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What is the Importance of Mobile Application in Transport Business?

With the rise of Uber, there have been many changes in the transportation industry worldwide. The majority of the transportation companies are focusing on app development, hence, the number of cab and bus booking software, logistics apps, and freight management solution has shown incredible growth in recent years. Transport and logistics apps have emerged as game-changers, as with a few clicks a car comes to the doorstep and there is no need to go and find public transport. Moreover, commuting to the workplace is also getting tougher, hence, the public transport industry is welcoming changes and are focusing on smart mobility services.

With the growth of the smartphone, apps have become more popular among users and by tackling daily challenges that commuters face on a daily basis. Countries across the globe are witnessing a growth in transport, freight, and logistics apps. These apps can also help commuters to fetch a cab, rideshare, shuttle and also check real-time traffic data with just a few clicks.

Getting Cab and Auto at the Doorstep

Earlier mobile apps were only used to book cabs, however, looking at the most commonly used mode of transport such as Auto, especially in countries such as India, companies such as Uber and Ola have developed auto booking mobile apps. These apps have already gained traction in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Online auto booking service has also made it simple for people to book auto without the need to go out in search of the auto. Similar to the freight management solution and logistics app, an auto booking app also allows a person to track the auto, get details on the driver, payment options, and rating and review options.

Mobile app developers are now focusing on two-wheelers to provide commuting service to passengers traveling daily. This new concept is known as bike taxis and these are said to be comfortable, faster, as compared to other modes of transport. The drivers riding bike taxis are fully trained and carry rides wearing uniforms to be quickly identified. The rider wears a helmet and rides the latest bikes to help commuters reach their destination. Baxi is one of the latest motorcycle app launched by Uber that can be used by commuters to book a bike ride, the service is currently offered in Gurgaon in India.

These bikes also carry extra helmets for riders, they also ensure hygiene for riders by providing wet tissues and disposable caps. In Kolkata, KBikeTaxi is the latest addition in the bike taxi concept and is already getting popularity in the city.

Car-Free Society

The majority of the daily commuters use carpool services to share a ride with people traveling in the same way and also save costs by sharing the total cost of the journey.

This also helps in reducing traffic and pollution. However, still many people are not comfortable in traveling with strangers, hence, many mobile app companies are seeking authentication proof. Many ridesharing apps also use rating and review options for riders to share their experience, while new mobile apps are also being developed with options for females to travel with other females also known as a female-only ride sharing option.

Growing Popularity of Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are gaining popularity as these services are solving office commute problems. Hence, new apps are being developed to help daily commuters avoid crowded transport and expensive taxi service. Although shuttle bus services are a bit expensive than normal buses but are cheaper as compared to taxis. With the growing number of apps providing shuttle service, new apps are also being developed to provide timetables for bus, metro, and local transports services, similar to the freight management solution.

With the growing use of taxi booking solutions, companies are also focusing on developing apps for trucks. This has led to the expansion of the trucking business along with proper management. Mobile apps for trucks can help all three including trucking business owner, driver, and client to stay connected and get the real-time details on the shipment.

The majority of the companies are using freight management solution to optimize and consolidate shipments for making it cost-effective. Moreover, the freight management system also ensures effective communication and saves both time and cost. Companies are focusing on developing cloud-based programs giving access to shipments and remote locations. Cloud-based systems also ensure data safety and file security.

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