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7 Ways to Market Your Insurance Company on Facebook

Facebook is fun; insurance isn’t. At least that’s the perception to many consumers. If you want to compete with all of the other insurance agencies/carriers out there, you need to change that perception. The best way to do that is by having a strong online presence on Facebook. If you aren’t sure how to utilize this social network to your advantage, read on for some ideas to inspire you.

1. Post Regularly

The most important thing to remember is you must post regularly. Facebook brings up your latest posts in your followers’ feeds, so if you don’t post often, they won’t be reminded of your page. It’s best to set up a schedule and stick to it. Studies consistently prove that consumers favour insurance agencies who consistently and regularly post online. Social media pages with out of date posts tell consumers your products and services are also out of date.

2. Be Interesting

Unfortunately, it does no good to post regularly if your posts aren’t interesting to read. Make sure your posts aren’t boring or even worse – irrelevant. Choose topics that are of interest to your followers such as money-saving tips or safety statistics.

3. Use Video

Studies have long shown that posts which include photos and videos are shared more often than ones with text alone. Find images or even better, video that you can share on your page. You can even record a video of someone in your company talking about an insurance-related topic. For instance, share a photo of someone shoveling out snow from their driveway and write a post on safety in winter driving.

4. Use Jokes

Just because insurance is serious business, it doesn’t mean you can’t be funny. Come up with jokes that make fun of insurance agents or show a funny picture of a vehicle. Just make sure your humor will resonate with your audience rather than offending them. Stay away from hot or serious topics.

5. Get Client Testimonials

Ask your clients to do a testimonial for you that you can share on Facebook. It can be a simple sentence or two or you may even get some who are willing to create a short video. Ask them a question they can answer, which will help them feel more comfortable in creating their testimonial.

6. Announce Local Events

Most of an insurance agency’s business is going to come through local customers who are in the same town or county. Use your Facebook page to share information about local events. When you spread the word about an upcoming event, you create goodwill with those businesses and organizations and you provide valuable content to your followers.

7. Create Contests

If you want to keep your followers involved, you need to keep them interested. You can get people to interact with your page if you create a contest. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but something simple will create interest. Perhaps you have them come up with a caption for a photo related to insurance. Maybe you give them a reward for sharing your post or for getting a friend to request a quote. The prize can be a T-shirt with your company’s name or a gift card to the local coffee shop. Another option is a free oil change for their vehicle or some other product that relates to insurance in an indirect way.

Try several of these ideas with your Facebook account and see how much your online presence will grow.

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