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How to download stories on whatsapp

In 2017 WhatsApp rolled out with a new feature which is like the snapchat-story feature. We can now share our experiences in the form of stories with our friends and family through WhatsApp too. We can update status or story using a collage of videos, photos or even writing what we have in our hearts so that our near and dear ones can also share our joys and sorrows.

However, our friends can watch our status and also reply on them but cannot download them. The whatsapp stories are end-to-end encrypted and are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

There are no features in whatsapp that allows us to download the status or story that is updated by our friends. There is an option of taking screenshots of the stories we like if those are pictures or writings expressing their feelings. But if the status contains videos, taking screenshot is of no use. The only way to save this is by downloading the status. But as already mentioned above whatsapp does not offer any such feature for downloading stories on whatsapp. This is the reason we need to employ a third party app for downloading the status or stories on whatsapp and save it on our phones as memory and relive the moment.

There are various ways by which we can download stories on whatsapp although we need to take the help of some apps. In order to get the taste of unique and useful features we can download GB WhatsApp app from Play Store in Android.

One of the most common ways to save a whatsapp story is by installing the Story Saver for WhatsApp app from Play Store. This works fine on both WhatsApp and OG WhatsApp.

We need to follow the following steps to install Story Saver for WhatsApp app and also use it.

The first step is to install the Story Saver for WhatsApp app from Play Store in Android as we need to install a third party for downloading the stories on whatsapp.

The second step is to open the app. It is a user friendly app and has simple methods for downloading the stories on Whatsapp. When the app is opened, an option “Recent Stories” will appear. This displays all the recent whatsapp stories.

The third step guides as to how to download the stories on whatsapp. After we open the photos or videos by clicking on the recent stories, we get to see a download button on the top of the screen. Alternatively, we can also click on the story and then click on the save button in order to download it.

Once the pictures or videos are downloaded, these are automatically saved in our gallery. Once saved in the gallery, we can easily share, delete or manage these stories according to our own desires.

There are various advantages of using this app. It is easy to use and very user friendly. Without further change in settings it directly saves our stories in the gallery. It also includes inbuilt story or status behavior and we can also download multiple stories at a time.

This is not the only app that allows us to download stories on whatsapp. There are various other apps and we can use any of these according to our convenience.

One such app is the Status Saver app. Just like Story Saver for WhatsApp app this Status Saver app also allows us to directly store the whatsapp stories directly in this app. for this app there is no need of sign ins or log ins, we just need to download and install it and download the stories permanently into our gallery. This app is available in Google Play Store.

The second alternative is the Status Saver app for WhatsApp which also does the same function of downloading stories on whatsapp. This is fuss – free and brings the best option by which we can download the stories or statuses on whatsapp easily. We just need to install the app and this will automatically sync to our whatsapp account and fetch the recent stories on the whatsapp. Now we just need to select which story is to be downloaded and click on the save option to download it which is stored in the gallery.

These are the few ways by which we can download the stories and thus capture a moment which we can cherish later in our lives.

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