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Top 63+ Best Performance Management & Appraisal Software For Small Business

Best Performance Management & Appraisal Software will also increase the participation of managers and employees by creating a process that is easy to use for both the appraiser and those being appraised.

Ideally, good Performance Management & Appraisal Software should have a built-in competency library, some type of feedback process, automated task functions, like e-mail reminders, and the capability to provide customized employee evaluation when needed.

Best Performance Management & Appraisal Software For Small Business:


The Premiere Workforce Management Solution | | Employee Performance Evaluation. ManagerAssistant offers productivity and workforce management solutions for any size business. Our product provides you with a comprehensive look at your teams attendance and performance.




Impraise — Real-time 360 Degree Feedback and Performance Review Software. Real-time Feedback, modern 360 Degree Feedback and Performance Review Software. Make employee feedback continuous and meaningful. 100+ customers. FREE Demo.




Fego. Fego – Powering Peak Performance! Human Capital Management, Goals, Appraisals, 360 degree feedback and more.




GroSum – Performance Management Delivered !!! Founded in 2009 by IIT IIM graduates, TuneSpray is a technology company delivering business collaboration & productivity solutions for core processes & delivering analytics anytime, anywhere.




TowerMetrix – We Empower Productivity. TowerMetriX provides the tools needed for your organization to work productively.




MANAGEtoWIN. Manage all of your company and employee certifications in one app! We set up Certle for you so you can benefit from it quickly. Eliminate risks. Improve vendor relationships. Increase credibility with clients.




Employee Performance Evaluation and Appraisal Software – AssessTEAM. AssessTEAM – new continuous feedback appraisal software for easy and effective employee performance evaluation that is connected with project profitability analysis.




PeopleGoal | Performance management software. Successful companies align employee goals to the growth strategy of the business. With our performance management software you set high-level company objectives using a balanced scorecard approach. Employees align their individual goals to these company objectives, which improves their understanding of their contribution to the company’s success.




Perview is a HCM software for modern HR Performance Management. It supports medium-sized and large companies in their human resources development, in effective personnel administration, and in Change Management.




Online Survey Software for Employee Surveys | Satisfaction, Feedback, Exit. Grapevine’s online employee survey software allows you to conduct employee surveys to gather employee satisfaction, feedback & exit interview surveys.




Ranked #1 Talent Management System. The #1 Talent Management system – simple, easy to use, superior tools that empower you with 360 Degree Reviews, Goal Management, Performance Management, Feedback/Rewards Management, Learning Management and more.




PeopleAdmin – Talent Management Solutions. Talent management software for Higher Education, K-12, and Government. Make recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining educators and staff easier.




Sity – Sity Performance Suite. Sity is the most revolutionary talent solution that employees love. We provide a High Performance Talent Suite for the modern organization.




Award-winning financial and business management software. HR/Payroll, Time&Expenses, Branch Accounting, Financials, Cash Flow Forecasting, Project Management.

We are proud partners of Microsoft and have been a certified partner for many years, with a longstanding relationship in place. Due to this all of our systems are rigorously tested to ensure they run smoothly on all Microsoft products and we are renowned for delivering integrated enterprise application platforms that are reliable, easy to use and compliant with all major operating systems.




Voyager. Voyager Talent Management Software, applicant tracking, performance management, onboarding.

Our name has changed but our mission is the same! Pikle helps build successful organizations through critical performance factors. Custom, responsive website design and development solutions, marketing services and performance software help small to medium businesses maintain a competitive position in the market.




Complete Survey. CompleteSurvey offers powerful cost-effective 360 feedback solutions that help drive corporate performance. CompleteSurvey provides the most flexible and cost-effective data solutions available today. We help organizations around the world increase employee performance, monitor the return on investment of training programs, and solicit insightful customer and employee feedback.




Perfode | Employee Performance Appraisal, Employee Performance Review Software. Talent Management SaaS software for managing Employee Performance Appraisals, Performance Reviews with an automated and easy to use web based solution.




Talentsoft – HR software solutions for talent management. Talentsoft puts employees’ professional growth at the heart of your company’s HR processes with flexible cloud-based talent-management software.



Top Performance Management & Appraisal Software:

36DOLLAR360.COM – 36Dollar360 | 360 Assessment. The best 360 assessment system available for small and mid-sized companies as well as teams within large organizations. Free trial!.

MDALEADERSHIP.COM – MDA Leadership Consulting. It’s tough to identify potential leaders and turn them into great leaders ready for the challenges ahead. Draw on our leadership expertise to help you build a leadership pipeline prepared to execute and deliver results in a complicated and fast-changing world.

