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Top 10 Open Source Document Management Software

Document management software is crucial to the organization of your personal or company documents. There are a lot of options when it comes to the type of management software that you can select such as quality management software, but it is important to know and understand the different aspects of the software so that you know you are selecting the proper software that you need.

Document Management System

The first step in purchasing a type of document management software is to understand how a document management system works. A document management system does just that. It stores electronic versions of documents. These documents can be physical copies that have been scanned into the system, or they can be digital versions that were created and maintained in the system. It is a great way to be able to easily access and update files. Since the day of keeping hard copies of files is in the past it is important to get a digital system in place that will help keep your documents available and organized.

Document Management Software

A type of document management software is crucial to the success of a business. The invoices, statements, bills, payables, tax information, and any other types of documents that flow through an average office can really begin to stack up. Organization is key when it comes to company documents, but even the best filing system can prove difficult to maintain with all of the physical paperwork that is created throughout a company on a regular business day.

Document management software has many benefits besides the most obvious of the simple organization. There is the fact that multiple employees will be able to have access to the same documents. This will make it easier to conduct business when a document has to be referred to or updated often and by several employees. The software will note when the most recent date that the file was accessed or modified so it is also easy to keep track of the fact that a document has been accessed.

Document management software makes the flow of an average business day work much more smoothly. There is no wonder why so many companies have purchased the document management software as a way to help keep up-to-date with the happenings around their business. There are several options available with basic models being the least expensive and more complex models costing slightly more, but either way you will be able to get the type of software that you will need in order to keep all of your electronic files easily organized and accessible.

Open Source Document Management Software – it’s a powerful and integrated software to manage all your documents; all the files necessary for the success of your organization. The more documents you have the more you need a reliable, scalable, and fast document management software.

Here Are Awesome Ten Open Source Document Management System Software:


SeedDMS is the continuation of LetoDMS because it has lost its main developer. SeedDMS is an easy to use but powerful Open Source Document Management System based on PHP and MySQL or sqlite3. Many years of development has made it a mature and enterprise ready plattform for sharing and storing documents. It’s fully compatible with LetoDMS.




Mayan EDMS. Free Open Source Document Management System. Mayan EDMS is an electronic vault for your documents. With Mayan EDMS you will never lose another document to floods, fire, theft, sabotage, fungus or decomposition. Its advanced search and categorization capabilities will help you reduce the time to find the information you need. It is free open source and integrates with your existing equipment, that means low to no initial investment, and even lower total cost of ownership, reducing operational costs has never been this easy. Being open source its code is freely available, allowing you to see how it is handling your documents if you ever need to, you will be glad you choose Mayan EDMS on your next audit. Initially released in 2011 and with thousands of installations worldwide, Mayan EDMS is a mature and time tested software you can rely on.




CaseBox. Casebox is an extensible that you can extend over time: contact management, project management, human resource management.




Document Management – Open Source DMS & ECM Software. Professional Document Management System for archiving, managing and working on documents. Open Source DMS, Enterprise Content Management and electronic archive with an easy-to-use interface.




The Open Source Document Management System (DMS). Kimios is an open source Document Management System (DMS) based on a fully service oriented architecure.




Epiware – GPL Document Management Software (DMS) Open Source. Epiware GPL project and document management, for those that like to be on the cutting edge of development. Take control of your information and content today.




Document Management System (DMS) Software | Mumbai, India. KRYSTAL DMS – Community Edition is easy to use, powerful, completely FREE and Open Source Document Management Software that allows companies and individuals to centralize the management, storage, retrieval and distribution of documents.




Alfresco is an open source platform for business critical document management. It automates document-intensive business processes and, through sophisticated user and role management, enables large-scale collaboration across businesses or sectors. It is used by a wide range of businesses including universities, NASA and the European Union. Alfresco’s strength comes from its carefully designed application framework, based on core open standards with multiple extension and customisation hooks. Alfresco is a mature, robust content management ecology with an active open source following.




Open Source Workflow Software & Business Process Management BPM. 




xinco DMS™ – Open Source Document Management Systems. xinco DMS™ is an Open Source Information and Document Management System: with a web-based Client you can access your Information and Document Repository! As easy as the surfing the web, but with the powerful features of a Document Management Systems!



Electronic Document Management Software

It is a big decision to move into an electronic filing system. The first step in getting started is to find the right electronic document management software that contains the functionality that you need. There are several questions that you will need to ask yourself before purchasing your electronic document management software.


This is always the first thing that people look at and it is important. Create a budgeted amount that you will be to pay in order to acquire the software. There are pieces of electronic document management software that range in price from $50 to almost $500 and vary dramatically in capabilities. There is not point looking at a piece of electronic document management software that is $500 if you can only afford around $150.


This is important to know what the electronic document management software offers in terms of capabilities. Some pieces of software are little more than electronic filing cabinets while others allow you to easily edit and track your documents. Not all pieces of electronic document management software offer workflows and if this is an aspect you need make sure you are only looking at the ones that offer it.

There are many reasons for why a company or even an individual may want to convert to using a document management software. The amount of time that is saved in having to dig through files alone will more than cover the price of the system. It allows someone to be much more organized with little effort. You no longer have to spend hours filing all of the paperwork that may flow through your home or office. You can simply load it into the system and strictly work from there.

Price is a huge factor for the type of electronic document management software that is selected by an individual. It is important to look how much you are able to work into your budget, but if you are not able to free up enough money in order to purchase the type of software that you need then it is important to take another look at your budget and see if there are other places you may be able to cut. There are also pieces of software that will allow you to add-on capabilities for additional cost later. These systems are perfect for someone that may not be able to afford the full package upfront.

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