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Best Mobile App Analytics Platforms in 2020

For mobile applications the following types of analytics are determining:

  • Marketing – specialists analyze promotion channels and determine which of them is the most profitable
  • Product – analyze customer behavior in the application. Specialists are looking for an answer to the question: what else could they think of to increase conversions
  • Application stores – specialists monitor how popular application is among users, what is the number of downloads

With all this information, you will be able to constantly improve the application, and thus increase profits. iOS mobile application analytics and android is the key to success. In this article, you will find the best mobile app analytics platforms in 2020.



Smartlook is a quality analytics solution for iOS and Android applications. Learn how users interact with your app – watch your records, track events and create conversion funnels. Stop guessing and take a look at your visualized data collected in one place. It shows your application through the eyes of its users.


  • Always enabled visitor action record shows the actions of the last user in your application
  • Automatic event tracking lets you know how (and how often) your users perform certain actions
  • Conversion funnels can help you see your performance and also find out why your users are disqualified

App Watch

AppWatch is a cloud-based mobile analytics and security application. It helps developers protect their mobile applications from hacking. It earns the trust of users and ensures application security.


  • It allows you to conduct a full scan of your mobile application, provides a separate library (SDK) for scanning
  • AppWatch generates user reports with modifiable descriptions, logos, comments, etc
  • Each of the identified security problems is checked again using different methods
  • Identifies sensitive parameters recorded in the code as specific values, and helps identify any possible vulnerabilities associated with them
  • AppWatch can scan applications using Webview and identify security issues

Firebase Analytics

Firebase is an excellent comprehensive tool for mobile application analysis of Google.

Firebase helps you quickly create quality applications, increase the audience of involved users and increase revenues. The platform contains many useful features for your application, including server code for mobile services, statistics, as well as tools for monetization and audience expansion.

The Firebase developer package combines intuitive APIs, eliminating the need to manage individual packages. Choose only what you need, and take advantage of the integrated solution. The platform that leverages Google’s infrastructure provides the capabilities you need for every stage of development and growth.

The Firebase developer package contains intuitive APIs that simplify and accelerate the development of quality applications. You also have all the tools you need to expand your user base and increase your revenue – all you have to do is choose the right one for your needs.

You don’t have to build a complex infrastructure or work with multiple control panels. Instead, you can focus on your users’ needs.

At the heart of Firebase is a free analytics tool designed specifically for mobile devices. Google Analytics for Firebase lets you see what your users are doing and take action immediately with additional features.

Firebase runs on any platform thanks to developer packages for Android, iOS, JavaScript, and C++. You can also access Firebase using server libraries or the REST API.

Scalability. If your application becomes popular and your workload increases, you won’t have to change your server code or attract additional resources – Firebase will do it for you. In addition, most Firebase features are free and will remain so regardless of the scale of your projects.

In addition, the Firebase team and Google development experts will answer your questions on Stack Overflow and GitHub resources.

The capabilities of the tool allow you to learn:

  • How many times your application has been opened
  • How many purchases have been made by customers in the app
  • How many users have been active for a given amount of time
  • User demographics and geography
  • Conversions
  • The tool also provides reports


Flurry Analytics is a free platform to collect and analyze mobile application statistics for iOS and Android. The service receives data about users, their actions and events. Up to five applications can be tracked at a time. To start working, you need an SDK connection. The tool is available both in a browser and in applications that can be downloaded from AppStore and Google Play.

The ability to track events and actions of visitors will be useful for web developers. With the help of the service marketers will be able to study the audience – geography, type of devices, interests. The absence of fees makes the platform available for beginner business.

Flurry Analytics collects information about events and presents them as charts. The analysis can be segmented by application version, installation date, phone owner demographics, language, and visitor channel. The tool allows you to track the user’s path – how he or she interacted with the program during a certain period. There is a function to calculate the sales funnel, with which you can find out, for example, at what stage customers drop a purchase. Thanks to the platform it is possible to compare the behavior of the audience of one program for two different operating systems. The system provides information about user interests. There is an automatic calculation of the average daily income.

Key features:

  • Analyze iOS and Android apps
  • Comparison of one application for two different operating systems
  • Information about user interests
  • Calculation of sales funnels
  • Tracking user behavior


The AppAnnie platform is a recognized expert in the processing and analysis of information about leading application stores. The service you need to use to get this data is called Store Stats.

Store Stats allows you to track trends in the application markets of all popular platforms in one place, as well as monitor regular changes in application rankings.

You don’t have to be a registered user to get information about app stores, but you still need an AppAnnie account to access advanced functionality and information for previous periods.

In Store Stats, it’s easy to use filters to view your app store ratings by country, category, and subcategory.

App Annie collects such data:

  • Rating History
  • Daily rankings
  • Information about the app
  • Page of publishers


Mixpanel – a system for collecting site statistics by specified parameters. Unlike most analytical tools, it monitors not standard indicators of page views and visits, but the specific behavior of visitors – depending on the requests of the resource owner. In addition, Mixpanel is distinguished by the ability to interact with the audience of the site. You can get acquainted with the product using a free tariff with a limited number of reports and data retention period.

Mixpanel’s metrics set helps you set up funnels and segment your audience, which is useful for marketers and online store owners. In addition, the service will help mobile app developers who need to track how users behave after changes in the program.

The service monitors the behavior of each registered user, so you can filter the audience by a number of indicators (by gender, geographic location, and activity), and send emails, for example, women who have not bought anything for two weeks. The text of the email is stored in the service – and it can be edited in visual or HTML mode. A similar feature is also available for creating alerts in the mobile application. In the future, you can monitor the effectiveness of the mailing, for which you need to configure the appropriate funnel.

Key features:

  • Collecting statistics on specified parameters
  • Sending email messages and notifications in the application
  • A/B testing for websites and mobile applications
  • User Segmentation
  • Real-time mode


Localytics is an analytical system for mobile applications on Apple, Android, and Windows platforms. The service allows tracking user behavior, organizing A/B testing and creating push notifications. Available for integration into any analytical system by API.

The tool is designed for marketers and web developers, as it allows tracking statistics on downloads and deletions, as well as sales funnels and attribution. The ability to integrate with CRM systems and upload contacts from the program to the client base will be of interest to the sales department.

Localytics allows you to generate reports on audience activity with individual filters and settings – by session duration, device types, demographic data, events. The service calculates the sources of the most valuable users and displays them as a graph with the possibility of filtering. With the tool, you can compare the behavior of a group of convertible audiences and users who are not interested in the program.

Sales funnels help to understand at what stage customers most often refuse to buy. In A/B testing, you can use up to 10-page options.

Localytics allows you to segment users based on their activity in an application and understands where they come from and what they do.

The platform also supports app messages, funnels, push notifications, A/B testing and many other interesting features.

Key features:

  • Analytical system for mobile applications
  • A/B testing with 10-page options
  • Tracking sales funnels
  • Setting up push-notifications
  • Valuation of user engagement channels


If the application is not profitable and you don’t know what to change, you can contact us. Professionals will analyze the service, key data, market, competitors, and propose mechanisms that will correct the situation.

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