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Top 69+ Best Loan Servicing Software

Best Loan Servicing Software is the process by which a company collects the timely payment of interest and principal from borrowers. The level of service varies depending on the type of loan and the terms negotiated between the agency and the investor seeking their services.

In many cases today, companies become lenders as they offer special financing services to the consumer. Companies that offer such services take on a whole new aspect of business management as they go from a basic producer, to a producer and financer.

Top 69+ Best Loan Servicing Software:


Benedict Group offers a family of loan servicing software, fee based billing software, and other investment management applications. Their flagship system is their loan servicing software for commercial, multi-family, and other complex loans. Beyond focusing solely on features and functions, they follow the latest market trends and stick with the newest technologies.

They also emphasize the importance of your implementation and include project management, installation support, and training with the license fee. They also offer a truly unique support model which provides everything on-demand and as-needed rather than mandate an annual maintenance agreement.




Lending Software System: Loan Application & Management – Turnkey Lender. Turnkey Lender is online lending software with credit application processing and loan management for payday lenders, microfinance, online lending businesses.




Emphasys Loan Servicing Solutions | Kwik-Loan | Servicer3D. Emphasys Loan Servicing and Origination solutions provides complete loan portfolio management, reporting, document management for your loan servicing needs.




Loan Servicing Software For Business Professionals. Elite Software For Loan Servicing, Loan Management, Debt Acquisition, Loan Accounting, And Skillful General Ledger Professionals.




Software for Online Loan Origination and Servicing | HES. HES Lending Software allows credit institutions to automate origination, underwriting, servicing and collection of loans. Contact us for more information.




LOAN ASSISTANT™ – the best loan management software that works with QuickBooks. Using LoanAssistant™ as an add-on for QuickBooks, you get efficient tool for loan servicng and administration to manage multiple loans and credit lines.




Loan business management system. Best loan business management system for multiple types of loan business’s. From consumer loans to payday, installment, secured and syndicated loans.




NBFC Software – A Complete Solution for Finance Company. Buy Best Features NBFC Loan Management & Servicing Software with Complete Accounting Functionality and Loan Servicing Modules, Call 0979995044.




Construction Loan Software & Lending Solutions. Land Gorilla® is the leader in construction loan management with our cloud-based Construction Loan Manager© software & full suite of loan admin services.




Cready loan software to reduce approval time for a few days to a few minutes. Cready software dramatically decreases approve loan duration from several days to minutes.




Loan Management Software for Title Loan, Installment, Check Cashing. Web based loan management software for the short term lending industry. Title Loans, Check Cashing, Installment Loans, Line of Credit.




Lending Pro – Loan Management Software For Servicing Notes – Easy To Use – Reasonably Priced. Easy To Use Loan Management Software – Designed For Lenders Of All Types – It Is Reasonably Priced – Many Useful Features – We Have Hundreds Of Satisfied Customers.




The leading Microfinance software worldwide. Loan Performer, Microfinance Software, SACCO Software, Micro finance software, Loan Software, Loan, for Savings and Loan tracking by Crystal Clear Software Limited. The number 1 Micro Finance Software, Software For Microfinance, Software for microcredit.




TrakPointe | Optimal loan pipeline management for community banks and credit unions. The TrakPointe Loan Pipeline System provides community banks and credit unions with an easy-to-use, affordable system that eliminated Microsoft Excel risk and provides Reg B compliance reports.




Loan Servicing Software | Nortridge Loan Management & Servicing System. Loan servicing software to manage the entire life of a loan. Enterprise-grade that can rapidly scale as you grow!




TimeValue Software – Amortization for Loans, Leases, and Investments. TimeValue Software develops time-saving software solutions to serve the needs of tax, legal, leasing, banking, and other financial professionals. Get TValue amortization software here.




LoanShark Mortgage Loan Software. Loan Management, Loan Servicing and Amortization Software for Lenders and Investors.



Top Loan Servicing Software:

Loan software is software you can use to process loans and keep track of your loan files in your pipeline and in your que. Loan software is a great way to stay organized and keep track of your files. Using loan software is essential to staying organized and properly manage your files each step of the way.

