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Best Data Extraction Software

Data Extraction Software is an intuitive web scraping tool that automates web data extraction process for your browser. Simply point to the data fields you want to collect and the tool does the rest for you. Data Extraction is designed for everyday business users and requires no technical skill.

Within minutes you will be extracting thousands of data records from your favourite free or subscription web sites.



Web Scraping Software|Data Extraction|Web Crawler| Octoparse, Free Web Scraping. The free web scraping tool for extracting all the web page data into several structured file formats easily and effectively.




Salestools is the #1 Outbound Sales Acceleration Platform. Looking for leads? Ever heard about Salestools? makes it easy to find leads from Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo, Crunchbase and other social network sites, our lead generation software is #1 in the market.




Import | Web Data Platform & Free Web Scraping Tool. The world’s leading web data extraction platform for businesses and individuals.




Crawled Web Data For Your Business. Easily get instant access to large scale structured data from online Discussions, News, Blogs and more.




Web Data Extraction Software – Data Toolbar. Web data extraction software that collects and saves website content in a table style format that can be imported into a spreadsheet or a database.




Cloud based SEO reporting software, view performance, monitoring to improve SEO rankings. | CrawlMonster Crawl Monster. Analyse your website and monitor technical issues to improve SEO performance. A cloud based SEO reporting & audit tool, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing.




Talend Real-Time Open Source Data Integration Software. Talend open source integration software products offer real-time solutions for all types of data integration. Learn more about the benefits of Hadoop and Spark.




Web Scraping Services | Web Crawling | Web Data Extraction & Scraping Service. Datahut web scraping service helps companies to get the data for their operation through web scraping, web data extraction, web crawling, web scraping and data scraping. Our services provide crawling and extracting information from the deep web.




Convert PDF to Excel, JSON or webhook to Apps. Extract data from PDF files & automate your workflow with our reliable document parsing software. Convert PDF files to Excel, JSON or update apps with webhooks.




Web Scraper • Helium Scraper. Powerful Web Scraper that lets you extract data from websites into structured formats such as CSV, XML, Microsoft Access and any other custom text format.




Scrape data from any website in minutes with ParseHub.




ScrapeHero : Web scraping service : Full Service : Fixed Pricing : Web Data Scraping. Web scraping service for $50 – A premier Full Service Website scraping service. Data scraping service, No software, No servers, Amazing customer service.




WebHarvy Web Scraper – Visual Web Scraping Software | Web Data Extraction | Screen Scraping.




Visual Web Ripper | Data Extraction Software. Visual Web Ripper is a powerful visual tool used for automated web scraping, web harvesting and content extraction from the web.




80legs – Custom Web Scraping & Powerful Web Crawling.



Best Data Extractor Tools:

APIFIER.COM – Apifier – Hosted web crawler for developers. Hosted web crawler for developers to extract structured data from any website using a few simple lines of JavaScript.

AXIS-AI.COM – Axis AI – Data Extraction and Document Classification. A revolutionary solution for classifying and extracting information from unstructured content. Axis AI reads and extracts data from sentences, paragraphs, or entire pages.

CLARABRIDGE.COM – Customer Experience Management Company (CEM) | Clarabridge. Customer experience management has never been easier than with Clarabridge’s industry-leading text analytics & CEM software.

CONNOTATE.COM – Automated Web Scraper – Web Data Extraction | Connotate. Connotate automates web data collection and monitoring with its remarkable AI technology to bring you more accurate, faster results on a greater scale.

DARCYRIPPER.COM – Darcy Ripper – Fast, Efficient Website Downloader.

WEBDATAGURU.COM – Web Scraping Services & Website Data Extraction | Scrape Data from Web – WebDataGuru. WebDataGuru offers website scraping services and web data extraction for various enterprises. Our platform allows efficient scraping or extraction from any kind of website. Visit us now!!

ARUHAT.COM – Technology Enabling Business | Web Data Extraction | VAS Platform – Aruhat. At Aruhat, Web data extraction and MVAS communication solutions turn data into business enabling smarter decisions, reduced costs and increased revenues.

DATADDO.COM – Dataddo – Data extraction, integration and analytics platform. Powerful data extraction, integration and analytics platform. Connect, analyze and visualize data from many webservices, SaaS apps or smart meters and sensors.

DIFFBOT.COM – Web Data Extraction Using Artificial Intelligence – Diffbot.

