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Best Human Services Software

Human Services Software let you manage employee data easily. These save a lot of time and paper work by providing a fast, secure, and convenient solution for the HR Management work.

Best Human Services Software:


Unified HR and Payroll Software Solution | DATIS. DATIS provides a complete, cloud based HR and Payroll Software with position control that drives workforce visibility, automation, and efficiency.




Behavioral Health EHR Software for Human Service Providers. Foothold Technology offers a web-based behavioral health EHR software for human service providers that eases the burden of documentation.




Best Care Management Solution | Eccovia Solutions. Eccovia Solutions provides case management solution for the Social Determinants of Health. We are experts in HMIS, CCWIS, Medicaid, LTSS, EHR, HHS and more.




KaleidaCare | Foster Care Software & Social Service Software. KaleidaCare provides a web-based care management and reporting solution specific to the needs of social service organizations and foster care software.




Social Solutions | Case Management Software | SSI. We offer custom efforts to outcomes software to help organizations track the effectiveness of their programs quickly and accurately. Learn more.




Case Management Software | Athena Software | Penelope Case Management. Penelope is a mobile, web based case management software solution for social services that’s backed by world-class support, deployment and SaaS data hosting.




Our flagship product, the CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform (CoCENTRIXccp), optimizes the behavioral care continuum for the best clinical and fiscal outcomes, resulting in a cascade of benefits for state and local government agencies, behavioral health providers, and consumers – all possible through collaborative information exchange and open technology architecture.



Top Human Services Software:

ADVOCACYPRO.COM – Social Services Case Management software – Advocacy Pro – case management software.

ALTUSDYNAMICS.COM – ERP & CRM for non-profit, education, social services & government.

AHLERSSOFTWARE.COM – Ahlers & Associates Non-Profit Healthcare Management & Software. Providing clinic management software specifically designed for the non-profit health care agency.

ASSISTEDLIFESOLUTIONS.COM – Providers of the Assisted Life Program, and other software services to social healthcare providers worldwide.

CAREDIRECTOR.US – CareDirector® case management software. CareDirector® is the first and only case management software company to offer an integrated health and human services solution based on world-leading customer relationship technology from Microsoft. We are a health and human services specialist with over 20 years of international experience across the health and human services sector in the US, Ireland and the UK.

CIRCESOFTWARE.NET – For mid-size nonprofit social service agencies that need to automate their operations including managing services, tracking outcomes, and reporting to funders, CIRCE is performance management software that makes client chart and program data securely available to service providers and managers anytime, anywhere.

CLARITYHUMANSERVICES.COM – Clarity Human Services | Social Services Software | Clarity Human Services | Client Management Software. We design software for the end user, by the end user. Early on, it became very obvious that the end-user is the most influential team member in software development. As such, we developed Clarity Human Services software with the end-user as our primary focus. Client feedback is what, in large part, drives each update. Also, each member of our Leadership Team has an average of 9 years in the Human Services industry.

NETWORKNINJA.COM – Network Ninja – Solving big problems with tailored cloud-based software. We develop software for industries that require sophisticated workflow and data mining tools, with a heavy emphasis on usability and security.

ADVANTECIS.COM – AdvanTec offers adaptable accounting, custom software and professional IT Services to assist in automating and improving financial, professional services, customer relationships, and supply chain management.

FOSTERCARETECH.COM – Foster Care Technologies | Technologies improving outcomes for children. Foster Care Technologies, LLC was formed in 2014 to maintain and customize ECAP for its foster care agency customers.  The company uses cutting edge technologies to improve outcomes for children and organizations in the child welfare industry. Foster Care Technologies is committed to ongoing research, continually expanding our understanding of foster care placement stability.

EXTENDEDREACH.COM – Foster Care Software – extendedReach. extendedReach is a foster care Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web application for child placement agencies.

HARMONYIS.COM – Harmony Information Systems – Smart, Long-Term Care Apps.

OUTCOMERESULTS.COM – Outcome Results System ORS – Human Service Organization Software for Outcome Tracking. ORS Outcome Results System is a human service organization software that tracks outcomes, case management, ROMA reporting and more.

GROUPTECH.COM – Grouptech offers care management software case management software human services software health care software case manager quality.

PSHEALTH.CO.UK – psHealth – Referral Management & Care Coordination solutions. Our Referral Management and Care Coordination software solutions enable the delivery of better health outcomes at lower cost.

UNICENTRIC.COM – Unicentric – Software for people who help people. An electronic framework to integrate all aspects of human service and social service delivery, increasing productivity and lowering the cost of quality service.

BOWMANSYSTEMS.COM – Bowman Systems provides industry-leading software systems that enable and empower human service organizations to maximize efficiency and magnify outcomes.

SIGMUNDSOFTWARE.COM – Behavioral Health EHR for hospitals and treatment facilities – Sigmund Software EHR. Sigmund Software specializes in EHR and EMR solutions for hospitals, treatment centers, small practices, and clinics working in Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment.

SOLUTIONSPEC.COM – Tracker Case Management Software. Case Management software for probation, detention, community corrections, court services, parole, prosecution, public defender, residential treatment, community-based programs, restitution, fee collection, victim assistance.

MITCHELLANDMCCORMICK.COM – Mitchell & McCormick, Inc. This focus is reflected in our staff as over 40% have previously worked in local public health agencies, delivering centuries of experience in healthcare informatics to our customers. 

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