Use loan software to make yourself a more efficient professional, a more organized professional and more. The loan software package deal includes loan software you can use to properly process, keep track of and take notes of your loan files. The loan software package is a great package to have and to use loan software. The package includes an entire set of products which include loan software and other products essential to using loan software.

The primary objective of loan software is to make you into a more efficient professional and to help you become more organized. Start using loan software today to calculate the debt to income rations as well. The loan software package has many products you need in order to become a more efficient professional. The loan software package is the package of choice for loan software needs and loan software solutions.

MEHARSOFT.COM – Mehar Soft. CSS (Co-operative Society Solution) is a complete solution for Co-operative Societies. Its Multi-Lingual feature makes CSS one of the most user friendly software solutions in the market. CSS is built strictly according to the guidelines of NABARD.

ACCUSYSTEM.COM – Bank Document Management Software & Imaging – AccuSystems, LLC. Learn about the financial industry’s leading document imaging and management technology company, AccuSystems. Our banking software system creates visibility, accountability, and efficiency.

AFSVISION.COM – Automated Financial Systems, Inc. – Real-time lending solutions – AFS. AFS offers state-of-the-art lending and treasury management solutions for financial institutions, combining systems, execution expertise, and management information.


PAYMENTCOMPONENTS.COM – Payment Components. Payment Components empowers digital innovation for Banks, Corporates and Fintechs.

CONSTELLATIONFS.COM – Constellation Financing Systems. Constellation Financing Systems Corporation is a premier software and service provider of CRM, origination, credit, document management, and lease and loan management software and related services to leading financial institutions, leasing companies, and equipment manufacturers.

SOFTWISE.COM – Softwiseonline. Do you need a brick and mortar solution, an online payday loan solution or both? Regardless, our Cashwise software solution can handle your Cash Advance, Check Cashing, Installment and Payday Loan needs. All of this is possible thanks to Softwise’s flagship software product, Cashwise.

WESTONMUIR.COM – Weston & Muir | The Banking Software Specialists. Weston & Muir works with bankers to meet the challenges of modern banking. By combining our banking experience with our expertise in software design and computers, we have created advanced and reliable systems that zero-in on solving specific banking problems. We are the Banking Software Specialists.

LINCOLNDATA.COM – Lincoln Data – Software for Servicing Seller-Financed Loans. Software for servicing seller-financed loans – the cross-platform Contract Collection System by Lincoln Data.

CORECARD.COM – CoreCard Software | Card Management System. CoreCard Software offers a variety of card management software and processing solutions for companies providing credit, debit, prepaid, private label, healthcare, payroll, rewards and fleet cards.

CRIFLENDINGSOLUTIONS.COM – Loan Origination Software & Solutions | CRIF Lending Solutions. Providing loan origination and lending software, outsourced loan processing and analytics to banks, credit unions, retailers and finance companies.

DELTER.CO.ZA – Micro Lending Software Development | Delter IT. Micro lending software on the forefront of the micro lending industry, we continually change and adapt to stay abreast of developments in the market.

DOWNHOMESOLUTIONS.COM – DownHome Loan Manager, Loan-Tracking Software for community lenders. 

PROFORCE.NET – Text-fillable PDF Legal Contracts and Real Estate Business Software Programs Store. National Supplier of Digital Contracts and Acrobat Real Estate Software Custom-tailored to 30-Specific Real Estate Occupations.

ECHECKTRAC.COM – eCheckTrac Software for Payday Loan, Cash Advance, Installment Loans, Title Loans. eCheckTrac offers web based software for payday loans, installment loans, internet loans, check cashing, CSO Model loans and title loans.

ELENDINGPLATFORM.COM – Elending Platform. Our eLending Platform solution is radically different. Rather than the expensive and slow solutions of the past, our eLending Platform combines the best of tailored software with the cost savings and efficiency gains of off-the-shelf solutions to provide an entirely new way to run your loan business.

EXTENDCREDIT.COM – ExtendCredit. ExtendCredit is a cloud-based financial services platform enabling companies, of all sizes, to easily boost sales, enhance loyalty and grow revenue. Our integrated suite of financial solutions allow companies to empower more potential customers to purchase products and services. Businesses can now benefit from the most comprehensive business-to-consumer financial technology.

