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DesignCap: to Design High-quality Covers, Posters and Invitations in 5 minutes

In the digital age, marketers are usually required to make visual contents and infographics. Also, for individual, to have beautiful images on social media will attract more people to follow you. But if you have no design skills and know not any professional programs like Photoshop, how do you to make charts and attract people from the audience?

Today, you will learn a very user-friendly graphic design website, DesignCap in this post. Unlike other graphics software that needs to be downloaded, you can easily create a Facebook cover from browsers.

Let’s Check out DesignCap.

DesignCap advantages and disadvantages analysis

Good points

No need to download software

Support the most common dimension templates, and size customization.

Provide a luxurious design template stock; just change the text content to save the release.


In case of customizing the size, could not use the template and need to start from scratch. For Free plan, limited features to access.

How does DesignCap work?

1. First, after landing to DesignCap homepage, register your account to log in to DesignCap. Or you could register when you finish your works.

2. You will see the most common size as you click “Get Started Now.” And then you can select the image specification you want to design (Infographic, Brochure & Facebook cover)

3. Select your favorite templates and make changes. In the following, for example, the text and graphic on the left bar can be changed. The upper function column can also change the font size, size, etc. Try the infographic template to make a brilliant design.

4. After editing, you can save, download and share your works. Click on the download button at the top right to export file. The file type is only JPG for the free plan.

Wrap up

DesignCap is very easy to use; even a novice can quickly play this program and make stunning pictures. All these thanks to DesignCap intuitive interface, robust editors and massive resources.

There is some limitation on DesignCap free account. Nevertheless, a free account is worthwhile. Be inspired by professionally designed templates and create your own posters or greeting cards for different occasions and events.

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