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How To Declutter Your Digital Space

Our digital space has become just as important as our physical space, which is why keeping it clean and organized is vital in how we function at work and in our personal lives. From how you store your documents to how often you delete files, maintaining order should be a just as much a priority as any other daily task. Below are a few simple ways that you can begin to declutter your computer or smartphone so that data is safer and easier to find when you need it.

Only Maintain What You Use

In order to keep your devices organized and easy to use, it’s important that you only hold on to documents and apps that you actually need on a regular basis. It can be easy to maintain certain applications or tools out of habit, but can cause a lot of clutter and confusion, especially if you use your devices for work. Make it a point to go through your laptop or smartphone and clear out anything that you haven’t used in the last few months and don’t expect to need going forward. It can be surprising how many of us download apps or files and forget about them only to fill up the memory on your devices much sooner than expected.

Have An Alternative Storage Method

While storing your data directly on your devices is easy, especially when you are on the go, in order to keep your digital space clutter free, consider adopting a different storage method. This can be USB sticks that you can take with you for simple files, an external hard drive for more data storage, or even a secure cloud storage for the safe upload and sharing of confidential company information. Not only does having an alternative storage method make it easier to bring your documents along with you while you travel for work or work remotely, but it is also much more reliable in case your device crashes unexpectedly.

Implement A Folder System On Your Devices

If you do need to store a lot of data on your devices, then it could be useful to implement an organized folder and filing system to keep things in order. Keep your apps together under specific folder names so that your smartphone isn’t cluttered with pages of data and make sure that when you do file data away on your computer or storage systems to name them accurately so that it is easy to find when you need it. The last thing you want is to have to sift through all your documents every time you need to utilize or share one with others in your office.

Organize Your Documents Weekly

In addition to implementing a folder system, it is also important to go through all your documents and data on your devices and to organize them weekly in order to maintain a clutter free digital space. More often than not, you will be storing old, irrelevant documents on your devices that have no use or don’t need to be easily accessible at all times. Only keep necessary information on your devices and allow yourself to delete what you think isn’t important any longer unless otherwise indicated by your company.

Set Some Time Aside To Sift Through Your Photos

Seeing as your photos app is probably the fastest one to become cluttered on your smartphone it’s important to set aside some time to look through them and delete what you no longer need. Chances are you have some doubles, some that are out of focus, or even a few taken accidentally without you realizing it. Save yourself the headache of having to go through thousands later on down the line and clean up your photos weekly.

Keep Your Desktop Clear

When it comes to a computer the desktop is always first to get cluttered with unnecessary documents or downloads that you just don’t know where to file away. Make it a rule that you aren’t allowed to keep more than three items on your desktop and adhere to it as much as possible. Not only will this keep your computer organized, but also give you the peace of mind knowing exactly where everything is located on your device and have desktop access to only the most necessary data.

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