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Best Knowledge Management Software For Small Business

Knowledge Management Software used by many organizations to make explicit and tacit knowledge readily available to the right employees.

  • Manage company knowledge base
  • Organize enterprise wiki server
  • Provide immediate, 24/7 support
  • Launch self-service web help desk
  • Eliminate repeat support requests
  • Collaborate on documents and content online
  • Create online help quickly and easily with

Best Knowledge Management Software For Small Business:


Open Source Collaboration Platform Software | eXo. eXo Platform, enterprise social platform for business portals and social intranets, provides collaborative solutions to enhance productivity and teamwork.




XWiki SAS. XWiki is the leading open source platform that provides the best way to easily collaborate and manage information. Discover how XWiki meets your needs.




Atlassian | Software Development and Collaboration Tools. Millions of users globally rely on Atlassian products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality.




Knowledge Base Software | Knowledge Management Software | KBPublisher. KBPublisher is knowledge management software, it helps to share information with employees, customers and partners.




PHPKB Knowledge Base Software – Knowledge Management Software. PHPKB is a knowledge management software that helps your organization to set up a knowledge base and share information with staff & customers.




Knowledge Management, Self Service & KCS – ComAround. We offer the ComAround Knowledge™ tool as well as KCS courses and certifications.




Theum: Knowledge Management That Delivers Answers. Theum is ready-to-use knowledge management software that gives workers fast, concise, context-sensitive, answer-oriented access to the knowledge stored in documents on every device—regardless of how and where documents are managed.




ProProfs – Knowledge Management Software. ProProfs – Knowledge Management Software for Quizzes, Tests, Training, Flashcards, Knowledge Base. Get started with our knowledge management softwares.




FuzeDigital: Great Answers Fast … and MORE. 




PGi | Leader in Web Conferencing and Collaboration Technology. PGi is the global leader in web conferencing and collaboration technology. See how iMeet, GlobalMeet and GlobalMeet Audio give you a collaborative advantage.




User Onboarding: Build, Publish & Analyze without coding. The easiest way to create timely, relevant, on-screen tooltips and product tutorials without engineers.




Cloud-Based Knowledge Management Solution | Tallyfox. Our intelligent infrastructure provides an excellent way of mapping content and information that members have shared.




Customer Service Software | AlwaySupport. Join AlwaySupport & get a full customer service software ; experience and increase your conversions & sales while reducing support costs.




Comintelli | Competitive Intelligence Software Knowledge Management. Comintelli provides award-winning Competitive Intelligence software & Knowledge Management solutions. Take control over your unstructured information!




Lessons Learned Server. Lessons Learned Server is a light-weight knowledge-base web application that allows storing textual information, documents and media hierarchically within Spaces. Providing advanced search features and ease of use. Available as a downloadable server application or via cloud hosting. Based on PHP and MySQL and runs under Linux and Windows servers.




Free reference manager and research manager – Qiqqa. Qiqqa is award-winning research management software, designed for commercial and academic researchers. If you deal with lots of PDFs and ideas during your research, you’ll love what Qiqqa can do for you.




In-App Knowledge Base – Self-Help Support – Support Hero. Show your knowledge base where your users need it the most, right within your app and reduce the number of incoming support tickets by 40%. Start today!




Knowledge Management Software System | RightAnswers. Learn why RightAnswers is the #1 cloud-based knowledge management software and web self-service solutions provider for customer service and IT support.




Keeeb Unleashing Enterprise Intelligence. Keeeb is a professional research software that aids your businesses prospective research, organizing, and sharing. Keeeb easily applies 100% of your results faster and more effectively.




Offshore Web Applications Development India, Offshore IT Consulting and Software Application Developemnt | Sopan Technologies Pvt Ltd. Sopan Technologies is a leading offshore web development and software applications development company in India. We specialize in PHP development, Cake PHP development, Joomla development and Java based web applications development.




Decision tree driven Interactive guides for customer service. Yonyx is a cloud platform for decision tree driven interactive guides for customer service – used in call centers, BPOs & for Customer Self Service.




AnswerCart (Question & Answer Software for Your App or Website). Add a Q&A system to your website or mobile app, with AnswerCart’s powerful question and answer software for online communities and customer support.



Best Knowledge Base Software:

APTEAN.COM – Enterprise Software Solutions – CRM, ERP, SCM Solutions – Aptean.

ASSYST-INTERNATIONAL.COM – Knowledge Management Solutions | Enterprise, Repository, Exchange and Dissemination | Connectin. Connectin provides Knowledge Management Solutions that connects Knowledge Enterprise, Knowledge Repository, Knowledge Exchange and Knowledge Dissemination.

ASTUTESOLUTIONS.COM – Best CRM and Smartest Solutions for Consumer Engagement.

AUROSKS.COM – Auros | Knowledge Best Shared™. Engineering intensive companies have become increasingly aware of the power of knowledge and experience as a key differentiator in engineering performance.  However, fully extracting the value of knowledge and experience has been elusive until now.

