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Interesting Facts About Canon Printers

Canon printers have been around for so long that they are now a well-regarded, household name. Founded in 1933, this company has gone from strength to strength and continues to create the printers that all other manufacturers aspire to be.

We have found out some interesting facts about this company that you may never have heard of before. Take a moment to check out our findings and be as wowed as we were!

Canon is Named After a Goddess

When the company was first founded, they created the Kwannon camera, named after the Goddess of Mercy. This name stuck and they transliterated it to the name Canon that we now know them as! The Goddess of Mercy is from the Buddhist faith and is said to be well aligned with the ethos of Canon as a company.

They Sell More Than Just Printers

Canon printers are very well known but this company makes many other products too! They have a very well known camera line but they also make medical supplies, camcorders, and lenses for companies to purchase.

In addition to their range of products, Canon has many different subsidiary companies that make a huge range of tech equipment for businesses and general consumers.

Replacement Inks Are Superior to Canon’s Own Brand

Canon printer ink is made from generic ink that can be purchased for cheaper elsewhere. This little known secret makes this company millions every year as they sell less ink in their cartridges for a higher price.

Take the PGI-280XXL cartridge; if you were to buy this from Canon you can expect to pay double the amount of money, for half the amount of ink! Whereas, if you went to a replacement specialist, like Smart Ink, you can expect to get far more ink, for far less money!

Canon Has Its Own Charity

Canon setup its own charity, called Canon’s Care Scheme in a bid to help people and organisations who need financial support. To date, the charity has helped people and groups all over the UK and Ireland and continues to grow the work it does to help even more.

The areas Canon tends to offer support to includes educational and environmental causes as well as humanitarian efforts and cultural projects and plans. There are many different beneficiaries that have been able to successfully advance their work due to the generosity of this tech giant.


It is clear to see that Canon have far more going on that any of us realised! From where it got its name to the range of products it offers; this is a business with a deep and interesting history. It is also interesting to find out about its charity work, medical equipment, and the fact that ink for Canon printers is cheaper when you choose a replacement product.

Whatever your reason for wanting to know more about Canon, one thing you can be sure of is that they are a giant of a tech company and choosing to purchase one of their printers is a great idea!

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