WEBCUITS.COM – Best IT & Web solution in Nagpur , Best Websites & Software solution in Nagpur. Best IT Web solution in Nagpur, NBFC softwares, Websites, Online Software, GPS & GIS solutions, Android Development and IT Automation.

SIGMADC.COM – Finance Solutions – Software for Microfinance – Sigma Data & Computers. Finance Solutions is the latest generation software from Sigma Data & Computers Ltd, and is designed to help you organize and manage your Banking, Accounting and Micro finance solutions. Finance Solutions’s unique combination of ease of use, powerful functionality and exceptional value for money make it the best choice on the market today..

INTERSOFT.CO.NZ – Intersoft Systems – Software Products for Loan and Deposit Management, Accounting and Funeral Directors.

GMSACTG.COM – GMS, Inc. – Nonprofit Accounting & Financial Management Software\Revolving Loan Servicing Software │ Grants Management Systems.

N-D-S.COM – Nelnet Diversified Solutions. Nelnet Diversified Solutions (NDS) draws upon extensive financial expertise, technological savvy, and processing experience to provide innovative, mission-critical solutions that save clients time and money.

QUIKDRAWSOFTWARE.COM – QuikDraw Corporation. QuikDraw is a developer of Microsoft Windows based  loan software technologies to meet the unique needs of the short-term loan industry.  Our company is dedicated to providing the best technology tools to help lenders meet their financial and business objectives. Founded in 2007, by industry veterns  our objective has been simple – create an easy to use windows based loan application that addresses the unique challenges payday advance/mono-line owners and operators face.

MONEYCOPS.COM – Land Contract Calculator Software for Sale for Loan Administration. Purchase our famous Excel Land Contract loan software calculator for loan administration.

DOMINIONLS.COM – Dominion Leasing Software. While our flagship LeaseComplete© system continues to evolve with the needs of the industry, our commitment to our customers remains constant. We are confident you will not find a company that cares more about your success or works harder to see your vision become a reality.

LENDINGQB.COM – Leaner Lending. Better Borrowing. | LendingQB. Technology by itself is just a tool. In order for lenders to be more successful, they need to fully adopt the technology utilizing it in accordance with best practices.

TECHNICOST.COM – Technicost is a Canadian pioneer of credit software solutions. Since 1982, credit unions and lending organizations have chosen Technicost for our easy-to-use systems, our fast development and our superior customer support.

ADVANCEDLEASE.COM – ALS Lease & Loan Accounting Software for Vehicles & Equipment. Providing lease and loan accounting and management software. ALS also provides credit application and quote tracking softwares.

FELITEC.COM – Software Products & Services for the Home & Office. Felitec specializes in the development of software products and solutions for the home and office.

TRACKITSOFT.COM – Loan servicing software for loan management and tracking. We have incorporated the latest platform and database technology along with competitive pricing. For more information, visit the product link to see features grouped by category. Also review our product discussion link for a question and answer style forum or the sectors link to see divergent uses for the product.

21STCENTURYCOMPANY.COM – Twenty-First Century launched a new loan software program called the powerscan display with an easy-to-use graphical interface highlighting delinquencies in bright red.

LOANAMORTIZER.COM – LoanAmortizer. Welcome to loan amortization and loan management software web site. This is your complete and precise source for financial software products and expertise. Walk in and explore the finest software selection of award winning loan management and amortization schedule preparation applications.

ISGN.COM – ISGN: Software solutions for the mortgage lifecycle. ISGN Corporation is a leading provider of mortgage software for loan servicing, default, construction, settlement and vendor management and compliance.

LOANLOGICS.COM – Mortgage Loan & Enterprise Lending Software | LoanLogics. Loanlogics offers mortgage bankers, lenders, and servicers the industry’s first enterprise Loan Quality and Performance Analytics platform.

