Best Electronic Data Capture Software | 2018

Using Electronic Data Capture Software methods make the work of researchers and staff members smoother and easier. Such systems offer cost- and time-efficient results without compromising on quality.

Best Electronic Data Capture Software:


eClinical & Electronic Data Capture in the Cloud | Medrio. Discover fast, simple, affordable eClinical and electronic data capture (EDC) solutions fully hosted in the cloud. Get a free trial today!




Castor EDC – Online data collection for medical research (eCRF) | Castor EDC. Electronic Data Capture (EDC), eCRF, ePRO application for online data collection for medical research. Affordable and easy to use.




BizEfficiency System. By using a unique mobile data capturing methodology, real-time data and automated reporting, BizEfficiency provides the decision makers with holistic view of business, process and activities.




iPad lead capture app by Akkroo | Offline data capture for mobile & tablet. Perfect data capture and guest list solutions for enterprises, businesses and agencies.




Mobile Data Collection. Mobile Data Collection solution that empowers field teams. Monitor & validate real-time field data. Try the mobile app and data management portal today.




Dozuki | Work Instructions + Documentation Software. Create digital work instructions, documentation, and technical guides with Dozuki software. Adopt lean processes, faster training, and more.




Mobile Forms Software | Formation Software. Mobile forms software for your business. Formation Software allows electronic data capture in the field on a mobile device.




OCR, PDF, Text Scanning Software and Solutions – ABBYY. ABBYY is a world-leading OCR and text scanning software company, that provides PDF conversion and recognition solutions.




Processing and storage of clinical trials specific data such as sites, investigators and subjects management.




Jade Global Solutions | Aetiol-eClinical Sol | IT Business Consulting | Outsourcing Services. JGS is India Based Global Healthcare Technology Company specialized for providing eClinical & Pharma Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to the space of Global Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Industry.We develop most innovative software solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical device and life sciences companies worldwide.




Cura’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software solutions enable organizations to better manage risk and take advantage of opportunities relating to business objectives and goals.




A powerful combination of biostatistics, curve fitting (nonlinear regression) and scientific graphing. GraphPad Software has been helping scientists analyze data for more than 25 years. We’ve heard it all! We created our Data Analysis Resource Center to demystify statistics and nonlinear regression for the working scientists.




Quretec – Clinical Trial Data Management, Registries, Biobanks, Bioinformatics. Qure Platform is well suitable for Clinical Trial Data Management, Health Registries, Biobank databases, Electronic Data Collection. Quretec provides bioinformatics and statistical analysis services.




Behavioral Health EHR and Human Services Software Solutions – Netsmart. Netsmart is a partner for health services and provides management process solutions and electronic medical records for more than 18,000 organizations.




At Cmed, we’re passionate about significantly enhancing the delivery of your clinical trials. We’re an innovative, full service, technology-led CRO, dedicated to providing each and every customer with friendly, proactive and supportive customer service. We combine a team of experienced and enthusiastic people with the latest in advanced clinical data capture, management / reporting software and processes – saving you time and money.



Top Electronic Data Capture Software:

BIOPAC.COM – Data Acquisition, Loggers, Amplifiers, Transducers, Electrodes | BIOPAC. BIOPAC brings you world class data acquisition systems and data loggers for scientific, life sciences research, data analysis & research purposes.

ARISGLOBAL.COM – ArisGlobal | Lets innovate for life. ArisGlobal provides cloud based solutions for eClinical, Regulatory, Safety, Medical Communications, Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management.

BIOCLINICA.COM – Bring Clarity to your Clinical Trials | Bioclinica. Bioclinica is utilizing data and technology to enable more efficient trial conduct. We are looking at ways to reduce the size of the trials, provide greater clarity into the effect of the drug, and to reduce the amount of complexity in the trial. We do this by improving trial design and utilizing advanced analytics to identify patients who would be high responders for a particular clinical trial.

CAPTRICITY.COM – Unprecedented Data Access at your Service | Captricity. Captricity provides non-disruptive access to data generated by paper documents—including handwritten forms.

CLEARCLINICA.COM – Center and Schneider Childrens Hospital and cutting edge startups such as Beyond Verbal. Companies like Exalenz and OCON Medical all extend the opportunities of their clinical research with Clear Clinica cloud-based EDC and remote clinical data monitoring.

CLINCASE.COM – Clincase e-Clinical Technology Solutions. e-Clinical technology solutions by Clincase. Conduct your clinical trials data management with ease and elegance.

CLINICALSTUDIO.COM – Clinical Studio – Learn About our On Demand eClinical Solution. Clinical Studio is a comprehensive, award-winning Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system that provides researchers with a solution that streamlines the study build, data collection and management of clinical research, thus saving time and reducing costs. From initial study creation to collection and analysis of data, Clinical Studio’s cloud-based data management system and mobile app remove the typical hurdles of clinical research by allowing data entry, access, and analysis anywhere, anytime. With the Clinical Studio EDC system, researchers can capture data directly at the source, reducing the time and cost of data entry. Designed with special attention to the FDA’s Part 11 compliance requirements, the Clinical Studio system ensures research data is collected and organized in alignment with federal regulations and clinical data management best practices. The Clinical Studio system allows you to spend less time on tedious regulatory tasks and more time with the research and data that advances medical knowledge.

MEDFORCETECH.COM – Medforce Technologies – The Power of Productivity | Document and Process Management.

DATAFAX.COM – Clinical Data Management: EDC + FAX / SCAN in any trial. Use data collection methods best suited to each study, clinic, user, or patient assessment. Collect some data records by EDC and others using ICR assisted data entry from faxed or scanned CRFs. No extra setup is required and all data and CRFs are processed and stored in the same study database.

