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Amazon Website is a Classic Case of how to Develop a Catchy Web Design

We live in a digital world where we are surrounded by latest tech gadgets, web sites, mobile apps and other stuff. There are many ways in which we are now dependent on 1 or all of the above mentioned aspects. Businesses now have to deal with many factors to woo their customers and a great website design is one of the factors.

Most of the businesses now function entirely on the web as sometimes some of them don’t even have a physical appearance. That’s why it becomes even more important for companies to go for an experienced designer in this concern.

Companies operating in Toronto have a big advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. The advantage is there is a huge opportunity for anyone to make an impact with his product or service. The disadvantage is that the competition is really tough to say the least and aspiring businessmen have to look for an expert web design company in Toronto to get an outstandingly designed website.

Why Design of a Business Website is Important?

Again I would like to give the example of Amazon so that you can have an idea about why it is the greatest in any aspect, be it profit, market share or design. The design of is not anything out of this world but a rather simple one. It uses different hues of the blue color to make sure that it attracts its target market in hordes. While Amazon leads the market by a long margin and it can surely sell the most products even it boosts of a bad design. So why it focuses too much on design? Read on.

An Ecommerce Portal for Every Country

Amazon constantly try to update its website. Amazon now operates in multiple countries and each country has a separate website. While Amazon can easily redirect all the traffic coming from all over the world to its main website it has chosen to create a separate website for all the countries where it is doing business now. The development of all these portals was a painstakingly difficult task as creating a portal according to the local flavor and keeping in mind what are the preferences of people living in that country.

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon head clearly knows how to attract the target market in hordes. In a country like France, again the blue color is in dominance just like It is interesting to note that Blue color is one of three colors in the France’s national flag too. So it is one of the main aspect why Amazon chose this color for the French portal too so that it can resonate with the people.

Design and Color are the Basics for a Website

There are many way in which a company can come up with a perfect design for its newly launched product or service. But these two aspects mentioned above, design and color, are the basis that a website gets the maximum eyeballs.

I am sure that my readers will understand my point of view mentioned in this blog. Please try to give your feedback regarding this blog in the comments section below so that I can make this blog even better the next time.

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