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How to Prevent iPhone Battery Damage

With an Apple iPhone, it is easy to lose track of the many functions that make your phone so unique. It’s one of the hottest selling gadgets on the planet today. You can use it to surf the web, check your email and even take photos. But did you know that the iPhone is susceptible to the same dangers as other cell phones? That’s why you need to protect your iPhone with a professional service that specializes in iPhone battery replacement.

  • The longer you leave your iPhone plugged in, the greater the chance for damage that can lead to a total loss of function. Most people do not realize that iPhones run at a lower performance level when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Hot water spills, as well as long periods of screen brightness can significantly reduce the battery life of your iPhone. In order to ensure that you never have to face this problem, consider installing a heating protector on your iphone. If you use a case, the heat generated by your finger will also dissipate, which will keep your battery from getting extremely hot and consequently damaged.
  • Another common cause of iPhone battery damage is actually the manufacturer’s fault. Most brand new iPhones are shipped with a power adapter that contains a small amount of lead sulfate. Although the power adapter is meant to keep the iPhones’ battery charged, the excess lead sulfate will build up and cause your iPhone to overheat. This will result in a lower battery capacity and increased battery failure rates, especially if the phones are placed in a humid area.
  • If your iPhone is already damaged, but you are still considering purchasing a new iPhone, you should be aware of all of the risks associated with using uncertified parts. The parts may look like they are made to work with your phone, but they could actually have been cheaply made and are not compatible with your device. Even the most popular high-quality third-party replacement parts for thePhone are not as durable as the official ones from Apple. If your battery starts to leak inside your iPhone when it is still covered with your SIM card, or if your phone won’t turn on anymore, you should take it to a professional service center to have it repaired.
  • An impressive new feature allows you to resize photos without losing quality or resolution. When you download an image to your iPhone, the device is updating the photo in the background so that it can display the new size. However, some images have backgrounds that are too large for the iPhone’s screen, which means that you will lose some quality when you enlarge the photo. This new feature allows you to continue enjoying your enlarged photos, even while the iPhone battery charge is changing.

Why Do You Need a Professional Repair Service?

  • A professional service center can replace the cell phone battery damaged by water, heat, chemicals, or excessive force while charging it. In addition to being able to repair damages caused by water, heat, chemicals, or force, a certified parts service center can also repair damaged iPhones that have been dropped. A drop might not seem like much, but if the cell phone repair store thinks your iPhone can be salvaged, they will charge you a small amount of extra money to replace the battery for you.
  • For all other kinds of iPhone battery damage, the only way to repair it is by sending it back to the manufacturer. If you are unsatisfied with the results of their in-house repairs, or if the damage is too extensive and makes the whole unit unrepairable, you may have to send it back to them. The good news is that Apple is notorious for issuing warranties for their products, so you should not have any worries about this. The warranty for damages caused by defects in workmanship lasts for a limited period of time, so if your iPhone breaks because of a defective part, you will probably be able to get a new one.

The Bottom Line

You can fix iPhone battery problems by keeping it charged and ready when you wake up. You don’t have to worry about your phone spending more time in deep sleep than it spends in active use, or about it lasting less time than it should. Your iPhone battery should last several times longer than its recommended lifespan, so it is always better to keep it charged and ready when you wake up. If it is constantly getting cold and hot and it is not receiving enough sunlight or it is not receiving enough charge, you should consult Ask Computers & iPhone Repair.

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