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Top 5: The Betting Software Platforms To Watch

Online betting has been big business for a long time, but is about to become a whole lot bigger. America is preparing for a mass influx of betting-related activity following legislative shifts, with much of the country either already allowed to bet legally or anticipating doing so in the near future. Over a few years’ time, this is almost certainly going to be a multi-billion dollar boon for the betting industry.

The great unknown is whether or not new betting services altogether will end up handling the bulk of the U.S. activity. Americans aren’t used to traditional sportsbooks, and may be more accepting of new, trendy companies with smoother interfaces and a more app-centric mode of operation. At the same time however, existing companies have a great deal of structure in place, and are essentially positioned to slide right in and begin accepting bets from an American populace. Indeed, some are already doing so. This could mean significant growth from some such companies that already do very good business, which leads us to our list of betting software platforms to watch.


OpenBet has been around since 1996 and is based in London, where a fair amount of the most cutting-edge betting and casino activity comes out of. Right now, the software is primarily the driving horse behind Paddypower and William Hill, both of which are significant forces in the gaming and betting industries. William Hill is particularly well-known for facilitating bookmaking services, and is a strong candidate to become a major player in the U.S., which means OpenBet could soon have even more widespread influence.


Betradar is effectively a brand under the umbrella of Sportradar, which was founded in Norway in 2000 and is now based in Switzerland. The company provides a software that compiles and analyzes sports betting data, to be used by bookmaking services across the web. Like OpenBet, it’s used by powerhouse companies like Paddypower and William Hill, though it’s also associated with additional platforms including Bet365 and 10bet.


Kambi, or Kambi Group, has been around as part of Unibet Group for a while, but spun off as its own software company in 2014. Despite being relatively new as an independent entity however, it’s already built up significant influence. Providing gambling-related software consisting of user interface, odds compilation, risk management and customer services, it is in use by 888sport, Mr. Green, and LeoVegas Sport – all prominent companies in the industry.


Geneity is a little more under the radar after having been acquired by the far bigger company Playtech, which has its fingerprints all over casino culture. However, it may ultimately be the most influential software provider on this list. That’s because it now helps with the operations for the likes of Ladbrokes, Coral, and Betfair, all of which are huge in the betting business. Betfair has already emerged as a potential buyer for FanDuel, which would allow it to make a huge leap into the U.S. market, with Geneity playing a role.


This is another software company based in Britain, and one that’s been very active for about seven years now. Working with major gambling providers including Bet365, Paddypower, and William Hill, it’s become known primarily for the underlying software that allows for virtual sports features, which can make online betting more interactive. The company also provides casino gaming-related services to the same platforms, but its bread and butter, so to speak, are in the sports betting arena.

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