ALTAMIRAHRM.COM – Altamira has been a provider of HRM SaaS since 1999. Our set up and deployment process has been used successfully and fined tuned with hundreds of clients. Our sales people, consultants, software developers and help desk representatives are highly qualified and all have specific training and experience in HR processes. Last but not least this experience is embodied in our software solutions.

APPRAISAL-SMART.COM – Performance Appraisal Software, 360 Degree Feedback, Web Based Online. Performance Appraisal Software, 360 Degree Feedback, Employee Review Software, Staff Appraisals done Web Based Online, Performance Management Systems.

APPRAISAL360.CO.UK – 360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback, 360 review or 360 degree appraisal, is designed to get around this. You’re rated on your performance by people who know something about you and your work. You complete your own self-assessment which is compared against feedback from your colleagues. Direct reports, peers, managers, customers or clients, in fact anybody whose opinion you respect and who is familiar with you and your work can be included in the feedback process. This multi-source approach can give real insight into how different groups see you as a person.

BETTERWORKS.COM – Goals, OKRs & Performance Management Software | BetterWorks. BetterWorks is the leading performance management & goal setting software that helps enterprises achieve excellence. Join the high-performance revolution today!

CARBON360.CO.UK – Flexible 360 feedback | Carbon360 — 360 feedback and appraisals. 

360 feedback reviews gather insights from colleagues, managers, clients and anyone else your employees work alongside to give you an accurate and thorough performance overview.

You can use this feedback to identify skills gaps, highlight strengths, set individual goals, inform development plans and keep your organisation working efficiently across every department.

COVALENTSOFTWARE.COM – Performance & Risk Management Software | Covalent Software. Covalent’s Performance Management and Risk Management Software help organisations proactively manage their performance, governance and risk with a dynamic integrated cloud solution.

TALENTCOVE.COM – Goal Setting & OKR for Teams – Cove. TalentCove offers the best OKR application that allows you to set company, team and individual level objectives, track key results and celebrate wins.

DINAMIKS.COM – Dinamiks Performance and Absence Management Software. Discover how Dinamiks could drive your business to achieve it’s goals.

ELSEVIER.COM – Elsevier. Elsevier is a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services. Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that help you make better decisions, deliver better care, and sometimes make groundbreaking discoveries in science, health, and technology.

JAKOBA.COM – Jakoba delivers innovative process solutions that empowers your organization with efficient internal client management. Automate the Employee Performance process, better connect internal teams, ensure Corporate Policy tracking.

TRACKSURVEYS.CO.UK – Track Surveys | Simple solutions, driven by powerful technologies. Track 360G5™ is a online platform for creating and delivering bespoke 360 Degree Feedback that aligns exactly with your organisation’s needs, delivering.

EPIC-SOFT.COM – EPIC Software Corporation. As Organizational Effectiveness experts, EPIC Software Corporation focuses on one thing – helping our clients become more profitable by reducing costs associated with workforce planning, management and development.

OMNILX.COM – Talent Management & Selection Solutions | OMNIview. Great talent management begins with OMNIview’s SaaS Solutions. We help HR make talent selection decisions, management, and performance choices.

GOODREVU.COM – Employee performance appraisal software | Online performance reviews. Employee performance appraisal software, online performance reviews, employee evaluation software. No setup. For individuals and teams. Free trial.

GUARDIANTRACKING.COM – Guardian Tracking. Guardian Tracking is a distributed company, meaning there is no “brick and mortar” to meet each morning. Instead, everyone works from a location of their choosing. How do we all stay in contact and on task? By using Guardian Tracking software, of course!

INTELESOFTECH.COM – Intelesoft Technologies :: Transforming Human Capital Assets into Sustainable Competitive Advantage™. Intelesoft Technologies is a technology solutions company, creating software that meets all your eBusiness needs. We provide quality-assured enterprise and specialized software, web and database solutions using contemporary open technologies including Java, J2EE, EJB and XML. We are committed to technology research and innovation.

WHETSTONEEDUCATION.COM – Online Classroom Observation and Coaching Platform for K-12 – Whetstone Education. K-12 classroom observation and coaching platform that provides data on teacher effectiveness and impact on student learning. Whetstone Education helps school leaders use actionable data to drive their instructional coaching and staffing decisions. Whetstone Education builds technology that drives teacher growth.

KARMANOTEBOOK.COM – Karma Notes. Employees seek ongoing feedback through the year. Karma Notes allows employees to seek and give each other instant onging feedback linked to critical incidents by syncing with office calendar, making feedback specific and timely. This is followed by real-time feedforward advice to facilitate development.

MCCANNTESTING.COM – McCann Associates | Changing the Way the World Learns. 

