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Donorbox Reviews: With Donorbox, charity becomes so much easier

With the rise of nonprofit fundraising and donation drives, more people are scrutinizing the process behind every campaign. They tend to gravitate toward organizations with an efficient and organized channel for the donations that pour in. However, managing donations is easier said than done, and nonprofits need to have a robust and easy-to-use interface for donors.

Not a lot of decent donation solutions combine performance and cost, but Donorbox is one exception. This nifty software allows people with no programming experience to easily create flexible, high-quality donation forms that look good on any platform. All of this comes for free for organizations that have low donation traffic. Donorbox takes the hassle away from setting up donation platforms and makes it easier for people to contribute to noble causes.

Overview of Donorbox

Donorbox, at its core, is a tool to create web-based donation forms. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone familiar with a computer to create customized forms, which anyone can easily integrate on their website or social media page. The generated content is hosted on Donorbox’s servers, ensuring that sensitive data is kept secure.

Donorbox connects with several payment gateways, giving nonprofit users flexible payment options. All of these services come at little to no cost, maximizing the potential of all donations.

Features of Donorbox

Donorbox offers these specific features that any fundraising group, from charities to political campaigns, would find useful:

Form Integration

All form content from Donorbox remains hosted on its servers. This technique allows users to specify how the forms will appear on their website. For instance, the form could emerge as a full webpage, complete with backgrounds and page elements.

Donation forms can also appear as pop-ups that show up when the user clicks on a donation button. The forms can also be inserted as part of another webpage, allowing page visitors a more seamless donation experience.

Donorbox handles all the technicalities of webpage form integration, so users don’t have to be knowledgeable about web programming to use Donorbox. Instead, the platform gives out the final embeddable code that users can insert directly into their webpages. Donorbox works with many webpage editing platforms, including WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, to name a few.

Form Customization

Donorbox gives users vast control over how the forms would appear and function, including colors, fonts, and much more. Pre-installed form templates, which contain the most common data fields, give users a good starting point. Users can also add customized form fields, allowing them to request any additional information they need from their donors. Moreover, Donorbox supports ten languages, giving you the chance to localize your forms for donors worldwide.

Customized forms are essential for fundraising campaigns. Some donation types, such as those for political campaigns, legally require donors to divulge certain information. Donorbox customization helps you create forms for any scenario.

Donation Options

Many donation platforms only allow a limited number of options for scheduling donations. Some products only allow one-time, monthly, and yearly contributions, nothing more. Donorbox distinguishes itself by giving more options, such as quarterly and weekly donation options.

Donorbox forms can also suggest predefined donation amounts to site visitors. Many people stick with default options, so using preset amounts can help you influence the number of donations you receive. This feature also eliminates any guesswork on the part of the donor.

Site visitors also aren’t limited to a single currency. Donorbox supports native currencies, giving your donors more choices when it comes to making payments.

Payment Gateways

Donorbox connects with Stripe and PayPal, giving site visitors several options to transfer their donations. Donors can also choose from several debit and credit card options.

Donorbox accepts almost all kinds of payment methods. Here are some of them.

  • ACH Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Giving potential donors the flexibility to choose their payment option helps your fundraising campaign gain more donations.

Usability & Security

All Donorbox forms employ responsive web design, allowing them to display beautifully on almost any web-enabled device. Users can rest assured that their forms will retain their full functionality no matter what computer or handheld device the potential donor uses.

Since Donorbox tokenizes all saved account numbers, the platform is naturally resistant to cyberattacks. Donorbox servers are also SSL-secured, preventing any peeping Toms from accessing sensitive data and protecting your fundraising campaign from fraud. In compliance with PSD2 regulations, it now has Strong Customer Authentication requirements, further securing any transaction. In the worst-case scenario that your website gets hacked, your Donorbox forms remain secure because they reside in separate, secure servers.

Data Management

Donorbox allows recurring donors to sign up for a donor account automatically. There, they can customize their donation options at their convenience.

Donorbox integrates with MailChimp and SalesForce, allowing you to sync your donors with your overall campaign strategy. The platform itself permits CSV data imports, giving you the flexibility to manage all of the donation data.


Donorbox users get discounted prices if they are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Apart from their donation, donors can opt to pay for the processing fee on behalf of the organization.

Donorbox allows free usage for donation campaigns that raise less than $1000 a month. A low 1.5% platform fee applies for more substantial donation traffic.


Donorbox is a complete solution for nonprofit fundraising campaigns. With the amount of customization it provides, it is a formidable contender for the best donation software. Its ease of usage and low cost also makes it accessible even to small organizations and individual fundraising efforts. With Donorbox, charity becomes so much easier.

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