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Best Code Enforcement Software

Code Enforcement Software is the prevention, detection, investigation and enforcement of violations of statutes or ordinances regulating public health, safety, and welfare, public works, business activities and consumer protection, building standards, land-use, or municipal affairs.

Best Code Enforcement Software:


WAGsys is working with AACE to ensure every municipality has the tools it needs to ensure the safety of the public.




Software for public works & community development iWorQ. iWorQ software for work orders, fleet management, permit management, planning & zoning, pavement, assets, facilities, code enforcement, & 311 service.




Life Safety Inspector Home – Industry Leading Mobile Fire Inspection Software OnSite Software – Inspection Service Software. Pocket PC Inspection software with the best reports available. Go Paperless with your Alarm, Sprinkler, or Extinguisher business. Now serving the Healthcare industry and Educational establishments!



Top Code Enforcement Software:

ACCELA.COM – Accela, Inc. | Better Government through Civic Engagement. Government software that streamlines land, permitting, asset, licensing, right-of-way, legislative management, and resource and recreation management processes.

CSDCSYSTEMS.COM – Proven Process Automation for Governments – CSDC SYSTEMS. For 26 years, CSDC Systems have powered governments and regulatory institutions across the world with process automation technology that works.

BASICGOV.COM – Transforming Government with Technology | BasicGov.

CITIZENSERVE.COM – Citizenserve Community Development Software. Citizenserve provides comprehensive community development e-government application, processing and payment solutions for building permits, code enforcement, planning and zoning, business licensing applications and renewals, and customer request tracking.

MUNICIPALSOFTWARE.COM – Harris Computer Systems. Local Government Building, Licensing, Inspections, Public Works and other departments use CityView to decrease customer call volume; shorten permit issuance times; promote citizen self-service; increase inspector productivity; and reduce paper and manual processes.

GENERALCODE.COM – General Code | Information Made Civil. General Code: document management and municipal codification experts offering software solutions. Laserfiche, Municity, NovusAGENDA, ecode360 and more. 1-800-836-8834.

EDAMS.COM – EDAMS | Hydro-Comp | Government | Municipal | Utilities Solutions. Hydro-Comp is a Consulting and information technology company that specialises in the provision of consulting services and implementation of integrated management systems to the Government, Municipal and Utility services industry.

COMPLUSDATA.COM – Complus Data Innovations, Inc. Our dedicated research and development team is continuously upgrading our proprietary FastTrack parking citation software; and those upgrades are provided at no additional cost. With CDI, parking violations technology will never pass you by.

FASTTRACKGOV.COM – Local Government Web-Based Solutions | Online Solutions for Local Gov’t. Local Government Web-Based Solutions, Money Saving Solutions for Local Government, Online Solutions for Local Government, Money Saving Software for Gov’t.

FASTSW.COM – FundView – Cloud Solutions For Local Governments.

ALBX.COM – Albanese Consulting, Inc. We offer a wide array of client/server and internet consulting services. Our clients recognize our excellence in service, dedication and hard work to make their project a success. These services span from database application development to web hosting to information flow re-engineering.

BUILDERSMILLENNIUM.COM – Builder’s Millennium, LLC. Builders Millennium has developed a platform for cities and towns to automate their existing permitting process and workflow through the use of a web-based solution. This allows town hall departments to handle the permit application submittal, acceptance, payment and approval process from start to finish via the web. No additional hardware, software or resources needed.

DAVENPORTGROUP.US – The Davenport Group | GIS Land Management Software. Local government GIS software for Building Permit Tracking, Planning and Development Review, Code Enforcement, Business Licensing, Permitting Inspections software, and more. Discover our leading enterprise software solutions for community development, building safety and planning department software with integrated GIS Mapping. Desktop, Mobile, and Web-based Online Citizen Access Portal Software.

ADGINC.NET – Web-based Enterprise Application Suite software (EAS – a better ERP solution) supports eGovernment initiatives and practices. Work from anywhere with secure access to back into your system. Access the software through any Web Browser installed on your choice of operating system and hardware. All this among endless dynamic features and integrations provide you the tools to have an effective operation that makes life easier!

MAINTSTAR.COM – Maintenance Software – Municipalities Software, Asset Management Software. The right maintenance software can do wonders for an organization’s performance. Those interested in asset management software and municipalities software can find it by visiting or by calling (800) 255-5675.

BMSI-FUND.COM – Partnering with municipalities and schools since 1982, BMSI brings you a robust Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system that brings together people, processes, and technology so you can deliver superior service to your constituents.

MUNICITY5.COM – SCA is proud to introduce Municity 5, a new cloud-based, multi-platform software for municipalities. Using cloud-computing combined with the latest software development technologies, Municity 5 allow users to stay connected and operate with greater efficiency and flexibility.

VIEWPOINTCLOUD.COM – Simple Online Permitting Software – ViewPoint Cloud – Simple, flexible online permitting software.

ZONEPROSOFTWARE.COM – ZP Systems develops the ZonePro software product line which includes permitting and inspection software for zoning, building, housing and fire departments. The software comes in two flavors: ZonePro 32 hosts data locally and ZonePro SQL hosts data on the internet. Both versions are easy to use Windows-based applications designed specifically for smaller communities. Our customers include cities, towns, villages, townships and counties throughout the U.S.

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