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What impact does Cloud and IoT has on a restaurant business? (Press Release)

Serving delicious food along with an outstanding customer service are the essentials in the restaurant business, but there is much more to that. Further, we are not talking about enlisting your items on GrubHub, UberEats, etc. Restaurants do have to follow the health and hygiene guideline set by the state law and industry standards.

The task can be too much for a single owner, especially when it comes to monitor multiple franchises of a big brand.

With a brother in the restaurant business, Swift Sensors co-founder Sam Cece, a former CEO of different software companies, is well-aware taking the troubles and challenges in the field.

The co-founder Dean Drako, was encountering many similar challenges in the manufacturing sector. Drako, the founder of Barracuda Networks among other top names, was left exasperated by the lack of quality, real-time information about the manufacturing works.



While operating firms in the Silicon Valley, Cece and Drako met and later acquainted in Austin, TX, to fabricate a powerful workaround that aims to solve both problems. Hence, Cloud Wireless Sensor System came into existence.

The Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network gauges temperature, humidity levels, water presence, acceleration, vibration, motion, electric voltage, current, and resistance. The application employed in the restaurant location, has the ability to influence the functionality of walk-in coolers, prep lines, ovens, and freezers. The user can easily set the high- and low-temperature limits and will receive a notification via an email, just in case the conditions change unsupervised.

“With the ubiquity of smartphones, people expect to have access to data and be notified on these devices,” states Ray Almgren, CMO at Swift Sensors. Fitbit, Square and Nest are consumer products popularly known to incorporate the IoT technology and provide information to users in real-time.

Swift Sensors conduct regular measurements and direct the wireless data to the Swift Sensors Bridge at least once a minute, it depends on how often the user wants to capture those updates. Once the Bridge has accumulated and directed the information to the cloud through Wi-Fi or other connections, the personnel can now access the data from the dashboard of a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

The dashboard is also efficient enough to create reports from the past data with the aim of helping business owners in evaluating quality control over time, and obtain necessary information for the health agency inspections.

Almgren further states that enterprises normally register an acceptable ROI for the Swift within the 6-month period. The battery operated sensors can be easily installed within no time and requires for no rigorous technical expertise. The hardware costs for around $1,000, while regular cloud monitoring will incur around $50 each month.

The figure equals around a 1/10th of the costs of traditional solutions, Almgren explained, also the expenses are quickly regained. The solution has proved to be a big problem-solver and helps the restaurant management in keeping close checks on these systems and food wastage can be effectively controlled.

“The peace of mind of knowing the food is always kept at a safe temperature—even when the restaurant is closed—is difficult to calculate, but extremely important in ensuring the quality, reputation and brand of a restaurant,” said Almgren.

Due to its cost-effective and easy-to-acquire nature, Almgren suggests such cloud-based monitoring system for any restaurant business, irrespective of the scale and scope.

Top names in the industry including McDonalds, Subway, etc. have enjoyed a considerable success through Swift’s wireless sensor system. Also, the application of the tool extends in other industries as well such as data centers, manufacturing, property management, education, etc. While the investment and effort for a better and more powerful performance never stops at Swift Sensors.

As one restaurant owner recalls his experience, the system informed him of the prep line compressor failure during the off-business hours, enabling him to save thousands of bucks on inventory by relocating the products to a walk-in cooler for the time being.

“It’s difficult to imagine any restaurant that wouldn’t benefit from a low-cost, 24/7, real-time temperature monitoring and notification system,” said Almgren. “Over time, all restaurants will deploy this type of technology to improve their operations, and soon regulations and health departments will require it.”

Any highly experienced and intelligent software development company in UAE and across the globe is easily equipped with the brains and tools to create such creative and ingenious software solutions, not to mention contributing a vital and special effort in different industries for a more personalized customer experience.

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