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Tech for Kids: Skills You Should Acquire in 2021

Almost every aspect of our life revolves around technology. Some of the breakthrough technological advancements include food production, vaccination, education, and communication. It comes as no surprise that technology is here to stay for a much more extended period and grow with time.

With the growth in technology, it is now crucial for kids, more so than ever, to acquire tech skills to be successful in their future. Whatever tech skills a kid learns, it will develop a passion for asking questions, exploring, and solving issues independently. Are you wondering what essential technological skills a kid must acquire in the present day? Below is the list of few creative and engaging tech skills:

1. Surf Safe on the Internet

The internet is the most modern tool where people can learn and have fun at the same time. From playing games, interacting with people, staying current with the news, and finding information about various topics, all is there. However, as appealing as it sounds, kids should know what is safe and what is not. Apart from having a basic knowledge of internet browsing, kids should be vigilant while accessing different websites. Else the computers might get attacked with viruses, and children may face online scams. They must also utilize the internet to develop extensive research skills to help them with school projects and work life in the future. Applications such as KidRex, Kiddle, and many others allow children to search for information and securely play online games.

2. Coding Applications

If kids learn to become proficient in coding now, they can go a long way in the future. Learning to code is a fun and exciting way to develop science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) skills. No doubt, coding is not easy. Not being able to resolve errors might be frustrating; however, it helps kids learn to be resilient. Several different coding apps for kids are available online on the internet to assist kids in mastering programming. The more kids practice on these apps, the more they will become skilled and develop animations, apps, and video games.

3. Mind Map

Gone are the days when learning mind mapping was only for adults. Today children can create new and innovative ideas, organize their plans, and, most of all, drive away their boredom by learning mind mapping. Researches show that kids who know how to create mind maps face fewer difficulties in understanding school subjects. It helps kids to put together their ideas and understand the information more thoroughly. By creating mind maps with various online mind mapping tools, they can strengthen their concentration and problem-solving skills creatively. Mind mapping develops both logical and creative skills in kids. Since these online tools offer simple and visually appealing elements to create mind maps, kids find these activities enjoyable.

4. Microsoft Office Skillset

Kids should learn to become organized from a very early age. Making schedules and sticking to them can help them to form a disciplined routine for their life. Software such as Microsoft Office can serve as a beneficial tool for children as they are user-friendly. With Microsoft Excel’s help, kids can formulate their day-to-day tasks, perform calculations, or visualize information using different charts. Similarly, Microsoft Word and Presentation allow them to create documents and presentations, respectively, for various topics. If kids begin to learn all these tools from the initial stages, chances are they might be able to discover some hacks as they grow up.

5. Podcast

Reading is essential for kids, but what about listening? Kids with good active listening skills develop excellent communication and problem-solving skills. A great way to use technology for developing listening skills in a kid is by listening to the podcast. Many parents hesitate from allowing their child to use the screen; listening to the podcast can be the best solution to stay abreast of technology. Kids can now enjoy listening to the different kid-friendly podcast before going to bed, on a road trip, or whenever they want. Acquiring this listening skill can help kids to follow the trend and launch their podcasts in the future.

6. Computer Art

Kids love playing with colors and patterns. Limiting kids to paper and pen for creating art in modern times would not be a good idea. With the advancement in technology, numerous websites allow children to explore their creative imagination and draw freely. Encouraging kids to learn and try out different art designs increases their creative outlook and develop digital skills. With online tools, kids learn color combinations, their effects, proportions, and many other skills to help them later in their arts, science, and math lessons. Once these young artists get the hang of these tools, they can create unique and incredible artworks.

7. Collaborative Writing

Writing does not have to be a solo venture for kids in this era. Introduce kids to different online tools for collaborative writing such as boom writer, mixed ink, StoriumEdu, etc. Teaching kids to write improves their self-expression and communication skills. With collaborative writing practice, they can learn brainstorming, leadership, and teamwork skills. Most school study programs consist of creative and collaborative writing. Thus, training kids in online writing can provide them advantages as they grow up. Who knows, some of these kids might end up pursuing writing as their career in the future.

8. Email

As the kids grow up and progress into mid-school, they know how to text people, search for videos, find information, and much more. Unfortunately, many of these children lack the art of writing an email. One of the most common means of communication on the internet these days is email; therefore, kids should acquire this skill at a very young age. However, kids should be mindful of the email writing etiquette when learning this skill. They should know how to create a formal email address and check each folder of email id.

9. Maintenance of Computer

Most kids love to explore new technical things. Devices like computers, tablets, robots intrigue them the most. They wish to learn what is inside these devices and how do they operate. Computers consist of numerous components, each of them having different functions. After examining and studying these parts, kids can be able to build a computer of their own. Also, sometimes computers shut down or hang in the middle of a task. In situations like this, kids can resolve basic level issues and resume working on the computer.


Even though many people are against the excessive use of technology, no one can deny how it helps kids to grow in their lives. There are so many good reasons for kids to acquire these skills; being independent is the first. As the world is continually steering towards a digital side, it is becoming necessary for students to stay up to date with the latest technologies. Also, kids can leverage these skills in the future as they kick start their careers.

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