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Ecommerce App Development In The World Of Online Shopping

Did you know that over 85% of mobile users use smartphone applications despite mobile sites? Even though a considerable section of the population is interested in shopping through a smartphone app, a few retailers offer it. It means this is the right opportunity to step into the eCommerce market and learn how to create an eCommerce app. Building an eCommerce application requires some key elements, which are explained here.

Clear And Simple Design

User Interface is the most important and first thing in an eCommerce application. It allows users to explore all categories and navigate through the platform effortlessly. While designing an eCommerce application, you must make sure to keep the screen size in consideration. There is a space limitation, so you must always include a clear layout with all search features well organized. It is an essential step in eCommerce app development.

Quick Checkout And Login: Create An eCommerce App

Nothing can be more irritating than having an application where you have to enter many details over again to sign in. It makes users annoyed and leads to loss of customers. The main idea should be to make the login through Facebook, Gmail, or any other social media networks. It will help customers to sign in every time they want without entering numerous details over again. There should be an auto-complete option to store information and eliminate repetitive tasks.

A Proper Cart Button

Have you ever wanted to build your eCommerce application? Have you been browsing online for a simple guide that will give you an idea of the step-by-step process? At Aimprosoft, we are aware of everything in the process of creating eCommerce apps. Their blog has a great article about ecommerce app development. And here, we will explain to you a more abbreviated version. Let’s go.

Simple Navigation And Consistency

When you build an eCommerce app, the fundamental principle is to keep the mobile application consistent. It means similar elements must look and behave similarly. Consistency includes functional, visual, and external as they bring infinite advantages making the application more predictable. It eliminates confusion by prioritizing content and evoking a positive response from users.

One Hand Input

In the world of touch screens and smartphones, you must place elements to encourage users who will make a specific action. The thumb-friendly zone on the screen is a specific space where users can easily use the thumb while holding the device in the same hand. Verify if all elements are in the thumb-friendly zone as they won’t take much effort for users to reach something. It includes buttons like add to cart, pay button, proceed button leading to checkout from chat, etc.

Quick Loading Time

Users do not wish to delay any more in loading the products. If the loading time is more than four to five seconds, users might drop using the platform. A slight delay in loading can drop customer satisfaction by 16% or views by 11%. Thus, you have to make sure to speed up the time, and it must not take more than four to five-second. You can use the progress bar to eliminate impatience as it helps customers know how much time they have to wait to get the products. So, when you develop an eCommerce application, make sure to consider the quick loading time.

The Three-Tap Rule

When you make an eCommerce app, the three-tap rule is another thing to consider. It means users have to take three steps to buy any products they want. Organizing and arranging products in categories will meet this specification. The products can be placed in a sequence of categories, sub-categories, and products. Irrespective of how you plan to proceed, having a search bar is an important aspect. It helps users to get to the product directly. In short, the three-tap rule is nothing but to minimize steps with the processes.

Signing Off

Let’s start with the process of how to create an eCommerce app. If required, customers can look for some of their competitors’ applications to find the loopholes and overcome them when they prepare their own. Thus, you should start the designing of an eCommerce application at the earliest.

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