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How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer? Get Your Perfect Development Budget

Do you have an idea of “how much does it cost to hire an app developer”? In this time and age, businesses need to be more aware of their development budgets. Mobile app development cost per hour relies on multiple factors, and we will reveal them in this article.

Let’s see which are the best things to consider when calculating the cost of hiring app developers.

Skillsets – still the most important thing

How much should it cost to hire an app developer? This is a question often asked by people who want to find someone to create an app for their business.

The nature of the developer’s education, experience, and skill set will impact the hourly rate for your next project. A developer who is familiar with the latest development tools and languages will have a higher hourly rate than a developer who is still learning their way around HTML5 and CSS3.

Experience is still crucial

If you hire an app developer, the cost will be very dependent on experience. It goes without saying that developers with years of experience and a good track record will charge more than inexperienced developers. Even though the experience isn’t directly connected to quality, it plays a significant role in the price tag.

Experience defines mobile app development hourly rate. And it is normal. After all, even if someone has 10-12 certificates but has graduated a few months ago, this person cannot be compared with professionals who have the same certificates but have plenty of projects behind their backs.


The hourly rate for a developer dramatically varies on the tech stack chosen by a company, which puts programming languages and frameworks at the top of the list. As it is with the popularity of any technology, programming languages and frameworks are in high demand, making them more expensive. However, as quickly as the market trend can shift, so can the hourly rate.

Typically, high-tech companies complete projects much faster, thus charging more. One exciting piece of research shows that high-quality tech stacks are better for everyone.

Company location

Geography plays a major role in the rates per hour for freelance developers. On average, freelancers in the United States and Western Europe are five times more expensive than their counterparts in some Eastern European countries and Asia. In North America and parts of Western Europe, it is not uncommon to see rates per hour of $100 or more.

That’s not the case with Eastern European, Latin American, and Asian developers. In many cases, senior developers in these outsourcing locations would cost similar prices to Junior developers in North America.

Project intricacy

Expect to pay more for the development of a complex project than one that is relatively basic in scope. However, keep in mind that quality may reflect in the final price as some developers are more familiar with certain types of projects than others.

Challenging projects are always harder to find, as many companies prefer to work with smaller but less complex projects. However, there are names in the industry that are driven by challenges and creating new things that seem impossible on paper.

Mobile app development cost per hour is about the work model


Freelancers can sometimes seem like a low-cost option, but they can also offer plenty of experience. This type of freelancer can also have a more flexible schedule and better ideas than you. But, this comes at a cost: poor reliability and late work, sometimes by weeks. Of course, it does not always happen like that. However, there is a smaller chance for freelancers to work as a cohesive unit in a team.


This option is not always the least expensive, but it can be very helpful for companies in many ways. First, agencies or outstaffing firms can help you find a software developer that is a good fit for your company and your culture. Second, they can help you if you are having technical problems.


Mobile app development cost per hour has to consider components, starting from experience and capabilities to location and project complexity. Also, working with freelancers is almost always cheaper than working with agencies – however, it is always better to work with professionals, even if it costs you a bit more. And if you manage to look around, you might find a great team within a budget at some point.

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