MAKROCARE.COM – Regulatory, Drug Development Consulting for Life science, Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device Companies. MakroCare is a leading biotech, pharma and medical device consulting for Clinical Development, Regulatory affairs, Regulatory Operation, Publishing, Labeling, Med Affairs, Central Monitoring and RBM services.

DSG-US.COM – DSG, EDC clinical trial software and data management services. EDC Clinical trial software DSG provider DSG has over 24 years experience with clinical trial start-ups, electronic data capture (EDC) IWRS, safety systems and data management services.

PAGES.ECLINICALOS.COM – Merge eClinicalOS – Where Smart Research Goes To Work! Merge eClinicalOS: the all-in-one, easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go clinical data management software for managing clinical trial data. Click for Free Demo!

XCLINICAL.COM – The eClinical Software Solution Marvin comprises a CDISC-certified Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system that integrates with numerous modules such as Randomization (IWRS), Patient Reported Outcomes (WebPRO), Double Data Entry (DDE), Clinical Trial Management (CTM), CDISC Tabulation, Reporting, Coding and more. Our software portfolio enables you to manage the complete lifecycle of a clinical study in one single integrated solution. Marvin is all-in-one single integrated software package delivered as Software-as-a-Service. Marvin provides intuitive, easy to use tools without the need of programming knowledge. This facilitates the conduct of any clinical trial to become easy, streamlined and very cost-effective.

PHOENIXSOFTWARE.COM – Phoenix Software International. Phoenix Software International develops software for data entry and system management on mainframe and PC platforms, and is a leader in exploiting the latest hardware and software advances.

VELOS.COM – Innovative solutions that unlock the power of data & improve productivity, positioning you for lasting administrative & scientific excellence.

FORMIC.CO.UK – Formic – Making patient experience and clinical audit count. Formic enables health and care providers to turn data into insight to inform quality and service improvement through easy-to-use and flexible multichannel data capture and analysis survey technology and support. We have over 20 years of dedicated healthcare experience, and our solutions are used by over 200 NHS organisations and private healthcare providers throughout the UK.

AXIOMMETRICS.COM – Electronic Data Capture Software and Services For Clinical Trials | Serving North America and Europe.

MEDNETSTUDY.COM – MedNet Solutions – eClinical and Electronic Data Capture Solutions. MedNet Solutions provides eClinical and Electronic Data Capture solutions for clinical trial management, and is a leading healthcare technology company.

INKWRX.COM – Mobile Forms from INKWRX™ | Mobile Data Capture App. INKWRX is a secure and agile data capture platform that boosts mobile workforce productivity. The solution encompasses the complete data journey, from point of capture in the field to managing your collected data online.


KNOWLEDGELAKE.COM – KnowledgeLake | Document Imaging for the Microsoft Office. 

MED-QUEST.ORG – Med-Quest | Excellence in Clinical EDC Software. Med-Quest EDC is specialized Electronic Data Capture software for clinical use with a focus on speed and ease of use.

MEDSCINET.COM – MedSciNet / Internet Database Solutions. MedSciNet is a Stockholm based company specialising in design and development of web applications and online database systems for clinical trials and studies, quality registries, medical bio-banks, and other solutions within the field of academic medicine.

METRICWIRE.COM – MetricWire has built a technology solution that enables domain experts to better understand human behaviour and create positive change in the lives of others where it matters most.

NATURALFORMS.COM – Mobile Forms – Data Collection – Free Trial | naturalForms. Use naturalForms on your iPad or Android tablet, online or offline to quickly and accurately handle your mobile business forms at a fraction of the cost of paper. Try it for free.

EGI.COM – Electrical Geodesics, Inc. EGI is a medical device company that designs, develops and commercialises a range of non-invasive neurodiagnostic products used to monitor and interpret brain activity. A key component of these products is EGI’s proprietary dense array electroencephalography (dEEG) platform technology. The dense array method gathers brain activity data from many more electrodes than conventional EEG products (up to 256).

FORTERESEARCH.COM – Forte Research Systems | Specialized Software for Clinical Research. Forte Research Systems is the developer of specialized clinical and translational research management software solutions.

PAPERLESSEUROPE.COM – For small businesses who want a professional document management solution that integrates Automatic Invoice Recognition with Powerful Workflow and Online Access. Manage all your documents and working papers and increase client satisfaction levels with PaperLess software.

AQ2TECH.COM – AQ2 Technologies | AQ2 Technologies : Transaction Processing Solutions.

RETURNABLEFORMS.COM – With the Generic Resume Data Management System, you gain unprecedented control over your resume data.  Using Generic Resume forms, along with our special processing and reporting tool, you can analyze Generic Resumes with over 30 standard reports, plus an ad-hoc query wizard. You can also develop your own selection criteria and save them for future use. Before you spend thousands of dollars on web-based systems or resume parsing tools, try this first. 

HELPSYSTEMS.COM – HelpSystems | IT Management Software Solutions. HelpSystems aligns IT & business goals to help organizations build a competitive edge. Our IT management software solutions keep business running smoothly.

JUMPMIND.COM – Experts in Data Integration and Replication | JumpMind. JumpMind software products, services, and consulting, including SymmetricDS data replication and synchronization software and Metl, an open source, lightweight integration platform.

VKSAPP.COM – VKS- Create And share Work instructions. Use the power of VKS to easily create and share work instructions,effectively transfer knowledge and become the smart factory of the future!

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