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Why B2B Company needs to hire the Software Development Companies?

The prime motto of the software development companies is to materializing the visions by implementing strategically written codes and techniques. In the world of increasing digitization these companies have harped upon a major stake in business. Hence, the market is also overflowing with multiple options that claim to offer the finest software solution. However, the target must be to select an appropriate company that offers a tailored solution in a minimum span of time. This will help the firms design custom solutions that will not only attract clients but will also enhance the user experience.

Is it Necessary to Hire Software Development Companies?

Businesses put acute endeavor to enhance their online presence, which can be achieved seamlessly by hiring a competent software development company. These firms offer a cost-effective software solution that fulfills all the requirements with ease. Some of the benefits of hiring a proficient software development company are as follows:

  • Huge resources
  • Outstanding quality of software solutions
  • Plethora of technical expertise
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Accomplishment of the desired activity within the stipulated time
  • Well-versed manpower to offer round the clock technical support

Almost all the companies present in the market claim to fulfill the aforementioned activities within a minimum budget. However, the budget should never become a constraint during the selection of a company.

Let us have a look at the top 10 software development companies which have proven its efficiency for the past years:

1. VironIT

Being a custom software development firm, VironIT has its focus on presenting end-to-end software development options to their clients. The firm primarily deals with web-oriented applications, mobile applications, software integration, business software solutions, along with the maintenance and support of specialized software operations. It is associated with more than 300 top-notch companies, globally, and has designed nearly 500 projects successfully. The areas in which it has worked are eHealth, retail, banking, sports, marketing, gaming, and more.

2. Itransition

It has been ruling the arena of software development for the past 17 years with its exclusive software consulting and engineering services. This organization is an amalgamation of more than 1200 proficient IT professionals that have proven its proficiency in various fields. They design cost-effective software models that seamlessly take care of the projects with variable complexity. The Software 500 by Software magazine along with The Global Outsourcing 100 by IOAP has voted it the best software outsourcing provider.

3. DataArt

It is a technology consulting organization that design end-to-end solutions, implementing the ideas of the clients along with their smart methodology. It offers support to the clients for a smooth operation of the designed software. They put their effort into designing the software applications with the help of the elements from the current trend, industry knowledge, and proficient manpower. Some of the specialties are the development of medical software, hospitality and travel software, mobile application, cloud computing technology, etc.

4. Softeq

Softeq has proven its competence in embedded systems, firmware engineering, mobile development, assistive technology, and advanced web solutions, since 1997. It has a robust background of low-level programming that helps the clients to achieve optimum software platform. The software applications are reliable and powerful, helping smooth operation of the hardware and software systems from various mediums. .NET, JAVA, PHP, cross-platform development, re-engineering, prototyping & PoC, wearable technology, and more are offered by this company.

5. HQSoftware

It is very famous for offering few of the finest and complex software solutions for the last 17 years. The core areas of expertise are the Internet of Things, healthcare, automotive, industrial, smart city, virtual & augmented realty, e-learning, etc. Some of the areas of expertise are the development of a mobile application, web application, and software product, along with software re-engineering, technology consulting, and more.

6. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft has been in this business for the past 29 years. It is a pioneer in offering industry-specific demands along with a strong partnership with industry leaders. It specializes in software maintenance and testing, platform-based enterprise resolution, development of web, mobile, and desktop applications, software consulting, etc.

7. Oxagile

With more than 10 years of experience, it is one of the most appreciated mobile application and custom web development companies. The firm has excelled in live streaming, VR, real-time communication and WebRTC, eLearning, big data, business intelligence, 360 video and more. It has an exclusive QA automation framework that aids in a faultless testing procedure.

8. Code brew labs

It is a software development firm that focuses primarily on mobile solutions. It designs software models as per the startups and demands of the businesses. It is loaded with the finest professionals in the industry who never fail to offer an appropriate solution to meet the needs. They thrive to offer the most cherishing experience to the clients for increased customer satisfaction.

9. Luxoft

It is best-suited for the high-end businesses that offer solutions to the worldwide clients. It has spread its wings or diversified in sectors like finance, automotive, energy, telecom, aviation, and travel. It offers the finest solution by presenting a delightful experience to the clients which is an appropriate mixture of innovation, talent and high standard. Some of the areas of expertise are product engineering, software quality assurance, IT infrastructure management, etc.

10. Godel Technologies

It is a dominant agile software engineering company that has an exclusive approach of delivery along with an outstanding quality assurance. It thrives to offer an appropriate solution to the clients within the estimated time and budget. Some of the exceptional specialties are independent software dealer, retail, telecom, IT consulting, extended software engineering teams, etc.


In the recent times, the world of technology has witnessed the introduction of the latest technologies such as VR, IoT, AR, AI, 3D Tech and more. This has hiked the need to introduce simple yet effective software solutions to cater to the evolving technologies. Hence, the organizations are emphasizing on hiring software development companies for appropriate solutions. This not only enhances the presence of an IT firm, but also establishes a stable performance level.

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