LOANPLUS.COM – LoanPlus. Our advanced Collateral Management System (CMS) is designed to help automotive lenders increase the performance of their overall loan portfolios and price loans more competitively. Unlike other GPS technologies in the market today, our easy-to-use tools and services provide lenders with real-time business intelligence to optimize employee productivity, decrease loan delinquencies, improve borrower behavior and protect assets.

THELOANPOST.COM – Industry standard, Professional Loan Modification Software, Loss Mitigation Software, Short Sale Software, CRM software. The # 1 industry standard, loss mitigation CRM since 2009 for back end processing, law offices, & Investors. The Loan Post’s Professional HAMP loan modification software and HAFA short sale software can help any loss mitigation pro manage and process client’s files.

DOLPHINENT.COM – Dolphin Enterprises Ltd. Mortgage Investment Management Software for MICs (Mortgage Investment Corporations) and Syndicated Mortgages.

MORSERVW.COM – Mortgage loan servicing software by Butler and Associates. Mortgage loan servicing software for commercial or residential servicing runs on network or web server.

MORTGAGE-MINDER.COM – Mortgage Minder. Mortgage acceleration software for Windows. Save thousands on your mortgage.

FICS.COM – Mortgage Application Software, Mortgage Software, Lending Software | FICS. Mortgage software for the origination and servicing of mortgage loans. Visit our site or call FICS at 972-458-8583 for a Free Live Demo!

ELYSYS.COM – Family Office Wealth Management & Finance Software | Elysys. Elysys cloud-based & on-premise wealth management and finance software empower family offices & fund managers to streamline operations & improve results. The world of wealth and asset management is changing and it’s our job to stay on top of it. At Elysys we’ve made it our mission for the past 10 years to bring enterprise level financial software capabilities to single or multi-family offices and third-party asset management companies.

NOMISSOLUTIONS.COM – Nomis Solutions | Bank Price Optimization Software. Nomis is a fast-growth bank price optimization software company that provides cutting-edge fintech approaches to big data, advanced modeling, and analytics.

ONLINELOANTRACKER.COM – Online Loan Tracking, Loan Management Software. A simple service to track loans and payments online. Accessable anywhere, fast and easy.

OPENCLOSE.COM – Mortgage Software, Mortgage Banking Software. Mortgage Software for banks, credit unions, and residential lending institutions.

PITCHPOINTSOLUTIONS.COM – Pitchpoint Solutions. PitchPoint’s Partners can quickly enhance their existing services to meet the rapid demand for fraud prevention services. PitchPoint One-stop offers a comprehensive set of services to quickly and easily integrate and launch with your partners and customers.

ANSWERSETC.COM – Answers, etc. – Financial Services Software Solutions. Answers, etc. provides innovative full service financial services software with unrivaled flexibility, scalability and useability.

PRECURRA.COM – Precurra. Professional amortization software that’s simple, precise, accurate, and reliable. Share access to your amortization schedules with partners, team & your clients – so everyone is up to speed. Precurra Amortization software lets you work anywhere.

COMPUSCAN.CO.ZA – Compuscan | Credit Management Solutions. Get complete confidence in making and managing credit risk decisions. As a world class credit bureau we provide trusted information, credit reports, credit scores, software and credit management solutions.

QUICKCHECKCANADA.COM – Payday Loan Software for Canadians – QUICKCHECK. Quick, powerful and easy Payday Loan Software including Payday Loans and Check Cashing for lending companies. Find out what QUICKCHECK Payday Loan Software can do for your business.

MOODYSANALYTICS.COM – Moody’s Analytics | Risk Management, Credit Ratings Research, Software. Moody’s Analytics helps capital markets and credit risk management professionals worldwide respond to an evolving marketplace with confidence. We offer unique tools and best practices for measuring and managing risk through expertise and experience in credit analysis, economic research, and financial risk management.

SCORTO.COM – Decision management software, decision analytics systems | Scorto. Decision management system and business rules engine for decision analytics, credit decisioning, visual business rules management from Scorto.

AFTSOLUTIONS.COM – Mortgage Software, Pricing Engine – Advanced Financial Technologies. Mortgage Software, Pricing Engine – Advanced Financial Technologies SMART LOS Systems provides a fully integrated platform for the automation of all aspects of mortgage loan production from Pricing engine, Automated Underwriting engine and LOS to the back-end solution.

