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7 Ways To Transform The Way You Work

It isn’t always easy to change your job, but by changing certain habits, you can transform the way you work, leading to a more enjoyable experience overall. This article discusses a few simple ways to change the way you view your job in order to rediscover the passion and drive that led you to it in the first place.

1. Know what your dream job is and cultivate it

Starting your career off knowing where you want to be in a few years’ time will make it that much easier to create the life you want to live and motivate you to work appropriately for it. Rather than floating along and going where your career path takes you, make it a point to recognize what you value in a work life, how it will affect the way you live your personal life, and cultivate a schedule or timeline that will lead you to your dream job, whatever that may be.

Everyone’s trajectory is different, which leads to varying approaches in how certain tasks are completed or projects are tackled – uncover what it is that motivates you to strive for an end goal and you will be able to transform the way you work to something much more comfortable and encouraging.

2. When in doubt, work on the small tasks first

We all get into ruts when it comes to work, often feeling a lack in motivation or energy to check off our long to-do list or get started on that major project that’s due at the end of the month. An easier way to get your inspiration back is by recognizing what might be causing you to slow your pace and making a simple adjustment to how you approach these tasks.

If it’s your first day back from a two-week vacation and you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of emails in your inbox and requests waiting for you at your desk, start working on the small tasks first instead of attempting to tackle the big, more pressing ones. This will create some momentum in how you get back into the groove of working while also allowing you to quickly tick off the inconsequential tasks from your schedule so that you have more time to work on the big ones, making the processes much more enjoyable overall.

3. Simplify and secure your document storage and sharing

Work might be getting a bit difficult to handle simply because you aren’t being as organized with your documents as you should be. Maybe you’re still opting to print out paperwork that only ends up in the wrong drawer or missing from your desk even though you were sure you left it there the previous day. Or you aren’t storing them in easily accessible folders on your computer for your co-workers to also have access to when necessary. An easy solution for this is to use a secure document sharing platform, such as a virtual data room, to store and share all your confidential company documents.

This will allow you to maintain the security of information from unwanted third parties gaining access to it through less secure sharing methods, such as email, and keep all documents organized and easy to access during large projects. No one should be stressed or confused when it comes to collaboration within a team on pertinent documents.

4. Have a goal to work toward

Not having a goal in mind when you begin a new job can lead to mindless work that doesn’t feel meaningful. Uncover what it is that drives you, even if it’s a minute, short-term goal like finishing a current project or making your deadline. By having some sort of end point in mind, no matter how big or small, you will feel like the work you are putting into your job is that much more worth it rather than feeling like you are aimlessly showing up every day. Some goals can be for a day, others for a few years—the point is that there is always something to look forward to and some sense of accomplishment to be had to encourage you to keep pushing forward and changing the way you view work.

5. Learn how to appropriately deal with stress

Transforming the way you work can also be as simple as changing the way you handle everything that is thrown at you throughout the day. Stress is never easy to deal with, nor always the same, so finding a way to control your stress levels throughout the day that is appropriate for you will help you feel that much more comfortable and motivated to take on your job’s requirements. This can be going for a brisk walk during your lunch break to let off some steam or meditating for a few minutes before and after work to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. There isn’t a job that doesn’t have its stressful moments, but if you find the stress relievers that work best for you, you will regain your ability to handle them on even the busiest and most hectic of days.

6. Find meaning in your work and celebrate your progress

In all honesty, you won’t always be able to start off doing the job of you dreams. There will be times when you need to push through a role that might not be what you are passionate about or interested in pursuing long-term. However, if you are able to find some kind of meaning in the work you do and celebrate the progress you make, even if it is small, it will elevate your overall experience and make your job that much more enjoyable. It’s not always about the kind of work you do, but how you do it—how you approach stressful situations, what tasks give you enjoyment, and congratulating yourself when you feel like you have accomplished something.

7. Let yourself recharge

At the end of the day, between tackling your daily tasks or uploading large amounts of documents to your company virtual data room, you need to let yourself recharge in order to realize why it is you love the work you do. It is difficult at times to slow down, especially in fast-paced environments, but it is always necessary in maintaining your health and your overall efficiency in your role. Give yourself some time to breath, some time to unwind after a particularly stressful day, and the room to remember what it is that drives you so that you can get up and do it all again tomorrow.

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