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Best Customer Engagement Software For Small Business

Customer Engagement Software allows businesses to build stronger relationships with customers. The initiative for engagement can be either consumer or company-led.

Customer engagement is about encouraging your customers to interact and share in the experiences you create for them as a business and a brand.

Best Customer Engagement Software For Small Business:

Revulytics Usage Intelligence

Product Usage Analytics for Data-Driven Software Development and License Compliance. Revulytics Usage Intelligence is the first software usage analytics solution designed for distributed C/C++, .NET, Obj-C and native Java applications on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, provides deep insight into application usage. See which features are used most and least. Advanced reporting lets you filter by properties including region, version, OS platform, and architecture to focus your roadmap development.




Marketing solutions for digital marketers | FoxMetrics. Personalize your customer experience. FoxMetrics lets you understand your customers, hone in on key segments, and create killer customer experiences.




Ving – trackable digital packets. Bridge the communications engagement gap between people in a way that creates greater accountability for individuals and data driven actions. Create a trackable digital packet to start measuring your contact engagement.




Fomo | Social Proof Technology. Convert more customers with Fomo, the first social proof marketing automation platform.




WalkMe – The Enterprise Guidance and Engagement Platform. WalkMe™ enables your business to simplify the online experience and eliminate user confusion.




Kaanjo | Turn User-Generated Reactions into Feedback. We help our clients give a voice to the silent majority of their consumers.




Apptentive | Tools for mobile customer engagement. Build a brand your customers love with Apptentive’s mobile customer engagement software.

Using in-app communication tools, we power the last-mile of customer interaction: the conversation. Consumer marketing’s future is “pull,” not “push,” and customer conversation is the key for enterprise brands to understand behavior.



Top Customer Engagement Software:

CHURNSPOTTER.IO – ChurnSpotter – Retain your users and customers. ChurnSpotter detects your at-risk users by crunching your data.

KOFAX.COM – First Mile | Smart Process Apps | Document & Data Capture Software | Kofax. Kofax dramatically transforms and simplifies the business critical First Mile™ of real time, information intensive customer interactions. Combining market leading capture, business process management, analytics and mobile capabilities for a competitive advantage while reducing operating costs.

EGAIN.COM – Enhance customer experience, acquisition, and retention. Increase self-service adoption. Improve contact center agent productivity. Increase revenue through upsell and cross-sell at the point of service. Ensure compliance and security in customer interactions. Reduce unwarranted field visits, product returns, and associated costs. Build customer loyalty through brand-aligned customer service.

ENALYZER.COM – Enalyzer. Stay updated with surveys and make better decisions through live reports. Share your knowledge with anyone, anywhere.

ENGAGOR.COM – Social Customer Service Software | Engagor. Powerful social customer service software with social listening and analytics capabilities used by global brands to efficiently engage with customers.

HOTLINE.IO – – In-app chat, proactive engagement, and FAQs. Hotline is a mobile-first customer support platform powering in-app chat, FAQ, and proactive messaging for mobile apps to increase retention and engagement.

LISTEN360.COM – Customer Engagement Software – Listen360. Used at over 20,000 business locations to survey, collect, and analyze customer engagement and customer feedback. Improve client retention with us!

GOMOXIE.COM – Customer Engagement | Live Chat | Email | Knowledgebase. Moxie anticipates customer needs and engages with digital channels to boost sales and build customer loyalty across devices.

THUNDERHEAD.COM – Thunderhead | Effortless Engagement. Happier Customers. Thunderhead helps brands and consumers live in harmony. Unlock the potential of effortless engagement and happier customers with Thunderhead.

OPTIMOVE.COM – Optimove | Customer Marketing Cloud – Retention Automation Software. Optimove is a customer retention automation platform powered by predictive micro-segmentation technology. The software personalizes every campaign, to maximize revenue & customer lifetime value.

PENDO.IO – Pendo – Understand and Guide Your Users. Pendo extends your product to capture user behavior, gather feedback, and guide users. By partnering with Pendo you can uncover what truly drives product success and elevate your customer experience. Pendo is enterprise-grade, yet easy to use for people of all skill levels.

SMARTLISTHQ.COM – Smartlist. Finally, a product that can allow you to understand your customers and how they interact with your business.

Powerful dashboard reporting shows you all your key customer segments and how customers move between them, allowing visibility into who are your new, frequent, valuable and customers slipping away.

SPARKCENTRAL.COM – Social Customer Service Support Software. Social customer service with Sparkcentral, the first channel-agnostic, enterprise grade customer engagement platform.

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