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6 No-BS Reasons Why Your Businesses Should Absolutely use Cloud Telephony

Everything is moving to the cloud. Why should your telephony solution be stuck in the dinosaur era of phones? Cloud Telephony is the technology that moves your business phone system to the cloud. It is a voice and messaging service that replaces the need for the conventional business telephone system, say, – PBX, EPABX, etc.

Cloud telephony assists you to receive and make phone calls and SMS from anywhere, and anytime without the labyrinth of telephone wires or huge capital expenditure.

According to a research, the cloud contact center industry is set to increase threefold by 2021. This is because more and more businesses are realizing the advantages of moving their telephony solutions to the cloud.

1. Smooth Customer Support: Customer is the crux of any business, and that is how it should be. However, customer calls come from all directions. It almost always happens that you end up missing a few calls. Always remember, “missed calls are missed opportunities for your business.” With the help of Cloud Telephony, you can make and receive calls in parallel, transfer calls, track call duration, record calls for quality analysis or escalation, and route calls to the next available agent. Thus ensuring that no calls are missed, and no opportunities to delight the customer are missed.

2. Detailed Call Analytics: Detailed information on every call and SMS sent or received is recorded. This data can be used by companies to analyze patterns pertaining to call volumes, time taken to solve the query, missed call count, etc. This helps in consolidation of response rates, thereby boosting response quality.

3. Promised Privacy: The digital identity for an individual has moved beyond email ID. Phone numbers are gaining popularity as the unique identifier for businesses. Cloud Telephony offers number anonymization, which ensures that the identity and privacy of the customer is secure. As a business, this will help you maintain the trust factor, and boost brand image.

4. Scale Fearlessly: There comes a bittersweet moment when a business that scales up is also worried about the associated infrastructure cost. Cloud Telephony offers easy scalability, with absolutely no frills. There is no infrastructure cost, simply because there is NO infrastructure. Cloud telephony allows the addition or modification of users with the help of a few clicks. This saves time, which can be leveraged to make more calls and reach more customers.

5. Promote Remote Working: Today, businesses are operating very differently from how they were a decade ago. Companies are very encouraging of remote working, and allow employees to work from their comfort zone. Customer support which was synonymous to a desk and a phone is shifting paradigms to anywhere, without any compromises.

6. Automation: Gartner, a market research firm for IT, has predicted that by 2020, customers will be able to manage 85% of a business relationship without any human interaction at all. Calls and SMS automation saves time and allows you to do more with less. You can segment the audience, personalize messages and target them on the basis of age, location etc., instead of adopting a one size fits all approach. This improves the stickiness of your business.

Cloud Telephony started out as a simple technology to empower businesses and power customer communication, but has come a long way today. With its innovative and powerful adoptions, cloud telephony has grown far beyond its expectations.

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