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How Different Is Data Processing From Data Entry?

Every organization strives for the ultimate success and proceeds accordingly in order to comprehend the decent revenue figures. And of course, they really work hard in order to achieve this. Many strategies are made, planning is done, and proper execution is also taken into consideration.

Obviously, all these are the important aspects of an organization that drives towards success. Apart from this, every venture functions taking some kind of data into their account.

How well the data is managed in an organization is also a vital aspect that can make or break it.

For effective management of data, most of the times companies whether they are big or small prefer outsourcing services. When it comes to the data it needs to be streamlined in order to ensure a smooth flow in the organization. Data processing and data entry are two important processes to be done when played with the data. Most of the organizations have data entry as their fundamental task as well.

And if we talk about data processing, sometimes it can be really complex especially when you have to do it within a limited time frame.

Wait, wait, wait…

Are data processing and data entry something that you cannot get your head around?

No worries…

Let’s dive little deeper to understand the concept of data processing and data entry to have a hold on them.

Data Processing:

It is basically about making the raw data usable.

Let’s understand this with an instance:

  • Raw materials are never apt to use until it is not refined and made ready to use.
  • Similarly, data processing is a process in which the data is formatted and refined to make it useful and accessible.
  • Data processing procedure also involves collecting raw data from various sources, determining further steps and data maintenance in actual form.

Ways in which data can be processed:

Manually: Using this method, the data is processed without the use of tools, machines or electronic device. All the operations are done manually while processing the data.

Mechanically: When the data processing needs are simple, the processing is done using the mechanical device. This includes the usage of calculators and typewriters.

Electronically: This is advanced or we can say modern technique used in the concern of data processing. This method allows processing the data electronically. It can be addressed as one of the best and fastest way in the concern of data processing. As per the given set of instructions the computer processes the data automatically. The best part is speed and accuracy are the two things you can surely expect while using this method.

Without data processing, it is really tedious to organize a large amount of data and extract useful information.

Thus, the lack of data processing may hamper the workflow in an organization and end up with the unsatisfactory outcome. Data processing is carried out with a predefined set of operations and is not at all restricted to automation. It can be performed either automatically or manually as per the requirement.

Numbers or text is not the only outcome of the processed data;

In fact, it can be in the form of maps or image file, plain text file, graph and charts, audios, chart, table, etc.

It is totally up to the company in which form they require the processed data.


  • Online processing
  • Batch processing
  • Real-time processing
  • Time-sharing
  • Multiprocessing

Now it’s time to head towards data entry, let’s gander:

Data Entry:

As the name says it all, data entry is all about entering the data into a computer to give it a digital format.

In layman’s term data entry is a process followed in order to store the data.

Earlier the data entry was restricted to manual work only.

But with the passing time, the scenario has been changed and now the computers are also in the race for the automated data entry needs.

But still, manual data entry is so much in trend and earning favoritism from the people.

This is because most of the times the no- machine-readable version of the information is there, thus generating the need of manual data entry.

No doubt, the data entry work is time-consuming but it is one of the major works in which many companies deal.

So, there is no option of skipping data entry.

This is the reason why many businesses prefer to outsource data entry services to get it done with expertise and save a lot of their time.

There are various forms of data entry this includes image data entry, survey form data entry, ebook data entry Services and many more are there.

An unorganized data is not less than chaos and also not good from the organization’s operation point of view.

Here comes the need for data entry professionals to have a well-maintained record and an organized data.


There are generally two types of data entry- Online and Offline.

To perform online data entry, internet connectivity is a requisite but in case of offline data entry, the data is entered manually into the Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.

On the other hand, online data entry services are availed for coding information, submission of the online form, etc.


Data processing and data entry are two completely different procedures.

The former is for refining the raw data and make it ready to use whereas the latter is for the storage of data and record maintenance. To be more precise, we can say data entry is an indispensable part of the data processing which cannot be ignored at any cost. The way- both the procedures are carried is completely different. On the contrary, their significance in the operations of a firm is something that makes them distinct from each other.

So, rather than ending up yourself in a perplexed situation, check out how different is data processing from the data entry simply by reading the above post.

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