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Why Business Needs Mobile Application Management Solution?

Mobile Application Management provides employees with a safe and simple means to access business apps on their own devices.

Often security problems originate with users downloading malware-laden third-party apps. When employees install third-party applications, they can introduce risks that IT has traditionally mitigated. For e.g., employees who use Evernote, a free note-taking app, it might save confidential information to the Evernote cloud, which is outside company’s IT control. If these employees could get similar functionality through an in-house app, it would be much safer for the company. To overcome these problems one option is to set up and run your own Enterprise app store where employees can avail only approved internal or third-party apps.

A Mobile Application Management platform also known as Enterprise Store is a distributive in-house platform, to set up employees’ smartphones and tablets with the apps they require. The store can include a mix of commercially available business relevant apps approved by IT and apps developed in-house, specifically for the organization. Private app stores are a way to offer employees the personalized application management they expect but under IT-Admin’s control. Thus, it does same as what a commercial store does, in fact, more as only approved users i.e., employees can get access to apps specific to their business needs.

An enterprise store provides full visibility into which apps employees are using. And, at all times, the app delivery process is done by IT admin, ensuring that only those apps are published on the device which are specific to employee’s needs.

For instance, an organization may have mobile versions of its CRM or sales applications for remote employees to use in the field. Having a centralized repository for these applications makes it easy for employees to access and update their apps. In addition, certain apps can be made available for different types of users. For instance, sales employees might need customer relationship management and travel apps, but they should not have access to human resources apps.

Another benefit of centralizing control of apps is the ability to take advantage of volume purchasing of the third-party business apps which makes it possible to achieve consistency throughout an organization, as everyone will have the apps, all centrally managed. This is critical to ensure outdated apps aren’t being used.

There are a number of enterprise app store products in the market, but it is categorically essential to find a cost-effective and easier option. MobiLock Pro is a simple & efficient Mobile Device Management solution for the enterprises. It’s a cloud-based solution which enables you to remotely monitor, manage and control all the devices as well as content owned by your organization from a single dashboard. It also provides Mobile Application Management solution which is an add-on to the entire application in order to fasten the processes and improve business efficiency as well as employees’ productivity.

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