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Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker: Is it a Money-Worthy Tool?

Plagiarism is known as the act of using someone else’s content and showing it off as yours. Or using someone else’s work without giving them due credit. Plagiarism can take place in your content intentionally or unintentionally. It is known to be a crime and is considered an illegal act. To make your content plagiarism-free, numerous online tools are available. They help you examine your content and let you know if there are any different duplicate content. In this article, we will discuss one of the best of these tools elaborately.

PREPOSTSEO PLAGIARISM CHECKER: is known as one of the popular SEO tools websites. It is accessible on all devices (Android and IOS). It is one of the finest apps as compared to other SEO tools apps. It is widely used for different purposes by writers, marketers, students, advertisers, and freelancers. Prepostseo is available online too. It is free to operate.

It works as a quick scanner to check plagiarism in your content. It helps you to compare your content with millions of databases to reveal any resemblance of published content with yours. Not only it shows plagiarism, but it also shows the content that is duplicate.

Characteristics of Prepostseo plagiarism checker:

It has numerous remarkable features that make it reliable and top-rated. These are some of its features:

  • Safe and protected: This feature makes this tool more credible. It doesn’t save or copy your content. It doesn’t upload your content anywhere.
  • Generates unique content: It allows you to make your content unique and distinct. You can use its paraphraser to create rare content.
  • Clause by clause checking: It scans each sentence one by one hence increasing the preciseness of the content. The duplicate content is recognized more efficiently.
  • Numerous Language Support: This tool allows you to check plagiarism in multiple languages. Hence, making it a worldwide used tool.
  • Prepares accurate report: After completing the checking, this tool provides an accurate report of the output that you can save for later. It can even share.
  • Upload substitute: This tool provides an input box where you can upload your content for checking plagiarism. It also gives you the option to paste your content into the input box.
  • Phone App: Plagiarism Checker app available on both play store and app store. You can download it on your mobile phone and use it anywhere. It is available for all mobiles( Android and IOS).

  • Displays the percentage: This tool shows the complete output result of the content with the percentage of plagiarized and distinctive content. Moreover, it also displays the paraphrased content percentage.
  • Show sources: It displays the origins involving the URLs to which the content corresponds. It allows you to avoid plagiarism by citing these sources. The matched text also highlights by this tool.

Free Version vs. Paid Version: What’s the distinction?

This tool is available online for free, but its paid version is also available. Let’s discuss the difference between both versions.


This version is available online, and it’s free to use. It can easily access by anyone. You can browse it online, upload or paste your content in the given input box, and get your output. The word limit for this free tool is 1000. You can check a total of only 1000 words at a time. It allows 200 queries.


You can download the app to use the paid version. It gives two plans that include a monthly and a yearly plan. These are the details of these two plans:

Monthly plan:

This version comes under the category of:

  • Company
  • Standard and
  • Basic


The word limit for this plan is about 25000 words with a query limit of 75000. You can purchase it for under $45.


The word limit for this plan is about 15000 words with a query limit of 25000. You can purchase it for under $20.


The word limit for this plan is about 5000 words with a query limit of 5000. You can purchase it for under $10.

Yearly plan:

This plan can be an ideal choice for freelancers, marketers, etc. It makes your work hassle-free and saves a lot of time and effort. It also comes under three categories:


The word limit for this plan is about 25000 words with a query limit of 500000. You can purchase it for under $350.


The word limit for this plan is about 15000 words with a query limit of 200000. You can purchase it for under $150.


The word limit for this plan is about 5000 words with a query limit of 50000. You can purchase it for under $50.

Customer Support Service:

This app is more excited due to its fantastic customer support services. 24/7 customer service delivers by Prepostseo for its premium users. Free users can reach via email. For the app, contact the developers if you have any questions or any troubles with the app.

Who can use this tool?

PREPOSTSEO can use by anyone. It is easy to use. Below are mentioned a few people who can use it for their work efficiency.

  • Freelance content writers: The key to a high SEO ranking is publishing content that is unique and original. To test the originality of the content, bloggers and writers can use this tool.
  • Teachers: To check if the students are submitting original work or just copied work from the web, teachers can utilize this tool.
  • Researchers: They have to publish a bunch of material for their exploration. They should be aware of not posting any plagiarized content unintentionally. They should make sure that they are broadcasting original content.
  • Students: To make their assignments and work free of plagiarism and duplication, students can use this tool.
  • Marketers and website writers: To rank their website on top of the search engines, they should post plagiarism-free original content. They can use this tool to make their content unique.


All these features of PREPOSTSEO show that it is worth the money. It is easily accessible for the people of every field. It gives amazingly affordable premium packages. It can be used anywhere and is available in multiple languages. Checking plagiarism to make the content unique is the topmost priority for content writers, students, publishers, freelancers, etc. This tool serves as a great help in this regard.

It is even available online for free providing great features. It has an app that makes it easier to use anywhere.

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