in mind that you are not the only one who is offering them an app in your niche.

Your competitors will easily snatch your users if they don’t feel convenient with your current software. By using the QA testing service, you will be able to detect the problems long before the apps are released. This will prevent you from spending more money for fixation or changing the codes later.

Prevent crisis in your company

As we know, corporate software involves big parties and resources, which make the risks higher.

Even a tiny bug in the system can lead the company to total shutdown. Some missing data could lead to hundreds of dollars lost. Not to mention that there are some natural disasters that no one can handle.

We know that this sounds bad. But luckily, the renowned software engineering development company Erbis also offers the qa testing services qa and testing to prevent the crisis from happening. Erbis will dispatch the professional staff to handle the QA to make sure that your software is going to work well when needed. The QA team from Erbis will make sure that there is minimum or zero room for errors.

The assurances for your clients and users

No matter how big your project is, your company’s continuity will also depend on your customer bases or your clients satisfaction.

The QA should be within the software development agenda because it is the most solid and responsible gesture to assure your clients that their software will be successful when dispatched to the market.

But if you are in the client part, the QA will ensure that every element in your company will be able to use your company software without any problem, which leads to improved productivity and efficiency.

Quality assurance testing will maintain satisfactory level of UX

The user experience is the determining factor of the product or services. Ones will decide if the product is bad or good based on their experience when using it. No one wants to waste their time and money to use defective products.

So, it is not surprising that the User Experience or UX can really make or break your company’s product. If the software still has bugs or errors, it will deprive the user’s experience significantly. Bad UX will lead to dissatisfaction towards a product, or a brand. In the long run, it may ruin your company. Good user experience will bring satisfactory results. But ones would not experience good UX unless you conduct the QA before releasing the software.


Obviously, the ample qa mobile testing will result in a much better version of the software. The great software makes you confident to dispatch it in the market. The good products will sell well. Compared to the amount of money you must invest for the QA testing, the ROI is much more mouth-watering.

With the qa testing companies, you can also set your product or services apart from your competitors. These will increase the values of your products. After all, no one will be happy to waste their money for poor services or products.

Improve relationships with your customers or clients

Hiring Erbis to conduct the QA testing will assure your clients that you are really serious to take care of your business. As mentioned before, no one wants to use defective products. The same thing goes to your clients too.

With the QA testing, your clients or stakeholders will have “peace of mind” about the upcoming software. The top-notch software that can be used without a glitch will only be satisfactory.

You will be able to earn their loyalty through these professional gestures.

When your software is working well, your users will be satisfied. And the words will spread. It will also improve the relationship between your company with your users, clients, as well as stakeholders.

Your business productivity

The ample QA services from Erbis can promote the productivity and efficiency in your company. The last thing you want is that you need to deal with angry stakeholders, chaos in the office, and backlashes from your users because of the defective software. Of course, it won’t only cost you money, but also time and other resources to get back together. The QA testing will improve your business agility so that this kind of risk won’t be happening in the future.

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