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Top Project Management Software For Marketing Departments

Project Management Software For Marketing Departments helps you manage the wide variety of marketing projects with ease, create your marketing calendar and plan from a marketer’s perspective, and collaborate both inside and outside the marketing department.

Some solutions have the ability to track time and monitor traffic, and include CRM features and invoicing.

Top Project Management Software For Marketing Departments:

1. nurvo

NUVRO.COM – Nuvro is a smart project management suite for marketing teams. Nuvro goes beyond the standard project and task features found in all common tools. With Nuvro you’ll also have a clear overview of everything important in your company including the past, current and future workload of every team member. Nuvro gives you team performance reviews, secure document management, an internal alternative to email and more. Nuvro is the easiest way to help your team accomplish more.



2. Wrike

WRIKE.COM – Your online project management software – Wrike. Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. With the help of our product, managing projects becomes easier. Our project management tools include time tracking, project planning and organization, an interactive timeline, communication and online collaboration features for teams of any size.



3. Brightpod

BRIGHTPOD.COM – Project Management Software for Marketing Teams. Brightpod takes the chaos out of managing your marketing projects and helps you focus on what matters.



4. Clarizen

CLARIZEN.COM – Online Project Management Software | Clarizen. Clarizen’s cloud-based project management software lets you manage work and collaborate across the enterprise—all from a single, intuitive solution.



5. TeamGantt

TEAMGANTT.COM – Online Gantt Chart Software | TeamGantt. Modern Project Management software is collaborative and accessable on the web from any device. It’s easy for anyone to use, yet powerful. TeamGantt’s intuitive online project management software is perfect for marketing teams.



6. WorkZone

WORKZONE.COM – Web-Based Project Management Software Tools | Online PM Software from WorkZone. More robust than entry-level tools, like Basecamp, and easier-to-use than high-end tools, like Microsoft Project, Workzone is the “just right” project management solution for most marketing teams.



7. RoboHead

ROBOHEAD.NET – RoboHead® | Project Management Software for Marketing & Creatives. 

RoboHead was specifically designed for Marketing and Creative users and the type of projects that they manage every day. These capabilities include:

  • Initiating projects quickly by either copying an existing project or using project templates
  • Planning projects within seconds using best practice workflows
  • Sharing files using a Library function to only those users with the proper permissions
  • Reviewing and collaborating on creative pieces using on-line annotation tools
  • Initiating and tracking approvals on-line, with a complete audit trail (the user, approved / not approved), all time and date stamped
  • Reporting on those metrics that are important to running your business using the on-line report writer


8. DoInbound

DOINBOUND.COM – DoInbound | Project Management Software for Inbound Marketing Agencies. Better project management software for inbound marketing agencies? Learn how agencies around the world are using DoInbound to scale their businesses.



9. Screendragon

SCREENDRAGON.COM – Screendragon | Project Management Software. Connect all your internal and external partners in one system accessible from all locations. You’ll find that everyone works faster when they are not jumping between ftp sites, email, share drives etc. Screendragon provides one environment to store everything related to projects – assets, timelines, forms, resources, discussions & more.



10. Active Collab

ACTIVECOLLAB.COM – Project Management Tool | Active Collab. Making marketing campaigns often takes longer and costs more than it should – all due to bad communication. Active Collab is the best project management tool for marketing teams. It helps them get things done within budget and on time.



11. InLoox

INLOOX.COM – InLoox – The Project Management Software. InLoox tools provide managers with the options needed to perform tasks to the best of their ability. We are leaders in making marketing project management tasks easier by providing simple yet effective resources.



Best Project Management Software For Marketing:

SYNERGIST.CO.UK – Job Costing & Project Management Software for Agencies & Consultants | Synergist. Synergist comes to the rescue by pulling all information together, so the whole team are working with exactly the same up-to-date information including new job requests, current planned workflow and upcoming deadlines.

IGNITUR.COM – Marketing Management Software – Ignitur. 92% of the marketing professionals surveyed called Ignitur: “Innovative and a time saving tool.” This solid majority rated us 4.8 stars for user experience.

PROPROFS.COM – ProProfs: Marketing teams have several project at once which is why it gets difficult to manage and track them all. From SEO, Social to Design, there is always a lot to do with multiple teams and numerous projects. It is important to have a system that allows marketers to organize their projects and never miss deadlines.

Using marketing project management tools, you can:

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Track progress individually
  • Create & assign subtasks
  • Collaborate & interact
  • Get infographic marketing reports

WORKFLOWMAX.COM – Online Workflow & Job Management Software | WorkflowMax. WorkflowMax project management & time billing software for creative agencies speeds up your admin process, so you have more time to create amazing work.

ADMATION.COM – Agency management software for marketing teams and ad agencies. Admation – marketing project management software helping ad agencies and marketing teams manage projects & resources and streamline the online approval workflow.

WORKADO.COM – Recurring Project Management Software for Marketing Agencies. Workado helps agencies manage their workflow for monthly recurring marketing campaigns, not project management software which focuses on one-off projects.

INMOTIONNOW.COM – Creative Workflow Management Software | inMotionNow. inMotion is an all-in-one creative workflow management software solution designed to fit the unique project management needs of marketing & creative teams.

WORKGROUPS.COM – Project and workflow management software | Workgroups DaVinci. Creative project management software and workflow automation tools designed specifically for creative and marketing teams. Get your custom demo today!

AZORSOFTWARE.COM – AZOR: Marketing is usually the key factor that determines whether a company will grow or fail, so it is also one of the factors that you should pay most attention to.

AGILECRM.COM – CRM Software, Sales and Marketing Automation | Agile CRM. With the use of Agile’s streamlined drag-and-drop project management tool, it’s easy to manage tasks between your sales and marketing teams. The project management software encompasses different options to check and track the status of your projects.

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