BERKELEYBRIDGE.COM – Experts in knowledge systems – Berkeley Bridge. Berkeley Bridge is an expert in knowledge based systems that use decision trees and has a lot of experience concerning the automation of legal documents.

EPAZZ.COM – Intranet Software | Collaboration Software | Portal Software. Maximize enterprise communication and functionality with Epazz cloud based based solutions. We provide intranet software, portal software and much more.

BREEZIO.COM – We understand that online community engagement is not just about the software product, it’s also about the process of applying it. With decades of combined experiences in community building and software development, our team will work with yours to help foster and implement a strategy, culture, and operational tactics that create the experience of online collaboration with a purpose.

COMM100.COM – Live Chat | Email Marketing | Help Desk | Comm100. Comm100 is a global provider of live chat, email marketing and help desk solutions. Clients include Sears, Rogers, Stanford University and more.  

SENSESOFTWARE.COM – Share knowledge and experience in seconds – so it’s instantly available for everyone. Creating a resource that changes the way you work with your colleagues, partners and customers.

CONNOTATE.COM – Automated Web Scraper – Web Data Extraction | Connotate. Connotate automates web data collection and monitoring with its remarkable AI technology to bring you more accurate, faster results on a greater scale.

COVEO.COM – Coveo Intelligent Search and Predictive Insights Platform & Apps. Intelligent search and predictive analytics for better customer support, customer self-service, and knowledge management in the digital workplace.

DIGI-LIBRIS.COM – Digi-libris Reader is a non-tech personal organization tool for today’s multitasking user who works and lives in a digital world. This is metadata centric software for the automatic organization of your own catalogue or searchable collection of things. Mix documents and data sets of any type, photos, music, videos and web links in a single list, see vital attributes at a glance. You can also add physical or virtual items man…

DOYLESOFT.COM – Knowledge Base Software | DoyleSoft. DoyleSoft offers simple, effective, and affordable knowledge base software and productivity software.

EDCAST.COM – EdCast – Leading Social Learning Platform. Enjoy learning with daily smart bites. EdCast is your one place to learn for free across any topic imaginable. Built for enterprise and individuals.

EGAIN.COM – Digital Customer Engagement, Knowledge Management, Live Chat | eGain.

THESOFTWAREHOSPITAL.COM – The Software Hospital by Solken. Solken is proud to offer The Software Hospital, a “one-stop-shop” where businesses can acquire custom solutions at an affordable price! Bring your toughest software challenge to our experts and we build your company a robust solution that encourages workforce efficiency.

CALLIDUSCLOUD.COM – Sales Software | CPQ Tools | Commision Solution | Calliduscloud. CallidusCloud’s award winning Lead to Money suite gives sales and marketing a connected platform to close more deals faster. Learn more today.

INSPIRED.ORG – We help organisations to achieve Strategic Business Change, to Transform Digitally and Derive more Value from Information Technology Investment.

FIRSTSOFTWARESOLUTIONS.COM – FIRST Software Solutions specialises in information management systems and has been offering innovative and individually customised solutions for over two decades. With clients in government, law and specialist industries FIRST has strived to ensure that our products are flexible and evolve to meet the varying needs of all our users. With a strong focus on both our continued development and client support services FIRST can offer a wide range of products to meet your needs.

GETGURU.COM – Guru – Your team’s knowledge, everywhere you need it. Guru has reinvented the way your team captures knowledge, providing access to verified information from experts on your team: where you work and when you need it most.

HAYDLE.COM – Haydle – Enterprise Q&A. Haydle Enterprise Q&A accelerates your organization by giving everyone the power to ask and answer questions. If your question has already been answered, the advanced search engine will find it. If it hasn’t, it will be routed to the right expert within your organization.

BROWSELAB.COM – BrowseLab – Products – Help Authoring and Knowledgebase Software. BrowseLab makes easy-to-use, feature rich, web-based help authoring tools for creating user assistance systems, knowledge bases and manuals.

HELPSITE.IO – is easy-to-use hosted knowledge base software for creating an awesome support & FAQ site for your business. Get started for free!

HEROTHEMES.COM – HeroThemes – Happier Customers, Fewer Support Tickets. Products to reduce your support tickets and give you happier customers. Trusted by over 16,000+ customers to reduce support and increase sales.

INDEXEDMIND.COM – Indexed Mind – Search your Company’s Brain Power. A Search Engine for finding talent, skills ,experts and knowledge in your Organization!

INSTANTASP.CO.UK – InstantASP – Help Desk & Community Software. We craft beautiful software to help businesses build & support great products.

IORAD.COM – Create step-by-step directions for your users in minutes.

KNOSYS.IT – Knosys – Knowledge Management Platform. Knowledge deployment is about the specifics of what’s to be done, when to do it, what we have learnt and how it will be done differently next time.

LAYER2SOLUTIONS.COM – Office 365 Data Integration and Document Synchronization – Layer2. Layer2 is one of the leading providers of Office 365 and SharePoint Apps in Europe with a major focus on Data Integration, Knowledge Management, Social Networking and Cloud Computing.

