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How To Get A Job As A Virtual Assistant

So now you have decided to be a virtual assistant, but it is only the first step. You also need to know how to get a job as a virtual assistant ie. convince the potential employers to recruit you for their projects. Applying for virtual assistant jobs actually has no major differences than applying for other jobs. The following tips might help you to get your first job as a virtual assistant:

1. Make sure that you have everything it needs to become a promising virtual assistant, not just a regular virtual assistant. Since virtual assistant is an important position in a company, most companies expect from people who get interested with this job position to have at least bachelor or diploma degree in secretary due to the task similarities between a secretary and a virtual assistant. If you don’t have any degree, it is going to be a bit harder to get a job as a virtual assistant unless you have tons of experience in the same job field with great feedbacks.

2. Since you are applying for a virtual assistant job, you need a ‘channel’ which you can use to apply for the job. However, most these sites recommend their users to build their portfolio in order to be accepted by the job seeker. Even though you may have previous experience in working as an office assistant in the real world, having work portfolio as freelancer will increase the possibility of being hired rapidly. This is mainly because there is a huge difference between working in the real world and working through the internet.

Unlike working as assistant in the real world, working as a virtual assistant means there is no one monitoring and controlling your work directly. It is the reason why there are still many employers who choose to ask their employees to come into the office to work and not working through the internet form home. However, some service providers as well as freelancing sites have developed remote controlling applications that can be used by employer to monitor what their VA’s activities through their screenshot recordings.

3. Next tip is, understand how the system works. Especially about how your employer can monitor your work, how you give routine report about your job, and what is the best communication method between both your employer and you. Make sure that you have understood the system clearly so you can work efficiently, paid for the work you’ve done, and make the employer satisfied with your work which usually leads to more work in the future.

4. Last tip, you should make the employer interested in hiring you. As the first step, you can send an interesting job application. Since most of employers come from companies, try to give a professional job application using formal language. Try your best to convince them that you are the best person they are looking for and what you can do for their company. After reading your application, the employer may or may not be interested with your offer. If you get a positive reply and are asked to join an interview, try even better to convince them that among all applicants, there is no one that is better than you in skills, knowledge, experience, and attitude.

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