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Protecting the user’s computer from various threats using software

Each and every person around the world has computer for their own. The main purpose of development of the computer is computation. Due to advancement of technology the computer can also be used for various other purposes also. Some of the common uses of computer are storage, watching videos, listening music and accessing internet etc. Computer is the device which provides both entertainment and information to the user. There are various types of people who wanted to steal or damage other computers because of their own profit. Such people are called as attackers and the protection of computer from those attackers is known as cyber security.

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Best cyber security software companies

There are various people and organizations evaluated various best cyber security software vendors. One of the best vendors among them is root9B. In this company they develop new security software with various innovations. The U.S military and law enforcement department are the primary customers of this company. Another best company which provides security intelligence to the various enterprises to defend advanced threats is Lancope enterprises. It helps its user to detect various attacks on DDoS which was caused by malwares.

Alien Vault is another best security company which provides 5 key securities with advanced threat control. This software vendor updates for every 30 minutes which will also be analyzed by their team. Apart from these companies there are also various top companies such as Norse, IBM, and AVG etc., which provides maximum security to the organizations.

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Cyber security monitoring software

It is said that not only big companies’ even small companies are facing serious attack which causes them a heavy loss. The best way to avoid the attack is by monitoring the system frequently and finding its root cause. In top companies there will be separate team for monitoring the system for threats. It requires human resource and large money for monitoring. There are various monitoring software’s are available in the market which are used to monitor the system for any threats. It monitors the log files and other information in the system to check the threats. Once it is detected it sends the report to the user about the threat. It not only monitors the System but it also monitors the firewall, routers, switch and network devices to provide complete monitoring support. It provides various uses to the user and it cost only less amount so even the small business firm can able to use it for monitoring.

Cyber security management software

It is said that more than 50% of security breaches are taking place for a year. These breaches will damage the company name and fame. Even though government is taking maximum steps to avoid the threat the hackers are still doing it for earning large amount of money. It is very necessary for each and every enterprise to stay protected. Each and every enterprise should manage its own security all the time. Once the threat is identified it is required to manage the information on the device. It is possible to manage the entire network of an enterprise from a single computer. The users have to protect the things which values most for them. It is always not possible to manage the security manually. Apart from that it cost more to manage it with a management team.

To avoid this problem they introduced the security management software’s. There is various type of security management software’s are available in the market. The users have to select the one which satisfy him very much. This security management tools will detect the threats and malicious program in their computer and removes them. Apart from that there are various encryption tools which encrypt the data in the system which can be opened only with the help of a key.

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