TRIGENT.COM – Trigent Software | Outsource Product Development | Offshore Development Company. Trigent Software provides complete outsource product development and maintenance, custom application development services & SharePoint consulting.

SYNTHETIX.COM – Multichannel Web Self Service Customer Service Software | Synthetix. Multi-channel web self-service, contact-centre knowledge-bases and live web-chat from one of the UK’s leading online customer service software providers.

WEB-SITE-SCRIPTS.COM – Knowledge Base Software | Knowledge Management Software. Knowledge base software, Knowledge management software, knowledge base, knowledge management, web forms, form maker, flash charts, formmail and web calendar created by Website-Scripts and used by over 30,000 clients world-wide.

KREEO.COM – Platform & framework for enabling seamless digital workplace and business solutions – Kreeo.

LEARNLODE.COM – Knowledge Management For Customer Service. Knowledge Management leads to better customer service. Resolve customer calls quickly and improve First Call Resolution. Live updates give everyone access to the latest issues. Call Scripting guides you through transactions.

LUMOFLOW.COM – LumoFlow enterprise collaboration software. Used by thousands of companies worldwide, LumoFlow combines agile group work, social networking and content management tools into easy-to-use secure service. Sign up today and get your powerful social collaboration space running in less than a minute!

MANIPULATE.CO.ZA – ManIPulate Sysyems. ManIPulate™ is the complete management solution for a Corporate Intellectual Knowledge portfolio – comprehensive administration of trademarks and patents, a complete contracts agreements facility with advanced document handling and archiving capabilities, litigation, registered users and associations in an easy, user-friendly environment.

GOMOXIE.COM – Customer Engagement | Live Chat | Email | Knowledgebase. Moxie boosts customer engagement through the facilitation of great customer experiences. Learn more about our suite of customer engagement products.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.UK – Acknowledgement. Your digital ambition, delivered. We are experts at creating robust and secure, high traffic, user-centric applications. We are comfortable building everything from enterprise class eCommerce software platforms, to APIs or individual integration layers. We frequently work with legacy and third party systems.

PEERAWARE.COM – Free Knowledge Management Software – PeerAware Group Chat. Knowledge management software for information sharing in the enterprise. The group chat supports file sharing and distributed search.

KESTEVEN.COM.AU – Kesteven Management Documentation is a corporate knowledge system to help organizations meet their compliance requirements, reduce audit costs, and meet their commercial objectives. The system provides a web application, a content framework, and supporting consultancy services.

OMNEXSYSTEMS.COM – Enterprise-wide Quality Integrated Management System, ISO 9001 Software, APQP Software. Omnex Systems LLC is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan and provides leading edge software like enterprise quality management software, iso 9001 software, apqp software and services, advancing excellence in our client’s products and processes.

QUERYBOT.COM – Knowledge Base Software – Querybot. Querybot is an interactive knowledgebase system which allows visitors to your website to ask questions in their own words and get an immediate answer, giving you a competitive advantage in online sales, customer service and technical support.

QUANDORA.COM – Question and Answer Software for Technical Teams | Quandora. Quandora empowers people within organisations to ask questions, share knowledge, and learn on a platform that is accessible to all team members.

VEDALIS.COM – French specialist in Social Knowledge Management, VEDALIS helps you develop and leverage your Knowledge Capital to be more innovative, reduce costs and increase profitability.

BLUEMANGOLEARNING.COM – For thousands of years documentation has been mediocre. It’s boring. It’s unclear. It’s out of date or hard to use. It’s mediocre. And mediocre documentation will make your users cry, or swear or do something more drastic. Even worse, mediocre documentation gives you mediocre results.

SLIMWIKI.COM – SlimWiki — Beautiful Wikis for Teams. Wikis don’t have to be ugly, complex and hard to manage. Welcome to the future of the Wiki.

SUMTOTALSYSTEMS.COM – HRMS | Human Capital Management | HRMS System | SumTotal.

PANVIVA.COM – Panviva | Business Process Guidance. Business Process Guidance, Contact Center, Call Center, Agent Guidance, Back Office Processing, Learning and Development Solutions.

UNIONSQUARESOFTWARE.CO.UK – Union Square – Union Square Software. Supports over 40,000 industry professionals across 350 organisations working in the built environment, with the ideal solution to managing their information.

KCENTERUSU.COM – KCenter: Knowledge management solutions. KCenter offers professional knowledge management for service centers, IT service desks (UHD), technical customer service, HR services & municipal services.

RTI-SOFTWARE.COM – Customer Relationship Management Solutions. Improve customer relations with our advanced customer relationship management solutions.

XPERT-ASIA.COM – XPERT TECHNOLOGIES – Open Source. Our specialization is in Web Based Open Source Software Development. Our software includes Electronic Document Management System, Customer Relationship Management, Time Sheet System, Membership Management, Student Management and Customized Software Solution in Malaysia.

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