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7 Best Antimalware Software for Mac

Due to built-in security features, Mac computers are much more secure than Windows systems, but they are still vulnerable to some malware. Malware is malicious software that comes in many forms, and actually, it can be any program or process whose purpose is harmful, but most Macs threats are the mix of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and adware.

Of course, you need to behave safely online, such as using hard-to-guess passwords and ignoring email attachments from strangers, but these measures are not enough to protect you. So, in addition to common sense internet security practices, you should also invest in good Mac antimalware software.

If you decide you’d like to install antimalware software, there are plenty of both free and paid options out there with different features, and it’s not easy to determine which of them makes the best virus protection for Mac. Here is our list of popular programs that offer the best Mac antimalware protection and will keep your computer safe from infected files and unwanted attacks.


Sophos is an inexpensive malware cloud-based tool that offers all the basic utilities you can expect from quality antimalware software. It is lightweight and offers real time protection. The program protects your Mac against ransomware, keyloggers, and potentially unwanted apps.

There is a free edition as well; it lets you protect 3 computers but omits the most advanced features. With a free edition, you get real-time protection, advanced web protection, parental controls, and remote web management.


Avast is a powerful Mac antimalware software that features a minimal interface and is easy to use. It offers a lot of useful features to help keep your device clean, including Ransomware Shield that works to protect against this type of malware, so you are protected even against undiscovered threats. It also offers a WiFi security scan and a web and email shield.

Avast can also be used to scan external drives and attached volumes. There is a personal firewall that protects you when you are banking or shopping online. Premium Security users can use such tools as a password manager, VPN, a system cleaner, and anti-tracking tools. But you have to download, set up, and use these tools separately.


This program offers lots of features for Mac users that often go beyond typical antimalware protection. It can scan and remove all the latest cyber threats, defends your WiFi network, prevent ransomware, and filter phishing emails. Besides, this software includes extensive parental controls with such features as personal data monitoring, time limits, and content filtering for your children, but you’ll need to pay extra to access other premium features, for example, social media monitoring.

It will keep your Mac safe from attacks and help with privacy when you are online. It features an encrypted browser and URL blocking for extra safety. Although the program’s interface can be confusing at first, when you get used to it, you’ll find it easy to use.


Bitdefender is a very secure and reliable program that offers protection from different types of viruses and malware. It also includes adware blocking, a browser extension, ransomware rollbacks, and a VPN. It also offers protection for Windows.

There are 5 antimalware software packages that differ in prices based on the number of devices (3, 5, or 10). It’s an inexpensive option, although it can be tricky to use, and some tools are missing. There is neither a personal firewall nor a password manager. And the software doesn’t extra security for online banking and shopping.


Webroot offers 3 packages that include protection from malware, including viruses, phishing, ransomware, spyware, and keyloggers. It also has a firewall and a network protection monitor and provides webcam security, which are included in all pricing plans. But it lacks parental controls and VPN and doesn’t offer identity theft monitoring. It’s a good option if you are looking for an inexpensive program with standard features.


Norton is a powerful antimalware application that features a variety of tools for Mac, including LifeLock, that offers the best identity protection with dark web monitoring. There are browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and basic Mac cleaning tools.

Other useful features of this antimalware program are webcam monitoring, password manager, a firewall, and unlimited VPN access (its VPN offers a strict no-log policy). The program works great for Mac, although it doesn’t stop all Windows threats. The software guarantees protection from malware, phishing threats, spyware, and digital surveillance. All the features are available across 3 pricing plans. When performing Full System Scan, Norton can scan your external hard drives if you connect them to your Mac.


Intego is mainly aimed at macOS, but some protection for Windows is available as well. Actually, it’s a group of individual utilities that offer virus and malware protection, automatic file backup, Mac system optimizer, parental controls, and network protection. A personal firewall blocks hackers from accessing your data when you use public WiFi, but there is neither identity theft monitoring nor VPN.

Speaking about the cons, the program is not easy to use and takes a lot of time to download and install it. And because each tool is a separate program, you can’t access them from a single dashboard.

What Else Can You Do to Secure Your Mac?

Since most common Mac threats are adware and PUPs that trick users into installing them, you can easily protect your computer and avoid them if you follow these basic security steps:

  • Keep your Mac operating system and other apps up-to-date by downloading regular security patches and updates.
  • Get all browser extensions through the Mac App Store.
  • Install software only from official sites you can trust and from trusted developers, and avoid file-sharing sites with free software.
  • Be careful when you allow others to get access to your computer
  • Don’t allow other people to install files on your Mac
  • Use different passwords for your accounts and change them regularly

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