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Know How a Second Phone Number Can Improve Your Personal and Professional Life

Do you want to lead personal and professional life at separate tangents?

Then, the second phone number is your knight in shining armor.

Regardless of the nature of the business, it is the common practice that entrepreneurs and main men of start-ups use their personal number for business purposes as well. Though this practice seems harmless initially, it actually possesses the power to hinder both professional and personal pillar.

Though it is also very common that many professionals keep two phones with two different numbers to maintain a balance between professional and personal life, sadly, it increases the agony rather than helping you out. Maintaining two phones at the same time is both costly and strenuous.

Second phone number brings relief in both of the situations.

It is actually an Online phone number that doesn’t need a separate line or phone to be functional. That simply implies that you can have an alternative number on the same phone. Now, you can make/receive personal and professional calls from a different number without owning different phones. As it comes with full calling and texting ability, you need not compromise on anything.  Life seems pretty easy and hassle-free.

Here are some of the key reasons that support and make you realize the need to have a second phone number for your business.

1. It is important to maintain sanity

Running a business takes a great toll on one’s mental and physical health especially when your business is in the infancy stage. You have to present around the clock. While doing all of this, situations like an urgent personal call going in waiting or vice-versa take places undoubtedly. In both cases, the loss is yours and your mental peace gets hampered.

By owning a separate office phone number, you can actually maintain a balance between personal and professional call traffic as both the calls come on different lines.   In case you are already busy over one call, it will convert the incoming call into voicemail and you can revert back accordingly. In short, there is no loss. Only gain.

2. It gives you a professional image

Today, professionalism is what rules over the customers’ hearts.  Customers tend to rely upon who not only deliver professional services but also look professional. With your virtual phone number as your business contact, you can easily possess a professional image as it comes in vanity and toll-free numbers category. Toll-free and vanity numbers are the special business numbers that give your business a different identity. As they start with 800, or 1800 codes, customers can easily recognize them.

3. It will protect your privacy

Giving out your personal number for professional purposes is indeed a bad idea as it allows others to intrude on your personal space and privacy. With a second number, you can actually schedule your calls, divert them to another number, and even set customized greetings when you are not available to receive the calls. This way you can make sure that you are maintaining your availability at personal space without hampering your professional image.

4. It let you save big time

When you are maintaining two different phones for two different purposes, the cost burden is actually high. As businesses, these days, also demand advanced accessibility, you need to own a smartphone that can read your reports, make conference calls, and do whatever comes.  The same sort of accessibility you need to gain at personal front.

Buying two smartphones with two phone numbers is indeed a costly affair. However, virtual phone number doesn’t demand any new phone, any new hardware, and even any new set up. All you need to do is pay a mere amount to get it and it’s all set to work. Isn’t great?

5. It let you possess all the powers that a business demands

With your regular business phone number, you will not be able to send bulk SMS, convert voicemails into emails, send notifications, record calls, schedule calls, and even distribute calls to the team. You can only make/receive calls. Thriving in this cutthroat competition world with such limited functionality is not at all possible.  It will crush you to the ground.

Business phone number can help you from this situation by offering advanced business features such as call queuing, call distributions, professional greetings set up and many more. The best part is, you can choose the features as per your business requirements.

Not only this, you can even expand your reach to the global level without buying international numbers. When you are operating with such a wide range of features, it is sure that you will not only thrive in this competitive world but also come up with flying colors.

Second business phone number is a blessing in disguise that can strike a balance between both of the factors without demanding anything extra. So, get it today from a trusted source and lead a peaceful life.  

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