SOPRABANKING.COM – Banking Software | Core Banking Solutions | Sopra Banking Software. Sopra Banking Software is a leading software provider to over 600 banks & financial institutions worldwide. Discover our advanced & powerful solutions.

5280SOLUTIONS.COM – 5280 Solutions. 5280 Solutions is an award-winning provider of information technology products and full-service technical consulting. Integrating technology solutions with business expertise is the unique value 5280 Solutions delivers.

THETRAKKER.COM – Trakker Loan Servicing Software: THE Loan Servicing Solution! Loan servicing software in hundreds of mortgage & financial companies nationally and internationally. Free demo-free support, competitive pricing & very user friendly! Special pricing for nonprofits. Guaranteed Best Loan Servicing and Mortage Management software for Windows, Trakker serves markets like student loans, mortgage loans, Mobile Home Dealers, AutomobileDealers, Private Investors, Non-profit Affordable Housing Organizations.

CREDEXSYSTEMS.COM – Credex Systems. Credex has been serving the needs of the financial community since 1990 and is operational in 20 states and Guam. We are committed to the development of high quality software systems and a level of support services unequaled in our industry. Whether you operate one or dozens of offices, you will find our Unity systems capable of providing easy to use functionality with excellent management reporting.

OYSTERBAYSYSTEMS.COM – Oyster Bay Systems. We are a software development house and technology provider that specialise in the finance and lending market.

MATHCORP.COM – Lending Software Solutions – Math Corporation. Our lending software solutions deliver accurate and compliant loan and financial calculations as a web-based solution.

Update: Best Loan Servicing Software:

AUTOPALSOFTWARE.COM – Loan Servicing Software – AutoPal Software. AutoPal Loan Servicing Software can be your best lending partner with features like SMS text, automatic withdrawal, and more! Sign up for a free trial today!

LOAN-SERVICING-SOFTWARE.COM – Loan Servicing Software & Mortgage Software by The Loan Office. The Loan Office offers the best loan servicing software in the industry. Our lending software is comprehensive, affordable and user friendly. Demo it Today!

LOANSERVICINGSOFTWARE.COM – Loan Servicing Software; Loan Servicing Management. Scalable loan servicing software providing a complete and powerful loan management solution to mortgage lenders, banks and other financial companies.

LOANSERVICINGSOFT.COM – Loan Servicing Software | LOAN SERVICING SOFT. LOAN SERVICING SOFT is the best of breed loan servicing software platform. Flexible, scalable & easy to use. Ideal for originating and servicing all loan types.

SHAWSYSTEMS.COM – Loan Servicing Software | Shaw Systems – Loan Management Software. Loan servicing software, and automating lending industry with financial software managing the lending process , providing complete solutions for loan and lease servicing , collections and recovery management.

GOLDENOMEGA.NET – loan servicing software, loan management & mortgage servicing software & services – Software for loan servicing, trust accounting, mortgage document preparation, mortgage pool and investment pool management from loan servicing software technology and service provider Goldenomega.

SBALOANSERVICINGSOFTWARE.COM – SBA Loan Servicing Software: SBA 7(a) Loan Servicing & 1502 Reporting. SBA Loan Servicing Software is the powerful new product from Dynamic Interface Systems Corporation: Manufacturers of LoanLedger® loan servicing software.

MORTCARE.COM – Mortgage+Care Loan Servicing Software. Mortgage+Care software makes loan servicing easy! Software for loan origination and loan servicing. We serve private money/alternative lenders, credit unions, and banks. Free 30 Day Trial. Call 1-800-481-2708.

LOANPROSOFTWARE.SIMNANG.COM – Loan Servicing Software – LoanPro Loan Servicing Software. LoanPro is the industry standard for loan servicing software. Easy-to-use, flexible, and scalable, LoanPro software is the best option for any lender of any size.

SMALLLOANSOFTWARE.COM – Small Loan Software, Payday Loan Software, Installment Loan Software. CFS Software provides small loan software, installment loan software and payday loan software.

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