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Why You Need to Build a Marketplace for Booking Musicians

The event organization niche is one of the most demanded ones currently. An online environment could not leave it without attention – there is a certain demand for the platforms that help finding and booking talents. And they make everything as easy for users as booking a place to stay via Airbnb or calling a taxi via Uber.

In this article, we will tell you why you should make custom offers for searching talents to meet the business niche competitive demands, what such projects usually feature, and we will also give some tips on developing your own solution. Let’s get to it, then.

An artists’ marketplace is a platform that connects singers, songwriters, sound producers, and other creative personalities related to the music industry with those looking for talents. A service acts here as an intermediary, guaranteeing the security of cooperation, and receives fees for every successful deal. Depending on the selected functional capabilities and direction as a whole, such marketplaces can provide users with a wide array of services – from professional artists search to private events like a wedding or corporative party; to orders for new songs with the full copyright purchase.

Despite the fact that, at first glance, a concept of such market seems a bit narrow, an audience of the services for booking talents is quite extensive, while such services are employed both by private entities and popular brands. If we consider the fact that the music industry has always been one of the most expensive business fields, then, with the proper approach to development and marketing, you can get a profitable product in short terms.

Benefits for the Artist

Before starting the marketplace promotion, one must figure out and profitably demonstrate the benefits all users of the platform get by interacting with it. The whole process should help an artist to achieve their ultimate objective – get more orders.

Post Samples

An ability to present oneself and your talents in a vivid light is a key factor. The presentation can be enhanced by adding music samples in different formats, creating an individual portfolio etc.; as well as working a lot on the pages’ design, as we are talking about quite an artistic audience segment. Good, smart visual design will help a client make an order or hire an artist more smoothly.

Get Hired

A music marketplace allows artists to sell their music by the minute, getting good rewards for their talent. The platform acts as a binding link between the deal participants, which allows producers, bands, composers or singers to work remotely.

Get Promoted

One of the key advantages of a marketplace for musicians is the ability to efficiently promote oneself on the platform. No matter the genre and experience, every artist can highlight their works before clients. This is a great opportunity to be noticed and push your career development forward.

Get Paid

The service acts as an escrow. Once a cooperation inquiry is confirmed, a client pays a fee and system books an order. Once the work done by a musician is received by a client, an order gets a ‘paid’ status.

Benefits for the Clients

A marketplace can provide numerous benefits for clients, giving them a fast and simple musician searching means. No need to waste hours in search engines or employing specializing agencies with significant price tags to book talents – a client can work with a contractor directly.

Search for Your Favorite Genre or Post a Request

An artist search has never been so simple. A client can browse through profiles and make inquiries on the website to get musicians’ proposals – all on their own. The flexible filtering system and wide pricing range allow finding the fitting asset seller no matter whether you need an inexpensive singer or composer for the creation of a movie soundtrack.

Hire Musicians

A platform provides a client with a huge selection of talents with their music assets at different prices. The cost to hire is usually indicated by a minute rate and can vary depending on different factors. Before hiring artists for event, a client can compare the cost of their services. Just select the ‘Artists’ category, select service, and take a look at the options.

Marketing and Promotion

Modern marketing capacities allow creating vivid advertising campaigns for efficient online promotion of service independently of one’s budget. Social media, opinion leaders, ad bonuses for participants, work with brands, analysis of competitor activity – all this is just a small list of common promotional tools.

You can hire a professional team or develop a product on your own. An art platform will endure as much creativity as you can offer to provide good rates of user attraction.

Why Booking Artists Is a Good Idea for a Startup

A performers’ marketplace is related to the segment of niche markets, which are in the stage of rapid development right now. Focus on some narrow expert direction – an enhancement of functionality with the help of your own good audience knowledge lets service providers deliver an absolutely unique user experience. This fact combined with steep learning curve make such eCommerce markets a perfect business model when we are talking about the comparatively fast achievement of liquidity, which is an important aspect for every startup.

The existence of successful platforms in this niche indicates the viability of this business model concerning a marketplace for booking artists and lets one learn from their experience, consider any issues that event planners and other creative people can face. At the same time, the professional market is not filled to the brim yet and is quite fresh, which opens good prospects for new players.

Other important factors in making users go for your solution are:

  • Extensive target audience, both in terms of performers and clients;
  • Unlimited scaling. You can create a narrowly-focused service or try to cover various entertainment fields at once; provide your product locally or go for the global event market from the get-go;
  • Art part of a project will help to decrease ads expenses due to the high audience engagement and ‘word-of-mouth’ promotion.

Advantages of Ordering Marketplace Development in Roobycon Software Company

For many years, the development of marketplace solutions has been the key field, in which Roobykon Software specializes. Successfully resolving complex technical tasks and helping clients implement most various niche marketplace concepts, we possess all the necessary expertise to create high-quality working platforms in the shortest terms.

We are striving to cover all the directions, serving as reliable specialists in the marketplace creation field and we handle each client’s business tasks individually.

Do you want to build an artists booking marketplace? You are in the right place, then. Take a look at our website!

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