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How to Get into Action using BitCoin with Mobile Application Development

Enterprise mobile app development is an integral and relevant component of organization strategy. Today’s cutting throat competition has urged organizations to have everything within the fingertips. With the advent of technology, mobile app development adds mobility to brick and mortar establishments. A mobile app development company London delivers various services to meet client requirements.

App development companies UK use their expertise in delivering mobile app development services, from individuals to organizations to leverage mobility of their workforce in their daily operations and allow them to reach maximum crowd through the application.

Some services that a mobile app design company, particularly in London has to offer could include the following:

  • Windows app development
  • iPhone application development
  • Hybrid app development
  • Android application development
  • Cross platform application development


Mobile applications could develop a payment application through integrating Bitcoin as a payment option at check-out, together with all other online payments methods. The following are some advantages of mobile payment transfer applications with Bitcoin.

1. Simplest form of exchange. Bitcoin’s digital nature makes it a perfect solution for cross-border transactions. It is low cost and fast. Other payment options are more costly and slower. With the crypto-currency, there are no foreign exchange rates or other hassles. Bitcoin could be purchased online for any other currency, via an exchange of buy for cash from a local seller.

2. Safe ecosystem. The way that the Bitcoin ecosystem is organized, makes a wallet application a safe place for storing, exchanging and using the crypto-currency. Each transaction in the wallet is signed with digital signature before being sent to Blockchain. After sending, it is processed and afterwards would be committed, meaning that the money would be transferred to another wallet. Bitcoin wallet allows making and receiving transactions and seeing the transaction history as well as current balance.

3. Not centrally regulated or controlled. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system, meaning that every wallet app acts like a node in a single-rank public network, the Blockchain. It contains all information regarding all the transactions made. The full transaction log is open and could be traced back any time.

4. Wonderful for stock gamblers. The value of Bitcoin fluctuates and is completely dependent on the economics of supply and demand, the same to a paper currency or stock markets. There are various exchanges that trade the crypto-currency. Anyone could participate in trading. However, for a typical user, currency stability is much preferable to wild value fluctuations. Stability could be achieved with the help of hedging, which could be offered as an added feature of the mobile Bitcoin wallet.

5. Anonymous. It only requires knowing the Bitcoin address of the recipient to issue transaction in the wallet application. One could generate as much addresses one wants for the wallet file. Knowing the address alone enables checking how much money was sent, but could not say which wallet is associated with the address as well who the actual recipient of the money is.

6. Mobile payments. The same as with a lot of online payment systems, Bitcoin users could pay for their coins anywhere, anytime where there is internet access. This means that buyers would never have to travel to a bank or a shop to purchase a product. Nevertheless, unlike online payments made with US credit cards or bank accounts, a personal information isn’t necessary to complete any transaction.

7. No paperwork. Just about anyone, from any country, any age could accept Bitcoins in minute. There’s no ID card, proof of address or passport that all conventional banks required to open an account. All it takes is to start sending and receiving Bitcoins is by downloading a Bitcoin wallet program and generating a Bitcoin address.


Bitcoin has had an amazing year. Bitcoin prices have surged massively last year, reaching incredible highs as investors look for value investments outside the channels of traditional currency. It’s difficult to tell how many people own the crypt-currency nowadays, but a lot of big companies are accepting them as legitimate funds source. Amazon, WordPress, Zappos, OkCupid Bloomberg, all these organizations offer Bitcoin among their payment options.

A Bitcoin-powered application is cool, and will automatically makes a company innovative. Each Bitcoin created has a cryptographically generated 64-digit address. Also, each Bitcoin has a public and private key, which unlocks its cryptographically generated addresses. The addresses of Bitcoin are known collectively as ‘wallet’ and hold all Bitcoins. To spend Bitcoins, the addresses should be verified with the use of the public and private keys through a series of decentralize servers, such as desktops, laptops, dedicated servers, and now, increasingly, smart phones all over the world.

Due to the advanced cryptography, the verification of the ‘Bitcoin wallets by decentralized servers or known as mining is a thoroughly processor-intensive as well as a time-consuming task. However, it also adds a layer of confidence and security in the digital currency. Bitcoin servers are connected through peer-to-peer networks, much the same to torrent networks, thus no centralized server exists.


Bitcoins in mobile apps means coins in the hands. Bitcoin applications on mobiles help in:

  • Managing cards, making payments and transfers
  • Push notifications for card transactions, movement and trades of the funds

Data encryption on the mobile application restricts anyone to use money without the owner’s permission. One could also configure the security settings through disabling some features for heightened security. Moreover, the mobile app allows receiving notifications of card transactions in real time, regarding trading orders closing and important news and useful system notifications as well.

A mobile app development agency in London could cater to the development of mobile applications with Bitcoin integration. Crypto-currency has taken the world by storm. There are people mining for Bitcoins all over the world, as well as other different forms of currency. They are beginning to carry some true value in the real world. Some places even accept crypto-currency as payment for services and goods.

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