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Disability coverage for your business

Imagine what could happen to your business if you were disabled for a few months or trying to recover after a bad accident. Most small businesses are tightly bound to their owners and if something bad happens to the person running the whole thing it can mean bad news for the enterprise. Not if you have disability insurance.

Disability insurance will cover the costs of the business owner or a worker being disabled and will pay for the lost income during the recovery period. So if your business risks going on halt because a key worker is absent then you should definitely get disability insurance with your policy.

Of course, many of you may think that the government will pay for your losses. Yes, social security and worker’s compensation can really help if you manage to get an approval, but still you will have to wait for a long period of time and the coverage you will receive is likely to be less than you really need. And as we all know, time is money and money is time.

One of the most important aspects of disability insurance for an enterprise is deciding how much your business needs and can really afford. First of all you should analyze your liabilities and assets to determine the period your business can sustain without any income. Add up to the additional medical and care costs associated with disability. Of course, personal savings and health insurance can help you for a short time but your business will need financial support for a much longer period. But still don’t expect your income to be covered to the full extent. The insurance company is interested in your faster recovery and getting back to your job, so the part of income you will receive will range from 40% to 80% according to the coverage amount you are willing to pay for.

Disability insurance can make part of your cheap small business insurance plan if you take the right steps when shopping for it. First of all makes sure to buy from a reputable company that has strong ratings, otherwise you risk paying less for your premiums but having more additional costs and being unable to receive adequate coverage. Try joining a business association: members of such associations are often given cheap small business insurance rates that are lower than for individual buyers.

Find a good insurance broker or agent that you can really trust. This is the person that will address all of your questions and make the link between you and the company, so establishing good relations with that person is essential. Besides, if there are any discounts or better insurance offers from other companies, your agent is the person to ask about such things.

Whether your enterprise is aimed at cheap small business insurance or has more money to invest in insurance coverage, having disability insurance will definitely save you from a lot of hassle and problem if anything bad happens. Insurance is about eliminating risks and this type of coverage sure has its purpose.

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