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Top 7 Basic Principles For Effective Web Development

So, your website is beautiful. But what makes a beautiful website a fantastic website? No, it’s not the lovely typography. No, it’s not the coordination of colors. No, it’s not the animated widgets. The one quality that makes a website fantastic is its usefulness. The utility of a website is not something that just happens. A web developer must work hard to create a site that is useful to both the viewer and the owner.

The website must be targeted for your audience. If any component of your website does not provide meaning or utility to the audience, then leave it out of the design. Never put anything into your website that pleases only you. As a corollary to this principle, both the owner and the developer must understand who the target audience is.

It is wise to use simple concise language. Start by applying this principle to the headlines of your website because a pithy headline grabs attention. Continue on in this vein with the text underneath the headings. Make the information easy to digest, using small chunks of words, not overwhelming mountains of text.

Excellent content is a must. High-quality content captures a customer’s attention, and keeps them reading on for more. Hire those who have the ability to write well, such as recent graduates of a journalism school, or older workers from the marketing and advertising industries who are looking for a second career.

By all means, avoid clutter, both in words and in design. Do not cram all the details for all of your products onto one page. Place the details for each product on a separate page. You’ll find that this simple principle of web development will also help a great deal in updating product information on your website.

Do not simply repeat what ten dozen other websites are saying about your product line. Supply the details that no one else does. If you are the only website describing the environmental aspects of your product line, then guess whose website will pop up first in searches for the combination of “green” and your product category? Yours, of course.

Make the website’s navigation and search functions as simple as possible, both in appearance and in use. Think of the Google Home Page. The functions of page navigation, search creation, and search results should all be accomplished as transparently and as quickly as possible. And that means the developer must use the most efficient program coding possible for web development, and test the performance over and over.

Above all, make your brand memorable. You can follow every one of the principles listed above, and have a great presence on the Internet as that wonderful-looking website, with lots of details that are easy to read, and that covers every conceivable aspect. However, what was the name of that company again? Build a brand for your company that you can embed into every aspect of your website.

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