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BrandLoom Consulting: Best Digital Marketing Agency in India

Choose BrandLoom for your digital marketing needs

In the age of the internet, going for digital marketing is a no-brainer. Traditional marketing may sound like an all-encompassing option, but the fact is, most of these agencies do not pay attention to the digital space.

BrandLoom specializes in digital branding and marketing- and offers all services that a company may need to bolster its digital outreach. Right from website development to social media marketing, BrandLoom takes care of all your digital needs at affordable prices.

One-stop solution for all digital branding needs

BrandLoom takes a comprehensive digital approach to establishing your brand digitally.

Services include:

Market and consumer insights: The first rule of marketing is knowing your customer. What do they want for you? What are they looking for? Where do you find them? BrandLoom provides you with expert market and customer insights that help you target your customer more efficiently. Spotting the right customer is the first step towards building your unique business strategy.

SEO: Are you featuring on the first page of Google search results? Being visible is paramount in the internet age. With the help of our search engine optimization skills and tools, you can get featured on the top of Google search results. This will increase traffic to your website. You can get more organic hits, and beat out the competition in local listings.

Cleaning up your website: Do you have a Google penalty? Is your website saddled with spam and plagiarized content? Google will shut down your website slowly if you do not shape up. BrandLoom can help you clean up your website and start with a clean slate.

Increasing conversion rates: Not only will BrandLoom make sure that you get more traffic to your website, it also makes sure to engage your customers so that you can convert that traffic to revenue.  Your customer has a unique and pleasant experience with your website, and a hassle free shopping experience.

Lead driving content: The top priority of any website is to stay relevant, clean and attractive. BrandLoom optimizes it and fuels your SEO processes to generate more leads and drive more organic traffic on the basis of your content.

Web analytics: Why stop with data collection? BrandLoom can help you understand your priorities and strengths. Their team helps you interpret the data and figure out market trends on the basis of information and statistics.

Mobile app development: If you do not have a good mobile app, you will lose out your customers. We create neat, user friendly apps that will increase your reach. This way, you can always stay in touch with your customer and do more targeted marketing.  With the right app, you can directly take your message to your customers and increase your conversion rates.

Mobile marketing: From watching movies to shopping- the customer does everything on her phone now.  Are More and more people are surfing and buying through their mobiles. BrandLoom offers the best mobile marketing strategy for reaching out to your customers via mobile.

Comprehensive social media marketing: Social media is an important tool for customer engagement. BrandLoom not only makes you more visible across the relevant platforms, we also help you increase your conversion rates via targeted campaigns. Their methods are safe, ethical, and effective.

Build up your brand equity: Brand building is a long term strategy. BrandLoom will enhance your brand equity, so that you enjoy a good reputation and stay clean of unethical black hat SEO or unethical digital marketing tactics.

Protecting your reputation: Brand building doesn’t stop with becoming more visible. You have to make sure you have a clean and favorable reputation which will retain customers and attract new ones. BrandLoom makes sure that you stay relevant and don’t get lost in digital cacophony. Their team makes sure your brand reputation improves with positive feedback.

Creative Design Services: BrandLoom can help you with all the visual aspects of your brand- from logos and graphics to website designing at affordable rates.The services also include packaging design and brand identity designing and also UX+UI designing.

Strategic Branding Services: In order to beat competitors, your brand must distinguish itself from the others and create its own niche. BrandLoom can help you optimize your services so that you make the most of your strengths- both present and potential. This way, your customers are assured a satisfying experience.

eCommerce Services: Want a slice of the ecommerce pie? BrandLoom can help you do that and more. From buying domain name, maintaining secure hosting, selection and integration with payment gateways, web designing, managing shopping cart systems and marketing- BrandLoom can take care of it all.

Global Business Services: To make the most of your GBS platform, you must plan a GBS strategy across multiple support functions and websites sites. A business model with GBS can help you realize savings, optimize delivery of services, and enable your business to quickly adapt to changing global market conditions.

Unlike other single-services shared-services only companies, BrandLoom’s team comprises experts across multiple platforms- from IT to finance.  BrandLoom’s global business services help the client focus on the customer, while they take care of the backend processes and internal business operations.

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