WEBEXTRACT.NET – Web Scraper, Web Extractor, Screen Scraper, Web Ripper. An easy-to-use web scraping tool to extract content (text, url, image, files) from web pages and transform results into multiple formats just by few screen clicks. No programing required.

ESPION.IO – Espion – Automated headless browser for scraping the web.

MASSMAILINGNEWS.COM – Mass Mailing News an easy to use Bulk Emailing Software. Mass mailing software for managing your emailing list, bulk email sender, email finder, google maps extractor and email tracking. Free edition available!

FEEDITY.COM – Create RSS Feeds with Feedity, RSS Feed Generator, Podcast Feed. Create RSS feed for any webpage or podcast. Extract data and turn dynamic websites into spreadsheet or API. Feedity is an online RSS feed generator and podcast feed builder tool. Display feeds on website.

FICSTAR.COM – Ficstar Software | Custom-Designed Search Engine. Your business is unique and so are your data collection and integration needs.  Ficstar’s powerful data mining technology digs beyond the surface web to the deep web.  Ficstar provides a complete solution with data custom fit for your business, on time, in real time, and integrated perfectly into your existing database.

FLUTTER.SOCIAL – Flutter – Tweet more, work less. Flutter scrapes content from anywhere on the web and tweets it for you on a recurring schedule. Automatically tweet dynamic content on a recurring schedule.

FMINER.COM – FMiner – visual web scraping, web data extractor with macro recorder. FMiner is a powerful and user-friendly web scraping software, it has a visual diagram designer and build project with macro recorder.

FORNOVA.NET – Fornova | Transparency in Travel. A uniquie solution combining market intelligence with marketing to incease direct bookings.

INTELLEXER.COM – Intellexer – Text Mining Solutions for Everyone. Our intelligent semantic software allow you solve the issues of information search, extraction and systematization. Get free sematic API and try our Intellexer SKD.

BYTESCOUT.COM – ByteScout – tools for developers: BarCode Generator SDK, BarCode Reader for .NET, PDF Extractor SDK, PDF To HTML SDK, PDF Generator SDK for Javsacript, Javascript BarCode Generator for Code 128, BarCode Reader SDK, PDF Generator SDK, PDF Extractor SDK, PDF Renderer SDK, PDF To HTML SDK, Spreadsheet SDK, Screen Capturing SDK, Image To Video SDK, Bitmap Visualizer Plugin for Visual Studio, desktop utilities PPT To Video Scout, Watermarking Pro.

PROMPTCLOUD.COM – Web Crawling | Web Scraping | Data Extraction | PromptCloud. PromptCloud offers customized web crawling, web scraping, & data extraction services for enterprises. Hosted service for large-scale structured data via API.

SOLIDDOCUMENTS.COM – PDF to Word Converter| Solid Documents. Solid Documents: Convert, create, and extract PDF content with Solid Converter. You can open PDF files in Word, Excel and more; extract tables, text, and images. Scan directly from paper for formatted, editable Word documents. Create PDFs from almost ANY Windows program.

SPINN3R.COM – Spinn3r – Social media, weblogs, forums, comments, review, and mainstream news monitoring. Spinn3r is a web service for indexing the blogosphere. We provide raw access to every blog post being published – in real time. We provide the data and you can focus on building your app.

DATASYNERGYGROUP.COM – Simply put, SyncFirst allows you to use unstructured input data and output it as structured data.

TEXTFROMPDF.COM – TextFromPDF – Extract Text from PDF documents. (Convert PDF to Text). TextFromPDF is a text extraction tool that allows for the batch processing of Adobe PDF documents. Convert entire document or only a specific page range, PDFs can be on local drives or the Internet, Command line execution or GUI.

THEWEBMINER.COM – Market research and leads. TheWebMiner Filter is an online market research tool which helps you to find leads, competitors and many players in any market.

CVISIONTECH.COM – CVISION Technologies. CVISION Technologies is a leading provider of file compression, OCR text recognition technology, PDF workflow applications, and data extraction technology.

AUTOMATIONANYWHERE.COM – Robotic Process Automation Leader | RPA + Cognitive + Analytics. Automation Anywhere is the only cognitive robotic process automation platform designed to automate any business process in the modern enterprise.

KNOWLESYS.COM – Knowlesys provides the leading Open Source Intelligence Monitoring platform for Twitter,Facebook, Youtube and more.

WEBROBOTS.IO – Web Scraping Service | Web Data Extraction. Web scraping service company that can handle dynamic sites, javascript, ajax. Data feeds directly into customer s database.

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