Top 10 Hybrid Cloud Providers | 2018

Hybrid cloud provides businesses a combination of public and cloud resources, which makes it more cost-efficient, affordable and very secure. Hybrid cloud solutions segment each business task is processed in the appropriate cloud.

Top 10 Hybrid Cloud Providers:


Rackspace: Managed Dedicated & Cloud Computing Services. Sometimes the best environment for a workload is one that combines both public cloud, private cloud and single-tenant dedicated environments. That’s why we’ve created a true hybrid cloud, with multi-cloud flexibility, so you can connect dedicated bare metal environments to the private and public clouds of your choice — such as AWS, Microsoft, OpenStack® and VMware. 


2. EMC

Cloud Computing, Data Storage, IT Security & Big Data | Dell EMC US. A modern data center improves the delivery of traditional and cloud-native applications – reducing the cost structure of IT and allowing you to focus resources on innovation.



SaaS Managed Hybrid Cloud & Container Orchestration | Platform9. Most enterprises plan to adopt a hybrid cloud model, and may consider a hybrid cloud provider to combine public and private cloud resources or multiple private clouds. Platform9 helps you realize a true solution faster, with lower cost and risk.



Identify workloads you can move to Microsoft Azure and decide which assets to keep on-premises, while using common skill sets across both. Sign up for a free cloud migration assessment to help your business right-size its IT environment, improve agility, and reduce costs.



Global Data Centers | Low Latency Colocation for Financial, CDNs, Enterprise & Cloud Networks by Equinix. Our direct connection services set up private links between your data center infrastructure in Equinix and potentially hundreds of clouds and networks. These private links provide fast, secure and reliable connectivity for transmitting latency-sensitive and/or high-bandwidth data traffic. Since your data doesn’t traverse the Internet, it isn’t subject to the unpredictable traffic congestion, transmission lag times and data exposure risks inherent in public networks.



Managed Cloud Services | Managed AWS | Managed Azure. The HOSTING Hybrid Cloud provides the best of all possible cloud deployments. Seamlessly connect colocated and/or dedicated components to a virtual private cloud or public cloud via a private dedicated network.


7. BMC

BMC – Bring IT to Life with Digital Enterprise Management. With BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, you can build, manage, and govern a hybrid cloud architecture for simple use cases and complex workloads. Get the agility, flexibility, and scalability you need to quickly deploy a hybrid cloud that’s built to last.


8. F5

F5 Networks | Secure application delivery. 

F5 products and technologies give you the freedom to deploy any application, anywhere with consistent services and security in any environment. That includes public clouds, cloud interconnect, container environments and IoT, as well as private clouds. So, what does that mean for you?

  • The ability to deploy faster and in more clouds, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • The assurance of consistent services without having to manage each individual instance in each individual environment.
  • Enterprise-grade services for container environments and the IoT.


NetApp Data Management and Cloud Storage Solutions. NetApp delivers software, systems and services to manage and store your data. NetApp Data Fabric provides enhanced data control, choice, and efficiency.



Dedicated Servers, Cloud & Hybrid Hosting Services | Codero. Instantly leverage the power of dedicated hosting with the flexibility of cloud computing, whenever you want. Codero’s Hybrid Network* connects all your dedicated and cloud resources with the click of a button. There are no special “Connect” devices or proprietary bridges needed, and no proprietary software or complex configurations. Scale your applications using the hosting technology that best suits your needs within a single private network.


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