OPEREADY.COM – OpeReady. We create software solutions that make the management of employee compliance, checkpoint efficiency and on the job training simple.

OPTIMALTHINKING.COM – Optimal Thinking: Best Self, Business, Executive Development. Optimal Thinking Home: Executive coaching, seminars, consulting, writing services. Optimize self, executive development, business performance (424) 204-6133.

PAYCOMPLIMENT.COM – Our unique concept of Feedback ID’s allows you to invite feedback from anyone anytime just by sharing your ID.

Your feedback is delivered in private and builds up into your lifetime feedback history so you can access it for years to come.

JCMCONSULTING.COM – Welcome to JCM Consulting, Inc. JCM Consulting has provided employee selection and development tools to all types of organizations since 1984. Our firm provides the most advanced performance management tools and employee selection software available.

SUREPEOPLE.COM – SurePeople. Show your people the way to extraordinary with SurePeople’s innovative solutions for all stages of talent development.

PERFORMANCECULTURE.COM – Performance Culture. Performance Culture replaces traditional, ineffective performance appraisals with a web-based system focused on coaching and developing high performers.

ETSPLC.COM – ETS – HR consultancy, 360 degree feedback and employee surveys. ETS plc is an HR consultancy and technology provider offering ‘best fit’ 360-degree feedback, employee surveys, talent, performance and training programmes.

CAMMSGROUP.COM – CAMMS. CAMMS develops, implements and supports its world leading integrated suite of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business intelligence (BI) solutions to enable enterprises to plan, execute and drive their business from strategy to reality.

PROTIA-INC.COM – Business Performance Management Software by Protia. Protia provides strategic and workforce performance management software enabling work environments where every employee understands and contributes towards the vision and mission of their organization.

DISCOVERYSOFTWARE.COM – Discovery Software | K-12 education software since 1984. 

SIMITIVE.COM – Simitive. We are in the business of rethinking how we go to work, in a way that really does work, both for the large and small organisations we support – for the people they employ and the clients and stakeholders they work with.

SKILLRATER.COM – Skillrater Anytime Feedback. Skillrater is an anytime-feedback tool that helps people get rapid advice and appreciation while showcasing their strengths and ability to improve through dialogue and peer coaching.

SMALL-IMPROVEMENTS.COM – Performance Review Software. 360 Degree Review Software. Small Improvements. Small Improvements is a tool that allows you to deploy a custom feedback process for your organization. Give managers a place to capture 1:1 notes, mentor reports on objectives, or enable coworkers to congratulate on a job well done. All of these supplies will be available for reference come review time, simplifying everyone’s life.

TALENTEVO.COM – Employee Performance Management Software | HR Software | Talentevo. Leading employee performance management software designed for SMEs & divisions within larger organisations. Start free performance management software trial.

TALENTIA-SOFTWARE.CO.UK – Leading HR (HCM) & Finance (CPM) Software | Talentia Software. Talentia Software is an award-winning, international provider of business management software systems for HR (HCM) and finance (CPM).

REDIKER.COM – Student Information System – School Administration Software | Rediker Software. Rediker Software’s integrated student information system improves data management, streamlines administrative tasks and maximizes school-to-home communication. Trusted by schools in all 50 states and over 115 countries.

TEAMSCOM.COM – Employee Performance Appraisal Software for Google Works. TEAMsCOM employee performance appraisal software for Google Apps for Work. Remove communication & collaboration gaps to skyrocket your team productivity.

THREADSCULTURE.COM – Threads. With Threads, our customers define culture using their organization’s core values and the key performance objectives for each job title. Then they tie culture to reviews, hiring, and rewarding each person on their team.

MYTRACKSTAR.COM – MyTrackStar – employee evaluation, appraisal, and performance software.

UPPERCASEHR.COM – Uppercase – Agile Performance Management for Teams. Uppercase is an agile performance management app for teams offering agile goals, real-time feedback and regular check-ins for growing teams. By focusing on mobile, Google Apps, and Slack, we are redefining how managers think about performance management and disrupting a decades old market.

VIDESKTOP.COM – viDesktop | Talent Management Software: Employee Performance Management, Recruiting, Career Development. viDesktop provides talent management software: employee performance management, recruiting and applicant tracking, career development & benchmarking, training & learning management, employee scheduling & availability forecasting.

WORKCOMPASS.COM – Employee Performance Management & Review SoftwareWorkCompass. Online employee performance appraisal & performance management software. An easy & effective solution to manage & develop your team. PMDS, CU, Dodd Frank & CHKS.

WORKFUZE.COM – Goal Setting & Performance Management Software – Workfuze. Goal setting and tracking software for the modern enterprise: Drive productivity and performance with OKRs.

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