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Top 10 ETL Tools you Need to Try in 2020

When it comes to extract, transform and load, you cannot afford a mistake and stake at the wrong tools as they are primarily the only means providing the simplification of database integration and synchronization of various development tasks.

Initially, The ELT software usage comes back to 1970ies, which means that by now the market has been filled with the diversity of ETL software. ETL tools enhance the work outcomes regardless of the size of your company as ELT software allows integrating data from several sources and systems to produce the results that will tailor to your business needs.

To avoid the detrimental consequences the wrongly picked ETL tools might cause and choose the ones that will surely facilitate your workflow and empower your business, read on the top tools we recommend.

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi

This is a software that is definitely a top helper in data flow management.

The unbeatable strengths of the tools include:

  • Saving time on software installation and upgrades
  • Reusability of existing code
  • Support of various database platforms
  • A powerful mapper
  • High scalability (for instance, you can distinguish the ETL processes within the regular integration processes by running them separately
  • Providing cloud-based connectivity to practically any datastore

Pay attention that Dell Boomi has five pricing plans starting from $549/month. All plans include a 30-day free trial.




Skyvia is a feature-rich and affordable cloud data integration solution, which is estimated as the best value for money. It allows you to automate your data integration without any coding, and its support team is ready to provide a helping hand, to make sure your data integration is slick and easy.

  • Wizard-based, no-coding integration configuration that does not require much technical knowledge
  • Advanced mapping settings with constants, lookups, and powerful expressions for data transformations
  • Integration automation by schedule
  • Ability to preserve source data relations in target
  • Import without duplicates
  • Bi-directional synchronization
  • Predefined templates for common integration cases

According to reviews, Skyvia belongs to low-cost tools (its free pricing includes access to 2 scheduled packages).

Talend Open Studio

Talend Open Studio

Talend Open Studio

According to PAT Research analytics, the editor’s rating for this tool reaches 9.4 out of 10.

It comprises a big number of useful components. Once you create a project, it will open the welcome page and offer you detailed guidelines to proceed with your work without any delay.

Using Talend Studio will enable:

  • Full support of ETL process
  • Availability of 900+ built-in connectors
  • Easy application of string manipulations
  • Setting/editing the properties of the components
  • Eclipse-based development environment
  • A refresher function in configuration tabs (in case you need to dive into the software usage in more detail).

Let alone 5 languages that this tool is available in, its another huge advantage is low pricing.


When we search for the right ETL software, first of all, we need a tool that will be able to interact with a variety of corresponding databases to navigate easily among the diverse file formats.

CloverDX meets the above-mentioned requirements at its best. The benefits of applying this software include:

  • Designing your own tools with components essential for any tech team’s needs.  
  • Minimizing repetitive work with the optimized interface  
  • Foster teamwork as team members have easy access to all levels of tracking information
  • Increase effectiveness as it bundles the integrated data into one functional piece
  • Vibrant collaboration between coworkers due to the wide sharing options CloverDX offers a free version and a free trial.


It is the perfect solution for enterprises driven with a search for the relevant data. Applying Matillion means that your business will get the tool for monitoring and auditing the data access.

The software delivers:

  • Reliable cloud storage and granular data security
  • Conditional formatting
  • Simplified mastering data management
  • Ensuring data quality
  • Data preparation in a few clicks with the option of generating the pixel-perfect reports

The monthly base price for the Professional Plan is $1225.

Informatica PowerCenter

It is a software that tops the list of a list of incumbent batch ETL tools.

Using |Informatica Power Center you ensure that the data stored in the warehouse is accurate and of high-quality.

The software requires no downtime while providing you with:

  • Autonomous capabilities
  • Easy data migration from DB2 to MSL Server
  • Extensive tool portfolio
  • Large customer base
  • Frictionless data loading.

You can considerably enhance your business productivity by applying this tool. The pricing insights are provided upon contacting the vendor and tailored to specific customers’ needs.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

This software is optimal for building enterprise-level data integration. It is rated as a highly reliable tool providing data transformations solutions.

It is an Azure Platform factory product that reaches a wide range of customers due to its:

  • Affordability
  • Versatility as it is applicable to various scenarios
  • Zero time adjustment to the interface
  • Can be deployed on-cloud or on-premise
  • Wide reporting
  • Master data management

Microsoft SQL Server Express and Developer Editions are free for users.


This is free ETL software that provides the precision of data integration and has the exclusive functionality pertaining to:

  • Development data transformations
  • The versatility of scripting language application  
  • Support provision
  • Intuitive data manipulations
  • Simplified debugging of the data-manipulations scripts

The additional detail on pricing is available upon contacting the vendor.

Overall, Anatella is an optimal choice for addressing the goal of enhancing business intelligence and securing the data warehousing process.


This ETL product enables the platform data connection and allows a complex unification of integration platform as a service by streaming the data among applications.

The advantages you get as a user while applying this software include:

  • Access to Analytics Snaps (optimal forHDFS Read/Write, Anaplan, Google Analytics systems)
  • Core Snaps availability providing insightful data analysis for various file types (CSV Read/Write, REST, Filter, to name a few).
  • Self-upgrading functionality.

Implementing Snaplogic will secure you from pitfalls of data procession and integration.


It is an effective-cost ETL process-building solution that will save your organization from tedious routine by proper allocation of the resources integration.

The benefits that this tool provides comprise:

  • Handling unlimited data sets
  • Prompt synchronization of the computing platforms
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Agent grouping
  • Connectivity with various back-end platforms

This tool is a game-changer in relation to building the internal data model. It will help your business organize communication among the diversity of platforms and services and meet the challenge of visualizing customers’ needs.

To conclude

ETL tools are a powerful way to automate business decisions. Thus, choosing the relevant tool that will be easy to set up and use while enabling the focus on real-time data processing is essential for any enterprise success.

The software you will find in the list we recommended above will certainly address the issue of efficient extracting, transforming and loading data.

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