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How to Use a Link Prospecting Tool to Grow your Business

In today’s turbulent digital marketing environment that has been changing at an astonishing pace, growing your business and staying relevant is nothing to sneeze at. To establish yourself as authoritative, you need to optimize your site for search engines. In this case, creating engaging content and building quality links to your site could be your best starting point.

However, finding respected and influential sites that won’t compromise your online presence may be difficult, since there is a wide range of parameters you need to constantly monitor and measure. So, to save your time and sanity, you should automate your link prospecting efforts by investing in the right set of link building tools.

Here is how link prospecting tools may help you build quality links and stay relevant in your niche.

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Google tells us to stop building links, but statistics tell us the opposite. Studies show that 64% of digital marketers dedicate more than 25% of their SEO work to securing links. Therefore, it’s obvious that link building is still a pretty big deal. The only thing that has really changed is our approach to it.

With the constant rise of Google’s algorithms, you cannot afford to build links on suspicious or spammy sites anymore. Getting a bunch of poor links won’t bring any value to your website and might jeopardize your rankings. This is exactly why you need to focus on creating shareable content and posting it on the most authoritative sites in your niche.

With the help of a link prospecting tool you will be able to assess a wide range of factors, including a site’s Domain Authority, Page Authority, niche, audience, external backlinks, referring domains, and traffic and cherry-pick the best sites to connect with.

Do Competitor Analysis

To stay relevant, you need to constantly keep track of your competitors. Irrespective of what you do or sell online, the chances are that you’re competing with literally thousands of other brands in your niche, selling products similar to yours and targeting the same group of customers. Worse yet, the majority of your competitors have been in business for years and they know what they’re doing. They’re constantly improving their digital marketing efforts and keeping pace with the latest trends and practices in their niche.

So, how can you possibly get a competitive advantage over such brands?

Well, having powerful competitors gives you an amazing opportunity to analyze and replicate their link building techniques. With link prospecting tools, you can do a thorough backlink analysis and see the number and type of links pointing back to your competitors’ sites. With this information, you can come up with an amazing list of sites and domains where you can post your content and build high-quality links that will help you boost your traffic and rankings.

Look for Broken Links

Broken link building is another immensely powerful technique you should take advantage of. With the help of the right tools, you can go through your targeted sites effortlessly and check the state of their external links. Your aim here is to find broken links to a particular blog post and contact a webmaster and offer your content as a replacement for that broken link. By offering them with a quality article to replace their broken resource, you will not only get your link published on a desired site, but also start a successful collaboration with it.

Search for Influencers

Your customers come across hundreds of brands and products on a daily basis. To make sure they choose the best for themselves, they go with the most popular brands they trust the most. But, does this mean that smaller brands cannot survive in such a turbulent environment? Of course not. To hook their customers’ attention, they decide to take advantage of influencer targeting.

Influencer marketing is about building strong relationships with the most authoritative people in your niche. These people have invested a lot of time in delivering relevant content and gaining a strong base of followers. They are respected by their target audience and getting them to link to your site may significantly boost your traffic and conversion rates.

Now, there are numerous ways to search for influencers. However, instead of wasting your time searching them manually, you should turn to link prospecting tools. They will not only show you the top industry publishers, but also see their rankings, social influence, number of followers, number of posts, as well as their contact information right away.

Back to You

With the help of the right link prospecting tool, you will manage to find the most notable sites in your niche, earn quality links, drive relevant traffic to your site and, most importantly, improve your rankings. Now that you know the major benefits of link building tools, you need to roll up your sleeves and search for the one that will meet your business’ needs most effectively.

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