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Top 10 Cost Estimating Software For Manufacturing

Top 10 Cost Estimating Software For Manufacturing
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Cost Estimating Software For Manufacturing enables manufacturers to quickly and easily identify the cost drivers in the products they design, manufacture and procure.

This valuable costing information is then used to explore design alternatives and methods of manufacture that lead to lower cost products with higher profit margins.

Best Cost Estimating Software For Manufacturing:


MTI Systems | Costimator® Cost Estimating & Quoting Software. Costimator Cost Estimating Software is database driven, allowing you to store, access and retrieve all of your information related to cost estimating in a single, yet sharable, location. Centralizing your data allows all estimators to quickly access and utilize the same information, drastically increasing the speed and consistency of the cost estimating process.




Manufacturing Cost Estimating Software | Cost Estimating Software. Get accurate manufacturing cost estimating with Micro Estimating software. Request a demo of our cost estimating software today.




Manufacturing Software – Shoptech The E2 Shop System. 

  • Generate quick quotes with a single mouse click
  • Fax or email quotes directly from your workstation to get the estimate in the customer’s hand as soon as possible
  • View detailed information on costs for materials, labor, overhead, and more so you can analyze the profitability of specific jobs
  • Quickly recall data for similar jobs so you can benchmark estimates for materials and labor
  • Review all of your past estimates so you can see which ones closed and which didn’t. Then use that information to strengthen your sales cycle.
  • Customize efficiency rates, scrap percentages, and other variables by workstation or machine to calculate the most precise estimate possible
  • Allocate materials during estimating to keep your inventory accurate in real time



Kipware® Software – Real World Machine Shop and CNC Software. Kipware software includes quoting and estimating software for machine shops, conversational CAD/CAM and conversational CNC programming software as well as G code conversion software for Fanuc, Haas and Okuma CNC turning and milling. Kipware software is available cloud based or through traditional delivery via a CD or downloadable installation file.




3D CAD Design Software | SOLIDWORKS. Save time and development costs, avoid redesigns, and increase productivity by continuously checking your designs against cost targets with automated manufacturing cost estimation tools fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software.




IQMS Software | Manufacturing ERP Solution. The EnterpriseIQ Estimating and Quoting function takes into account all aspects of the quoting process including material, overhead, labor, outsourced operations, commission calculations, and miscellaneous additional fees. Because all EnterpriseIQ ERP and Manufacturing Software modules are designed on a single database, the quote is developed based on true, expected costs, material price comparison, tooling and equipment amortization, and more. Once approved, the quote can quickly be converted into a BOM and sales order with the click of a button.




The Best Project Management Software for Automotive Suppliers, On-Line, Cloud-Based App, Web Tools, Collaboration System. A cost estimating and quote management system is critical to eliminating the culture of chaos and confusion so common with today’s manufacturing companies. In fact, getting these processes under control is the first step to improving data integrity, because they represent the beginning of the customer relationship and financial data management processes.




eYantrik is a consulting organization facilitating different industries with product design & engineering, software development and skill development consultancy.. Our software provides OEMs with the manufacturing knowledge they need to identify and understand the cost drivers in the products they design, manufacture and procure. Being able to break down and quantify what a product should-cost throughout the product development life cycle allows organizations to implement uniform and predictable costing strategies.




Keyedin Solutions: Driving Business Performance with Cloud Solutions. 

With KeyedIn® Manufacturing’s Cloud based cost estimating software, you can create accurate and comprehensive quotes in minutes.

  • Faster, more accurate estimates
  • Easily convert estimates to sales orders
  • Copy quote and template functionality
  • Dynamic to-do lists and status reports



Enterprise Software Solutions | Business Software | Cincom. Cincom’s manufacturing estimating software extends Microsoft Dynamics® AX sales and marketing applications to enable rapid, accurate and effective response to sales opportunities for engineer-to-order products and significant service projects.