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8 Best People Search Engines In 2021

At times, you might find yourself saying it’s a small world when you meet a friend after years all of a sudden. However, in today’s time, people’s search engines are there through which you can connect with your long-lost friends at any time. The fast free people search will allow you to know about the person’s name and address and other things. Here are the best people search engines you can look for.

1. CityZor

The platform is available for free and lets you find your lost friend’s details while sitting at home. Just have their phone number, name, address, etc., and you can trace them. The tool gives a report containing details, like current and past residents, property owner history, location history of their own, email address, social profile, property statistics, neighborhood information, martial and crime reports, home value, etc.



Even if you know very little about someone, this powerful tool can help you pull up a massive amount of facts. Simply input someone’s name, phone number, address, or email address into, and you’ll get a full report on them – including anything found through public records, like their arrest history, where they live, or if they’ve been divorced. Their unique tool also brings up social media accounts and dating profiles.

3. TruthFinder

The tool does an excellent job and provides the basic details of the person. Within 15 minutes, you can get all the data in front of the screen, and the search is more thorough. It starts with phone numbers, court records, traffic offenses, misdemeanors, bankruptcies, sexual offenses, address information, etc. The software also gives details like government watch list records, death records, social media images, registered domains, blog posts, online interests, etc. To access the details, you have to make a payment.

4. TruePeopleSearch

The platform offers free results in detail, like landline phone number, current address, relative or the email address, possible associates, where they used to live, previous city information, etc. If many results are there, you can choose the age filter option to get more precious data. Three ways are there to search here, and it is an easy-to-use platform.

5. BeenVerified

It is another platform like others, and the website digs up a wealth of details on the respective person. Get a background report, phone numbers, email address, etc., and another aspect of this platform is you can search with any details you have. There is no specification to be followed while using the data to find people. A one-month membership is available to get unlimited reports, or you can go with the three-month scheme to save some expenses.

6. LinkedIn

By using LinkedIn, you can search for a professional network as many people are involved there. By creating an account and adding the business profile, you can pick a few details and connect with that. In a way, it will be helpful for your business as you can get new contacts, meet new people and expand your organization. It has a few filtering options to use, like recruiter account or sales navigator, etc. 

7. Zabasearch

It is a free people search engine letting you search public information, records, phone directories, and court records. The free results include age, name, address, and phone number. The tool provided information instantly, so you do not have to wait for a long time.

8. Facebook

It is the world’s largest social media platform used by millions of people worldwide daily. Considering this, it makes sense to use the platform search tool to find details online. Use it to gather information on your high school friends, friends of friends, previous work colleagues, etc. When a Facebook profile is public, immediately accessing the person’s posts, check-in statuses, and other details will be a lot easier.

9. PeekYou

The tool has several ways to search people with refining features. It adds an exciting twist to the free people search engine by providing details of many social networking communities. You will also get to know about the username through which you can have an astonishing amount of data.

Final Words

Well, the above list defines the best people search engines in 2021. Use them when you need to collect the details of an unknown person or a lost contact. Not only that but also if you are a college mate and looking for your old friends to share your flat with, you can do so. It has helped companies recruit trustworthy people who will never harm the organization or anyone else working there. Now that you know the best People Search Engines use them to enjoy the perks.

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